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    Immersive Exile

    We are the Immersive Gaming Community. We feature a high performance Tanoa server with various mods such as: Better Basebuilding, Zombies and advanced movement. But thats not all! We also remapped Tanoa, so its overgrown now. Other features: 300+ new cars, 700+ new weapons, Ai-shuttle service to other islands, rebalanced loot, custom missions, Active Staff! Sounds great? JOIN TODAY!! Looks even better? JOIN NOW!!
  2. Rob Graham

    Mobile XM8 App

    @Eichi I understand now why it is so expensive and totally agree with you in all points. But what about a crowdfunding for the App development? Why not ask the server owners who generate a lot of traffic on your website for a little donation? Including me, as a co-owner, server should give you something back if they receive high amounts of donations, which are sometimes worth more than the actual costs are.
  3. Rob Graham

    Mobile XM8 App

    I would pay up to 10€ a month for this feature on my iOS Devices! I love your work, but i could also undestand if you won't script it for iOS. Its kinda different, and a steam app would also be nice. We are thinking about sth like a online browser tool. Maybe thats an interesting new idea..? =)