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  1. And was anyone able to find a way to make this work in PVP?
  2. Any idea if this works with ExileZ zombies?
  3. Does this have to be loaded up clientside or can it be only serverside?
  4. Mine doesn't seem to be updating. Nothing on Playerstats on the database or the website?
  5. I just want to know how you managed to retexture the XM8? Haha
  6. I'm currently getting an access denied error? EDIT: Scratch that, sorted it!
  7. Hey man, any chance of a bit more of an in depth tutorial, I'm pretty awful at database related stuff. Scratch that, sorted it!
  8. That would be cool as hell.
  9. Any news on this Discord bot?
  10. Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone knew how to go about making a trader that only deals with certain UIDs or even better members of a certain family? Cheers!
  11. The crafting recipes aren't showing in the terminal for me, how common is this?
  12. Hey guys, wondering if anyone could supply me with a script on how to have ambient corpses that aren't lootable. I'd like to have some corpses that I can customise the clothing on, and obviously have it so they can't be looted, anyone able to shine some light on the situation?
  13. I'm not finding anything coming out to me when I'm looking through the code...
  14. I don't see where the feature is?
  15. Is there a way I can use an existing car to make a new one? Like, have the old vehicle in the vicinity of the terminal as an ingredient?