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  1. MGgaming101

    Serious question

    I mean, to be honest with you....What will keep Exile Alive ?. It will only if the modders among us can have acces to Exile and add custom building parts, features etc...etc...Otherwise it will die out. From a personal standpoint, Exile at this stage has nothing different to offer then Epoch. Cuz for me, after basebuilding got put in is when Exile would get very interesting cuz that was the stage to me where it would have things implented that would se itself apart from Epoch on any aspect. Sadly enough the project died out due, reasons. Which i can't blame the starters for, since they make no revenue off it and basically not worth doing. Started playing the mod since aughust last year till end july this year and enjoyed it.
  2. MGgaming101

    Serious question

    Those who are capable of having a sensible conversation feel free to share your thoughts. Will Exile in the near/late future gain more content or will it remain in the current state as it is ?.
  3. MGgaming101

    RIP exile

    I have been told that there is only 1 person left that is still somewhat working on Exile. Twas nice playing the mod...sad the mod stopped dev'ing after base building was put in.
  4. MGgaming101

    Exile still being dev'ed ?

    I might have worded my question wronge, but nvm...dissregard my initial question, i just like to be in touch with developement of games i like :). If i where to find the anwser in the forums/devblog i wouldn't have posted this topic in the 1st place. But it's okay, i'll wait and see what time brings. Thx
  5. MGgaming101

    Exile still being dev'ed ?

    1 and 1,2 where merely optimization updates. NO significant content filled updates that adds something ''new'' to the mod, that makes the mod more outstanding then it actually is.
  6. MGgaming101

    Exile still being dev'ed ?

    I was wondering tho', i know you guys took a vacation and that Eichi had a health issue but i wonder if Exile has came to a dead end ?. Been a long time since there where any announcements of something specific being worked on and what not. It be kinda sad to see that Exile is already ''complete'' as a mod. Not trying to come across inpatient but there hasn't been any additional ''content'' added for a long time
  7. MGgaming101


    Yeah Eichi take it easy dude, a stroke is no joke....Fucc the mod atm, there are priorities in life
  8. MGgaming101

    If you had to pick a theme song for Exile ?

    I can see someone play this over dicret chat when they are looting a player they just killed you troll
  9. This would be mine :D. Describes perfectly how i feel for anyone who's against me in game ^^
  10. MGgaming101

    Is Exile dead ?

    Lmao savage
  11. MGgaming101

    Is Exile dead ?

    Thanks for the clarification, atleast now i know you guys where on vacation and that the mod is still being worked on. I highly had the impression Exile came to an end cuz of little to no communication/activity.
  12. MGgaming101

    Is Exile dead ?

    There is no such thing as a stupid question when one doesn't know. If there where general announcements on FB/Twitter i shouldn't be here asking this question in the 1st place. It's only stupid to you cuz you know what is going on behind the scenes. Anyhow i'm not here to argue.
  13. MGgaming101

    Is Exile dead ?

    Oh for sure, i'm not pressuring, just asking
  14. MGgaming101

    Is Exile dead ?

    People, i was talking in a general matter. Before there was more involvement, now not so much. That's why i'm wondering..... The changelog hasn't been updated either anymore + no sign of life got me wondering :P. Would be a shame to see this mod just abruptly end after so much work.
  15. MGgaming101

    Is Exile dead ?

    I did read the latest tweet a bit after i posted this lol. I'm following already tho'