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  1. Kobayashi

    [ExAd XM8 APP] BRAma Cookbook

    Honestly guys, you're better off using infistar's app. I will eventually get around to working on this, but his is better than the original BRAma Cookbook
  2. Kobayashi

    After Update all clients get kicked by battleye!

    Um, there are no ports to "open" if you're running the server from the same machine you are running the client from and no firewall or av running. I think you missed the part where I stated I'm running it from my home desktop. There's nothing to "open". The RCON port is set actually to much higher than the game port just in case. There's something wrong with the client.
  3. Kobayashi

    After Update all clients get kicked by battleye!

    I just did it locally (server and client on my desktop) to see if there was a port issue or something. Still doesn't work, getting kicked for "battleye initialization failed". So I know there's nothing wrong with firewalls, ports etc. Something is severely screwed up. I think it's a client problem honestly, it doesn't seem to be a server issue.
  4. Kobayashi

    After Update all clients get kicked by battleye!

    Yeah not working. Had to move my RCON ports around since it needs to be at minimum gameport + 5 now. I moved it up a few times and none of them work. RCON works, but connecting doesn't.
  5. Kobayashi

    [XM8 APP] BRAma Cookbook [UPDATED]

    You can either use ExAD or you can use infistar's XM8 apps. Infistar has it's own version of this in his XM8 apps. Or you can alternately write your own extra apps thing. I ended up writing my own based on infistar's b/c I wanted it to work slightly differently.
  6. Kobayashi

    Change your passwords

    battlemetrics.com and gametracker.com were also affected.
  7. Kobayashi

    Change your passwords

    It appears Cloudflare had a bit of a SSL/TLS leak going on, unfortunately this site may be one that is affected by it: https://github.com/pirate/sites-using-cloudflare
  8. Kobayashi

    Zombies on Namalsk

    You really should consider this instead of ExileZ
  9. Kobayashi

    Disable scientific notation

    Very interesting, most reasonable numbers return properly lol. I think anything under 2 billion will be fine, of course with a 32bit program anything over 2,147,483,647 will certainly not work correctly, so Arma being 32bit will definitely not display that particular number right
  10. Kobayashi

    Disable scientific notation

    This is how you do the displays of large numbers: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/BIS_fnc_numberText Edit: I'm actually really surprised the exile guys didn't do that in the trader dialogs if that's the case, they're usually pretty good about things like that....
  11. Kobayashi

    [ExAd XM8 APP] BRAma Cookbook

    Merged the stuffs It should be fairly easy to insert into @infiSTAR's XM8 app, i believe him and @Janski had discussions on how the two frameworks are designed at one point. I think the basics are the same for the most part. I have some changes I've been meaning to implement where the idcs are dynamically assigned. @Janski added a function to ExAd for doing that a while back. Just better to do that instead of the harcoded idcs so there aren't any conflicts with other XM8 apps.
  12. Kobayashi

    [ExAd XM8 APP] BRAma Cookbook

    Haven't tried, if it doesn't I'll fix it to work with that as well at some point after the new epoch is released...if that ever happens...
  13. Kobayashi

    [ExAd XM8 APP] BRAma Cookbook

    Can I just say, I'm so fucking sick of A2....I really want to get back to Exile development....I had to stop in August b/c supposedly the Epoch update was coming in September, now I'm stuck merging and merging their changes b/c they won't stop dicking around and just release it....it's been 3 months of non-stop work on this stupid shit every day.... lol ok /rant off
  14. Kobayashi

    [ExAd XM8 APP] BRAma Cookbook

    If it works with no errors in your RPT then feel free to submit a pull request and I'll merge it. I'm not currently doing any A3 development b/c i'm busy getting my A2 epoch servers ready for the new epoch release.
  15. Basically if he has a potato of a computer or crappy internet that's going to happen. Also, look at your server fps and see if it's under a heavy load when it happens.