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  1. Hey guys, normally wouldn't post, i like to try to figure things out on my own, However im a bit stumped. I used the Exile_Server_config from here, still am not seeing any loot in game, Is there somewhere else that i may need to check to fix this
  2. xDaVIRUS

    ExAd v1.0.4

    Hello and THANK YOU for hooking this back up! Got everything working on my end, Receiving this script error, doesnt seem to affect much but just thought id point it out. Maybe it was something on my end..
  3. xDaVIRUS

    New XM8 App coding?

    are any ones deploy quads working atm?
  4. xDaVIRUS

    Exile 1.0.4 Bugs Megathread !! READ THE RULES!!

    Receiving this script error when trying to store vehicles in VG with or without a name, Stores the vehicle fine. Just getting this error. Thanks
  5. xDaVIRUS

    Best Rcon tool?

    I agree with @O3G 1Man Battlemetrics has been very useful to us as well as viewing it on a mobile device as well. At lunch break, you can check on your Server. http://battlemetrics.com You pay 5$ a month and have Two Servers running on it, but the Cadillacs of RCON
  6. Hey thanks for the reply. I figured that may have been the case. As it was all working just throwing an error. Anyway to fix that? Thanks monkey.
  7. Awesome, glad to see that this has been updated! I updated and all seems okay, When i put a vehicle back in Virtual Garage, i get this script error. https://i.imgur.com/AHTvlHP.jpg Something I have done or is this an error within the code. Thanks does _allowedVeh and _storedVeh need to be in the private ["_res","_flag","_cmon1","_cmon2","ExAd_STOP_COMBAT_STORING"];
  8. xDaVIRUS

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    No one has really figured this out unless you don't care about the mission icons to be completely black too.. what I did was make a huge ellipse marker on my map that covered the whole thing and set it to 30% color. Which made it dark enough to see the white names.. just an idea. Worked pretty well
  9. xDaVIRUS

    Guns disappearing from player hands

    Same here quite annoying.. and NO logs anywhere..
  10. xDaVIRUS

    Exile Player Rewards

    Is there a way to run to all clients on server? without manually adding each UID
  11. xDaVIRUS

    Guns disappearing from player hands

    We are having the same issue, I don't believe its Infistar Related.. because we use these settings in infistar experimental_dupe_check = "false"; disconnect_dupe_check = "false"; fix_trader_dupe = "false"; fix_wastedump_dupe = "false"; Not sure if thats an Exile thing or Arma but definitely an issue none the less.
  12. xDaVIRUS

    Admin Tools for new server

    Sure it may cost a one time fee of 30 or so, however I don't know what i'd do without it, most advanced admin tool there is and probably 95% of servers use infistar.
  13. xDaVIRUS

    Spawning Bike/QuadBike etc.

    Your posting in the wrong section mate.. but looks like you need to check logs in extdb because it's having problems with database.