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  1. Incus

    Getting kicked from every exile server?

    Maybe not but in all the servers I have been on that didnt they have had issues. EG Safes/Vehicle missing. Whole bases gone.
  2. Incus

    Esseker - Stuck on Loading Map

    I was getting the same on Altisprojects server. I couldnt go from A3Launcher or Direct connect. However after filtering ingame in the internet tab it worked.
  3. Incus

    Getting kicked from every exile server?

    I think you will find all bar like 6 are running 0.9.61. I have only found thealtisproject. and MGT running 0.9.8 however they are broken servers. MGT massively because they refuse to wipe.
  4. Incus

    Recommended Service Prodivers?

    Where are you wanting the server as that can change where you want to get the server. If western EU I would go with: They are cheap and goddam fast if there was a problem. They fixed problems then e-mailed me before I even knew there was problem. Only problem with that was I then had to get home to restart the server. You would have to setup your server yourself. I had ViLayer and although an ok service. I couldnt edit my server to how I want it. Not sure if that has changed.
  5. Incus

    New Vehicles & Weapons

    Got to say on the 0.9.8 RC I love the new vehicles apart from two things. The Huey has far too little fuel. The SUV handles like shit. In fact most added handle bad and take so long to get up too speed/ slow down.
  6. Incus

    [SOLVED] Before 0.98 Releases

    Yeah just found that forum now. Cheers
  7. Incus

    [SOLVED] Before 0.98 Releases

    I'm not sure if your being sarcastic. if there is a link would be nice and I would use it.
  8. Incus

    [SOLVED] Before 0.98 Releases

    I did try to say to Eichi a bug ingame in the chat. No reply. You should really make a subforum on the bug forum for the RC branch. Bug reports for RC will get lost and I cant tell if people are reporting RC or Stable. The bug was that the container that you hit with the sledge dont all break. The small dark grey container x5 metal never breaks.