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  1. Cody0520

    [RELEASE] Assassination Mission

    Alright. Is there certain tools or anything that I need that different from the static missions?
  2. Cody0520

    DMS Mission addon Contents page

    Enjoying the missions! how can i go about creating even more custom bandit missions and releasing? i got tons of ideas i can do Static ones but Bandit ones im a bit lost on haha
  3. Cody0520

    [RELEASE] Assassination Mission

    loving the mission, currently run it on my server, I know this is slightly off-topic but how can i create custom missions? i have tons of ideas and wanna create them and release them, but idk how to do dynamic ones haha
  4. Cody0520

    Altis high loot tables

    yup i meant go into mission folder and then config. i was half ass sleep when i was on my phone haha
  5. Cody0520

    Altis high loot tables

    look in your mission Folder > Config.cpp and look for loot, adjust to needs
  6. no they spawn fine at start, but once completed they dont respawn ive searched my Server side RPT, and Client side RPT, i got Errors about FuMS admin Stuff and typical " Mission can not be played due to downloadable content blah blah blah" XD
  7. Cody0520

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    is there any more missions anyone willing to release besides the static and 36 mission pack? :p
  8. anyone else having a issue with these missions not respawning? ive tried near everything possible,
  9. Cody0520

    DualArms - Two Primary Weapons

    Anyone else having a issue when players leave or server restarts. Player rejoins and the second gun is either gone. Or placed back in inventory?
  10. Cody0520

    GPS mini map?

    wondering this my self honestly, Sorry to gravedig, GPS mini map isnt working on my server either haha Curious if someone could script a Minimap* toggable* for it :p
  11. Cody0520

    FuMS 0.420 - The Relaunch and Repair Project

    I'll give that a shot. I mean they spawn at restart fine no issues. But once they are completed. They don't come back,. I've tried 1-4 far as spawn settings go. And I've tried 1-120 in seconds
  12. Cody0520

    FuMS 0.420 - The Relaunch and Repair Project

    Does anyone else have a issue of no missions respawning? All missions have set to spawn randomly until all missions has spawned. Times has not been touched.
  13. got this up and running on my server with Vehicle HP bars, just wish it was icons and usable icons like desolation redux haha
  14. alright i got the script to work with my hemmt truck but one issue im having is, its not taking the poptabs. out of my person, or my locker. if it is, the DB isnt updating to reflect it.