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  1. so i basiclly went to stock with it and renamed my DB like you have it as shown in DB configs, and Pics, I will get someone to join and kill me and see if it updates then
  2. alright, got that sorted out, killed my self and spawned 4 different times and disconnected and reconnected a few times with no problems scoreboard still shows all 0's for stats
  3. Yes, and Yes, i can connect to the DB from external IP, and the website stats can also connect,
  4. yea its connecting cause if not i get this error i just redone all the steps gonna see if that helps any/ wipe and redone DB and exile.ini and MP mission checked EXTDB logs and getting this and not letting me fully spawn in now. but it does write to the DB
  5. my death count changed, went from 4 to 8 but website still shows blank
  6. Yea I applied refresh restarted the service and the server.
  7. yea, a few times and doesnt update D: i just added stats though, never actually killed someone since the server is in development and no one is in it.
  8. whats the avg time for it to update to website? looks clean!
  9. Hey Guys! Got a website up and running, and created a subdomain for just the leaderboards *this cool user interface* But im in the process of setting it up, But i still get this. i dont know 10000% how to set up custom stuff like this, but i am slightly tech savy, but maybe some pointers to help out? * Note website and SQL Server are not on same host, but i already opened the SQL ports and created a DB User that can be used to access from outside. i know im missing something ofc, but idk what D: i had a buddy set it up for me last time, but website dumped and i didnt have any backups D: any he;p is greatly appreciated!
  10. Anyone have a Idea on how to change the white text and White icons to something little darker? Using a Winter map, and its hard to see what missions are what
  11. Ill revert back to default, and see if i can add in custom ones
  12. https://pastebin.com/eyUGRX7R Its saying xxxx.sqf not found, but what is funny, its right there in the path its looking for lol
  13. Thank You For the Work!, I added these to my Pbo File as followed the install steps, But my missions stopped working D: Any idea?
  14. anyone got this to work? i got the Kuplion version which works great, but i wanna have the location and the Looks of the GR8 one, D: