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  1. Yup, I'm sure if you searched the forums you'd find plenty of entries for this question and likely plenty of answers too.... Exile won't be uploaded to the Steam workshop due to the requirements of the terms of service there. I'm sure if the ToS change in the future and does not require content creators to hand over their rights to the software this may be reconsidered but for the forseeable future it's a no. In the meantime, it's on A3 Launcher.....
  2. In case it's useful, here's the github for Exile Reborn. Please note it's not supported anymore and hasn't had updates in a LONG time. Good luck! https://github.com/gianni001/ExileReborn/tree/Reborn_Zombies
  3. @joew00 That's an ARMA 3 funtion and not an Exile one. So, if you want to change it you'll have to write a script yourself which is what has been done by others to intercept this functionality and override it.
  4. Thanks for the extremely generous offer Kuplion. Hopefully Mustang leaves it just where it is eh to save you more work
  5. I'll be keeping it as long as I can as I like the mod but if Mustang removes it from Steam or I have to rebuild my computer for some reason, I'll have no choice.
  6. No, but it is a survival experience and I have to agree with the OP - I would love to have the base game include the ability to either disable the auto-fuel at petrol stations completely, leaving jerry can refuel only, or to require the use of a generator to make them work. I've got a low priority job for myself to check out some of the advanced vehicle management systems for Exile such as the one mentioned and see what works but I've tried them before and failed to get them running so having it in the base mod would be fantastic. From the experience of trying to get the mods working, I can see how hard it might be to get ARMA to cooperate on this front reliably so I understand why it hasn't yet been included. I'm sure the dev team have looked at it in the past and probably threw in the towel frustrated with some random ARMA bug.....
  7. @ProPsychoMan the knowledge and experience you pick up by getting your own server up and running is invaluable. If you don't learn to fix ARMA server issues yourself, you will be completely dependent on other people to fix problems, install patches, install your mods etc. If this is okay for your budget and you're happy to continue paying people to do this for you then all well and good. I would have suggested you try Primus gaming a go as your hosting service though as they have their own assistance package where they can essentially set everything up or add mods etc. for a fixed price. Good luck with the server.
  8. From my experience (and I have none running a server with a big pop) assuming you take the physical server performance out of the equation and just look at mods/settings then it's often the ones with lots of missions, too much roaming AI and that sort of thing. Also, ones that have really big databases with heaps of things to load. Essentially, the more stuff (base parts, custom areas etc.) you have on the server and the more things it has to run/calculate (such as roaming AI, walking zed etc.) the slower and laggier it'll be. The other aspect is the server itself, if it's shared hardware without dedicated resources or slower/older hardware then you'll also end up with laggier servers. Always keep in mind that ARMA is not great at multi threading so high speed cores are always important with anything ARMA related. Hopefully that helps and others with experience running high pop servers can provide their advice too.
  9. You can either adjust the values as stated before and you'll just get more of everything. Alternatively you can adjust the loot tables directly and adjust the chance of the individual items in each building class.....
  10. Google is your friend.....
  11. Agreed, just set up a new folder on desktop or c drive or whatever for it but you'll need a local SQL server and run up an ARMA 3 server to connect to. I run my own environment this way for testing, just have a dedi box for the actual published server. The guide @MGTDB linked to should be all you need but install it on your desktop PC then do a LAN connection to it
  12. Hi @CrazyCorky I use A3XAI on my own server and use it for roaming vehicles, choppers and roaming AI. I run Isla Abramia. In my experience, it identifies the potential locations when A3XAI starts as per your config and then if a player enters the perimeter of one of those identified locations it will use the %chance of spawn in that town/city type to determine whether it will spawn AI for the player. I don't typically see AI just wandering around towns before I've entered them and this is reflected in low server CPU load when no players are connected unlike Occupation. Have you tried going around the map to different locations and staying there for a while to see if the AI turn up? I have used A3XAI on Tanoa myself and had no problem, it behaved normally for me but it was just a test server and I only had it up for a couple of weeks.
  13. I've still got it on my PC too and my server isn't showing incompatible after the update so I'm leaving it alone for the moment in case Mustang puts it back up. I'm going to look at removing it from my server if it doesn't come back on steam fairly quickly though. I actually thought Mustang was pretty much out of the ARMA 3 development scene these days so was surprised to see this.
  14. Hi @stefan.kueneth Are you running Extended Items Exile by any chance? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=897168981 If you are, your problem is likely not Exile but that mod. You'll have to convince Crazy Mike to fix his mod or remove the mod from your server.
  15. The most common reason for the above is an incompatible mod (could be corrupt, have updated or whatever). My recommendation is to try using A3 Launcher to connect to a server, this app checks all mods needed for the server you are trying to connect to, including the ones not on Steam such as Exile. https://a3launcher.com/ Just get A3 Launcher to check all your mods and once done, try logging into an available server from that app. If it still kicks you, you might need to reach out to the server admin and ask if they can pull the logs for your login - it should say why you were kicked in the server logs.