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  1. Riker2335

    GPS mini map?

    If I recall correctly it was something that was broken in an earlier ARMA 3 update that was patched by the Exile Community around the start of this year (I'm guessing around January based upon the above post). It should have been sorted with the Exile 1.0.4 update earlier this year, it certainly works just fine on my own server if you have a GPS on you.... A quick google turned up this which is what I was thinking about: Does that help?
  2. Riker2335

    Youtube Channel

    Hi @pumpkin1131 Might I suggest posting in the "Cakewalk" section of the forums as this is where this sort of content is meant to go.
  3. I can confirm on a Windows host it appears to be working perfectly after the update to 1.88 although I've personally only had a few minutes on my server and only saw roaming vehicles and helicopters. The logs appeared to be fine though and it had identified location to put the roaming AI, I just didn't go looking for them. As this is a Linux machine, is it possible it's a simple case issue somewhere? Are you getting any sort of A3XAI spawning such as vehicle or helicopter? Is it limited to the AI on foot? Are there any errors in your logs related to A3XAI? Sorry for all the questions, just trying to find out if there's any way to narrow down the problem further.
  4. Riker2335


    @jfafek Can you advise if you get any error messages? Any more information to explain the problem? At this stage you are just saying you cannot connect. You haven't explained what happens when you attempt to connect, if there's any new errors in the RPT files after you installed the mod or anything. You really aren't giving us much to go on....
  5. Riker2335

    Loot positions for tents

    I'm afraid I gave up on loot in quite a few of the ARMA 2 tents for the same reason, I'll be keen to hear if anyone else has found a solution.
  6. @hogansheroes I believe this was posted in the general tab the other day and Kup (understandably) locked it but it had screenshots. If I remember correctly, it's an Altis server running stock Exile traders. The objects are there but not the traders themselves. @[=ST=] James45 [FR] It will probably be a typo in your mission file. Have you checked your server RPT for any errors? Can you share your RPT for us on Pastebin or a similar service?
  7. Riker2335

    Zombies spawning in Safe zones

    Hi @rhammer2003 can you confirm which zombie spawner you are using and also when this problem started? Also do you have any logs from the spawner that you can share? I'm afraid we can't help without some more information... Depending on the spawner in use, you may either be able to find your answer in the forum thread for that spawner or to ask the question directly in that forum. Cheers.
  8. Riker2335

    StokesMagee's Resort - Premium Scripts & Request

    Hey Stokes, this is something I'm interested in but I have two questions; 1. Does it disable the auto-fuel at petrol stations and if not, is there a reliable way to do it? 2. Is this something done at the Vehicle customs or the actual vehicle trader? I don't have a vehicle trader on my server, just a vehicle customs (all vehicles must be found or won at missions).
  9. Riker2335


    @Ban This is the forums for the Exile mod, not for the server you were playing on. If the ban is just on the server you were playing on then we cannot remove that ban here, only the admin of that server can do so. If it is a global Infistar ban (meaning you cannot play on ANY infistar protected server) then you will need to take that up with Infistar to discuss why you were banned. Good luck.
  10. Riker2335

    occupation Transport eject player

    Yes, but the new person maintaining Occupation is using the same thread so that is the right one to post in.
  11. Riker2335

    reset vehicle pin codes

    All the settings are in the DMS config file but if you want some guidance, I'm happy to give it. As this is quite off topic, DM me with what you are trying to achieve and next time I'm on my home PC and can review the DMS config I'll tell you where to find what you're looking for. I'm just at work at the moment so can't really provide the detail.
  12. @Kflo01 just use your existing Zombie Spawner (I assume it's ExileZ) and create a new zone that's super-hard for your radiation zone. In terms of adding other creatures, you'll probably have to figure that out on your own.... I don't believe anyone has the dino's working in Exile currently and I can't think of any other monster mods that ARMA has but maybe there are some? The challenge would be dynamically spawning them.
  13. Riker2335

    reset vehicle pin codes

    @Atreides52 If you are referring to the spawn vehicles, these do not have PIN codes. Can't change something that it doesn't have. If your players want to CLAIM the vehicles then you'll need to add that mod to your server so they can use a codelock to claim. Also.... talk about raising the dead! 2.5 year old thread.
  14. Riker2335

    Disable looting npc mission

    These are the two lines you are looking for: DMS_clear_AI_body = false; // Clear AI body as soon as they die DMS_clear_AI_body_chance = 50; // Percentage chance that AI bodies will be cleared when they die To clear all AI bodies every time, simply set the first one to true and the second to 100.
  15. Riker2335

    Exile 1.0.4 Bugs Megathread !! READ THE RULES!!

    @PVRIS If you are playing on a server that is getting regular death loops then you'll need to bring this up with the server admin and they'll need to post the issue on these forums if they believe it's an Exile problem and not something unique to their server. I say this because they'll need to provide server logs and information on how the server has been configured, not something you can do as a player. On a side note, Exile 1.0.4 has been out for many months now and there have been no reported death loop issues with the core Exile mod to the best of my knowledge. I'd suspect at this stage it's something unique to the server you are playing on and not something wrong with the core Exile mod which is what this thread was for. Thank you very much for following the template for bug reporting however!