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  1. Riker2335

    occupation Transport eject player

    Yes, but the new person maintaining Occupation is using the same thread so that is the right one to post in.
  2. Riker2335

    reset vehicle pin codes

    All the settings are in the DMS config file but if you want some guidance, I'm happy to give it. As this is quite off topic, DM me with what you are trying to achieve and next time I'm on my home PC and can review the DMS config I'll tell you where to find what you're looking for. I'm just at work at the moment so can't really provide the detail.
  3. @Kflo01 just use your existing Zombie Spawner (I assume it's ExileZ) and create a new zone that's super-hard for your radiation zone. In terms of adding other creatures, you'll probably have to figure that out on your own.... I don't believe anyone has the dino's working in Exile currently and I can't think of any other monster mods that ARMA has but maybe there are some? The challenge would be dynamically spawning them.
  4. Riker2335

    reset vehicle pin codes

    @Atreides52 If you are referring to the spawn vehicles, these do not have PIN codes. Can't change something that it doesn't have. If your players want to CLAIM the vehicles then you'll need to add that mod to your server so they can use a codelock to claim. Also.... talk about raising the dead! 2.5 year old thread.
  5. Riker2335

    Disable looting npc mission

    These are the two lines you are looking for: DMS_clear_AI_body = false; // Clear AI body as soon as they die DMS_clear_AI_body_chance = 50; // Percentage chance that AI bodies will be cleared when they die To clear all AI bodies every time, simply set the first one to true and the second to 100.
  6. Riker2335

    Exile 1.0.4 Bugs Megathread !! READ THE RULES!!

    @PVRIS If you are playing on a server that is getting regular death loops then you'll need to bring this up with the server admin and they'll need to post the issue on these forums if they believe it's an Exile problem and not something unique to their server. I say this because they'll need to provide server logs and information on how the server has been configured, not something you can do as a player. On a side note, Exile 1.0.4 has been out for many months now and there have been no reported death loop issues with the core Exile mod to the best of my knowledge. I'd suspect at this stage it's something unique to the server you are playing on and not something wrong with the core Exile mod which is what this thread was for. Thank you very much for following the template for bug reporting however!
  7. Riker2335

    InfiStar Where Are You?

    I'm with him ^
  8. Riker2335

    How Do Most People Join Exile Mod?

    I started using the ARMA 3 launcher when they did the big update on it around the release of Apex. Haven't looked back since.... works a treat for me.
  9. Riker2335

    FuMS 0.4 - The Relaunch and Repair Project

    I can think of two off the top of my head (Excluding Crazy Mike's) but both are abandoned projects. @StokesMagee used to have a zombie add-on for Exile however he pulled it some time ago, perhaps he can give you some info on why as I'm sure there's more than meets the eye on the zombie mods. The other mod I'm aware of is this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1138942548 Once again, this is a recently abandoned project. But perhaps @GolovaRaoul has some information on the feasibility of Exile integration as I noticed he asked Tobias about how to get it working in Exile just before Tobias dropped the project. The only other spawner I know of was purchased for exclusivity on one of the larger gaming communities and I believe it was fairly well optimised and had good logic but I can't remember the name.
  10. Riker2335

    1.0.4 Safe Kit not working properly

    @SpcPewPew Crazy Mike's "Extended Items Exile" has a bug that I pointed out to him months ago and unfortunately, yes, it breaks the interaction menu on the safes. If you aren't using that mod then don't worry about it but if you are, you'll need to ensure the interaction menu's are setup like the ones that were provided in that thread, it fixes the problem and is how I got them working on my own server. By the way, thanks for the compliment but I'm not really a guru, just someone that enjoys the game and got sick of having servers I enjoyed being shut down. I'm glad that my bit of knowledge can be useful to people though and I leave the stuff I don't understand to the true ARMA experts Glad to hear you got the problem sorted though.
  11. Riker2335

    1.0.4 Safe Kit not working properly

    Also... this:
  12. Riker2335

    Arma Hud in Exile

    @Lil' Weedie do you mean the status bar at the bottom of the screen? If so, that's not standard in Exile and is commonly installed as part of ExAd but is available as a separate add-on. The core Exile HUD is what you described that you had on Cherno.
  13. Riker2335

    Chernarus 2035

    Here's my loot positions; https://github.com/Riker2335/Cherno2035_Configs/tree/master As I said before, I have extra loot tables on my own server so you'll see tables like "CivilianLowerClass" which aren't standard on Exile so you'll need to ensure that anything odd like that is renamed to be whatever you have configured on your server. I tried to keep the naming sort of consistent with Exile so it shouldn't be too hard to follow.
  14. Riker2335

    Chernarus 2035

    @Leeston Have you tried this? I am at work so can't share my positions for Cherno 2035 right now but that's what I used to create mine. Mine also have customised loot categories so there will be a little bit of re-categorisation needed to use them on a standard server, should only take a minute or two to set them to whatever you use though. Happy to share them when I'm next on the server if you want them?
  15. Riker2335

    Is this normal when running exile

    Thanks, I seem to remember seeing it myself but cannot confirm whether I saw this in both the editor and on-server. At a guess though, the reason would be: "Because ARMA"