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  1. Riker2335

    region lock?

    The only way I would know how to do this is to set IP restrictions up on your firewall. There are online tools that can give you a CSV or similar with all the IP ranges owned by a country's ISP's and you can then add the unwanted countries into a block list or go the other way and whitelist a set of allowed IP's. Bear in mind that IP range ownership changes regularly so you'd need to update the list once a month or something and it's not foolproof either, the lists aren't perfect.
  2. Riker2335

    A3xai add grenades to AI loadout

    I have A3XAI with VCOM on my Cherno server and my Abramia server. I can happily confirm that when the AI determine a grenade is required to be used they'll happily use one if they've got it. I didn't adjust the default behaviour of either mod, I only adjusted things like the vehicles they are allowed to use and the type of equipment they are allowed to use as per the config file. They usually leave it for disabling vehicle however, I haven't yet had them use a grenade to kill a player but I've seen them use smokes to provide themselves cover while they move. I hope that helps someone....
  3. Riker2335

    Arma 3 Exile - How to make zombies spawn more?

    Ignore this one....
  4. Riker2335

    Fastnights setup

    @GrimReapaa you're quite right, it is called fast nights however it does perform both tasks as you can set what you consider to be night time and then specify the multiplier for both night and day separately. Also, although I agree that is is a fairly simple arrangement not everyone does. I've helped numerous people on the forums figure this out over the years as some people just don't get it. No big deal. I'm sure MrNeal has found his solution already however if anyone else comes to this thread in the future looking for answers, here's some info and a potential solution that you can adjust as needed. Firstly, I'm going to make 2 assumptions but you'll need to check in the editor on the day you've chosen what the sunrise and sunset times are for your map. Assumption one is that sunrise is at 6am. Assumption 2 is that sunset is at 6pm as per the OP. This will vary by map and by the day you choose to run your mission on as ARMA takes latitude as well as seasons into account. You'll need to adjust it to suit your own mission. Okay, now we've got those 2 assumptions here's a suggestion of how to achieve the required 3:45 daytime and 15 minutes night..... If you set the FastNightsMultiplierDay to 4 as per above, you'll get approximately 3 hours of daylight so you should be able to slightly decrease that multiplier . If you want daylight to be slightly longer (as per the OP) reduce the multipler to something like 3.5 which also increases the daytime to around 3.5 hours. Given 6pm would be around sunset but not completely dark, I think 3.5 hours would be about right for most servers trying to do this. You'll just need to adjust the multiplier as you see fit from there. Moving onto nighttime, to get that last 15 minutes of dark I'm going to make an assumption that 8pm is fully dark on most servers and that you've used the 3.5x multipler above to get to 6pm after 3.5 hours. You'll basically need to now cover 4 hours of in-game time (2 hours "sunset" + 2 hours dark) in 30 minutes of real world time. This is just an 8x multipler of time but it's no biggie if you increase it to 12x or the likes, nighttime just comes a bit quicker on the server so you can make the sun go down faster if that's what you want. Just set "FastNightsMultiplierNight" to 8 or more depending on your preference. Hopefully that info helps someone else in the future.
  5. Riker2335

    Where can I modify the combat engagement max distance of AI?

    @Z80CPU's right, this is an ARMA AI difficulty setting. I can get fairly close to a tier 1 DMS mission and not get shot at but if you're dealing with a tier 4 (black) mission, they'll engage at 1800 with an LRPS scoped sniper if you give them an excuse. There's definitely a setting there, I just don't know where.
  6. Riker2335

    AI hijacking player vehicles... no shit.

    Just a thought.... this could be a random ARMA thing just like DMS AI from a mission randomly shooting each other at mission start. One suggestion previously has been to check server FPS levels a bit before the incident and generally check to make sure it's not falling too low as the AI that are being spawned could go rogue if the FPS drops way down at times. Otherwise it might be just *because ARMA* unfortunately. There's also a "realistic AI" script system that some people run in combination with A3XAI. The name has escaped me right now but I have it on my server and yes, it will steal player vehicles however only unlocked ones. Do you run any AI behavior modifiers?
  7. Riker2335

    [RELEASE] Use DLC vehicles without the DLC.

    After all the religious discussion, I felt like yelling Amen when I read that Kup! Seriously though, although I don't need this code on my own server as all my players have Apex, I appreciate you releasing it for those that would benefit. Thanks. Am I incorrect in saying that BI used to offer similar functionality themselves? I seem to remember that you used to be able to get into the DLC vehicles but it was low res and had nagware and a time limit or something? There's no question this is a grey area from a legal standpoint, BI have made this clear themselves. It's up to the server owners to decide if they want to use the code and Kup has ensured that the DLC nagware has not been removed. To be honest, once people get used to using the vehicles, when the DLC comes up on sale again BI might find they get some more purchases to get rid of the nagware! Surely that's a win for BI!
  8. Riker2335

    [Updated] Easy Trader set up

    Can you elaborate on this statement? What ship are you referring to? (mod, name and/or the actual class ID would be useful) also, can you provide a sample of the file(s) you have modified showing what you've done and what is not working? I assume you just mean the ship isn't showing up at the trader for players to purchase... Cheers
  9. Riker2335

    Escort player!

    Not sure if ACE3 can be integrated with Exile but in case it is possible..... https://ace3mod.com/wiki/feature/captives.html
  10. Riker2335

    hidden Traders

    I'm not sure if things have changed but I seem to recall that Takistan is one of the hardest maps to build traders on due to a fault with the conversion of the map from ARMA 2 to ARMA 3. Can anyone confirm this?
  11. Riker2335

    [SOLVED] Towing Mod Wanted

    Yeah, it sure does.... that's how I have it configured anyway. Works just fine. I vote for R3F to solve the problem.
  12. Riker2335

    What about a DayZ Standalone Mod ?

    Sorry for the ignorance but does DayZ SA use a similar programming language to ARMA 3? Just wondering whether it would be easy to migrate scripting knowledge from one to the other or if it would be a significant learning curve?
  13. Riker2335

    A3XAi and safe zones

    Well that sucks The only other thing I can think of is whether A3XAI can be modified to use the AI Monitor to regularly check for AI god mode and remove it? I have no idea how to do that though, not even sure if it can be done. How good are you at coding? If you're anything like me you may need to reach out to Kuplion to see if he has any ideas.
  14. Riker2335

    A3XAi and safe zones

    I believe the answer to this question is yes. I'm not in front of my computer to check at the moment but it looks like the right one to change. Also yes it will change the safezone size as a whole for everyone. My understanding of that code is that it puts the AI into a "non aggressive" stance on a 300M range around the SZ center position. I've seen this myself where I had an AI vehicle stopped about 250M outside my SZ and I was able to walk right up to them and they ignored me. They only opened fire when I started shooting at them. They don't actively avoid the area from what I understand though.
  15. Riker2335

    A3XAi and safe zones

    I'm afraid I don't have much to add here, I only have one SZ on my server (Klen trader on Cherno) and I made the SZ just a touch bigger than the trader city to try and prevent the problem you are describing or at least make it unusual. I haven't had any reported problems related to A3XAI god mode on this server (bear in mind, it's a private, low player count server) but obviously doesn't mean it doesn't happen, just no one has seen & reported it. Are you running Kuplion's release of A3XAI? I know I had quite a few issues like that resolved when I updated to Kup's version rather than the original release.