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  1. Hi man Reduce the mission area in loot and dead trigger
  2. Hi all, I so this file exilez_mod\mission\tanoaZedMission i dont know how to activate on the server to have a zombies mission in config.cpp i sdont see no line about this and is not loot and dead ... is a zombi mission with building and stuff as i manage to understand have ideas ?
  3. Hi all , In my server raid message do not work 3:57:06 "R A. S. F. ! ! !:1 (IlDiavolo) REMOTE attempting to lockpick 2:765 , door" 3:57:06 Error in expression <llExtension _query); (_result select 1) select 0> 3:57:06 Error position: <select 0> 3:57:06 Error Generic error in expression 3:57:06 File exile_server\code\ExileServer_system_database_query_insertSingle.sqf, line 16 is working when you pay the territory .. when someoane stoled your flag but not raid message
  4. Hi i have the same error with code 2846 Can you please check it Thx
  5. I quit using it ,.. to many buggs Or maybe i m not abble to fix it idk
  6. Can you give the code that are correct plz ? put here like this i can take it and try it on my server plz
  7. Hi all Did someoane know how to remove the remaining ai after the occupation mission fail ? thx
  8. Ok So if i use this file meanse that if a player kill ather player with ARMED VEHICLE will show that is killed by NPC Right ? And is ather player kill a player with a gun take the respect Right ?
  9. Yes man but i m confuse I dont know wich file to use from here that will make the server killing player with armed vehicle to say is killed by NPC Can you help me ?
  10. Hi all I want this to be like this I mean if someoane kill a player with a armed vehicle to say is killed by NPC can you tell me how to to it ? if i use this 2 will show kill by npc ?
  11. How you fix it ? THX !!! i use igitload
  12. Hi all I put this script it sell the crate no problem The problem is that when i sale the load car the cargo sell all the car :))) someoane have idea why !?
  14. Ok i ll try to fix the change and see Thx ..