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  1. while true loops are trash. Quit telling people to use them.

  2. Chernarus Isles KEY?

  3. Hey Crazy Mike, i sent you a PM about some rule breaking done on your Exile server about 10 minutes ago. Please get back to me asap man. 

  4. Hey Crazy Mike,

    I saw the thing you replied on how exile doesn't work in editor, i.e. you can't build in editor. Is there anyway I can go about making my own server or something where I can just spawn in base pieces and mess around? I really want to do that...

  5. yo crazy mike i have a question ever since the map changed from Cherno winter to cherno i get the error chernaurus winter requires addon CAData. would you know how to fix this. please and thanks.

    1. Medic167


      so what do i do to fix it i already unsubscribed to the cup addons.

    2. Medic167


      yo crazy mike how you been man hey i have a problem in game my rifle and pistol disappeared T___T i had to download cup weapons again becuase of an error and now i have the ammo but no weapons =( it was an M110 with all the bells and whistles same with my g17 sidearm is there anything that can be done?


    3. Medic167


      yea i was afraid of that T_______T worth a try lol

  6. hey mike in several days im playing in your server, but now i always being kicked after i join to your server but no reason i get kicked ?

    1. Noval


      my chernarus winter not loaded hehe sorry hehe

    2. Noval


      mike i need help my territory flag bugged to the rooftop i want place in second floor at black forest i with zetta,gary j,fuyab,blaze

  7. Hey Mike! Im getting this Error when im trying join the server. yesterday it worked fine, but now it shows me this.. i tried reinstalling battleye, looking help from google but it doesnt work. any ideas or tips?


  8. Hey crazy mike will the mobile xm8 app work on this server? 

    1. Medic167


      hmm all i get is invalid server code.