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    Crashes while downloading mission file

    ^This That's a simple problem with the allocated memory space... if you're lucky, it will be allocated "right", else you'll just crash. The only solution for now is trying over and over and over again, until you're in. There might be some guys claiming "omg add -malloc=system" or "delete all arma3 files from appdata/local" or "tab out before the download starts" ~ that's just a coincidence if it worked for them, it won't work for you every time. You can join successfully at first try, or after 3 crashes or even after 20 crashes... it depends when ArmA decides to allocate the right memory sector. The permanent solution will of Bohemia and Exile developers ..please stand by.
  2. crckdns

    Tiny family markers on map

    Hey there, I'm not sure if it's client or server side, but since I can only see the client side, I'm posting it here. Server is running 0.89 on Tanoa. I've created a family and wanted to add a family marker on the map.. but what I get while adding.. see the attachment. They are so tiny, you can't read anything written on them. The question is, is it just this server or is there a bug in the exile package? I've asked the admins, they didn't even care to looking into it..