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  1. Plasma

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Whenever I add NiArms weapons to the AI gear in the Config.Sqf, the script ceases to start. Any particular reason why? Quadruple checked my syntax.
  2. Looking forward to what you have coming, hopefully its easy to implement in servers. People always seem to avoid sound mods (even just adding the .bikey to their server) because its somehow too complicated, or causes errors.
  3. Anyone know the mod/plugin that adds the metal clacketing sound when you have a primary equipped whilst running? Ive heard it in a few servers, but I never got to know what mod was doing it. Simulates the banging of different items on your character against each-other, sounds really good for survival servers. Thanks in advance for any ideas.
  4. Plasma

    Extended Base Mod

    Where is the Container Huge located? It doesn't seem to have a crafting recipe in the version I'm using. Specifically, the one thats a requirement for the HUGE Bunker. (Possibly Land_Cargo40_light_green, or Land_Bunker_F?)
  5. Plasma

    NBG - Tanoa US

    The server has potential to be good, the foundations for a smooth and interesting server are there - but in its current state the administration and staff team is sub-par at best, and it permeates into the enjoyment of everyone on the server. How can I be sure my time spent on the server is well invested? Who wants to play on a server with cheaters? +Good FPS serverwide +Interesting missions +Trader prices are different -Restrictive building rules -Gunships are available for an extremely high price, which means that the proper counters to them don't exist very often. (This in turn means an unbalanced server, just because you can take out the pilot in a gunship with a .50 does not mean the .50 is a viable counter to that ordnance) To make the situation worse, radar is enabled on them. Either: 1) Remove the gunships and tanks altogether 2) Make the counters to gunships and tanks more common, perhaps purchased in the trader (it should be noted that gunships and tanks should not be treated as a counter to themselves, in this scenario things get clusterfucky) Obviously if you have to tell people to rate the server positive to mask the bad ratings something isn't correct. Just because an admin has to log into their admin account to have access to tools literally does not mean they can't still abuse. Obviously if you were a rouge admin you wouldn't want to get caught red handed outright. If you do not pay your admins to administrate the server, that means they are not impartial to the job, therefore abuse happens pretty regularly, as being an admin isn't really a paid job anyway. You can have the most pure intentions in the world, but those intentions don't mean shit if action isn't taken. Ill change my review in time if the server cleans up its act. Edit: Turns out the abuse goes all the way up the fucking chain of command: the server is rotten to the core. Admin abuse will continue to happen, and they recently pulled the "Its our server" card in defense of the proof. In the following picture, Lonely was founded to be abusing admin powers and was "Suspended" from the moderator position. Apparently, this didn't happen - and it was only said to shut us up about it, even though they provided proof of their own that it abuse did indeed happen. Steer clear if you want a long-term home.
  6. Plasma - US - Exile

    -Restrictive rules beyond reason -Admins trying way too hard to keep people happy, backfiring and causing a lot of drama The only reason the server is alive is due to the map and constant players online keeping people coming back.
  7. Plasma

    Extended Base Mod

    How much storage does the Concrete Bunker have? And can it be blown up?
  8. Plasma

    Community is King

    Excited about whats to come. Looking forward to new stuffs
  9. Plasma

    Vehicle repair?!?

    I was kinda hoping a Foolbox or Wrench would serve as duct tape infinitely.
  10. Can we get a custom action button for "take all" please? Every time I open up my inventory to loot, the cursor jumps over about 500 pixels to the left from where I left it - even if I didn't move at all. While you're at it, "put all" might be useful for loot runs as well. Basically, its to escape the server lag of having to put items in one by one waiting for the server to respond. Functions only in the inv that you have highlighted, so if you "put all" while you have your vest highlighted, all items within your vest would be put into the inventory or on the ground. Not sure if its possible, but I will try and bring it up anyway. Also, the custom marker (Custom action button 2) isn't transparent, and doesn't tell the distance - so its extremely hard to tell if its close or far away. I have to constantly tell my squad to remove markers because they cover up the target due to the alpha of the marker.
  11. Plasma

    Spawned in ocean, far corner of map

    Just happened to me on one of the CCG DOGZ servers. Tanoa 1.0.0
  12. Plasma

    Sledge Hammer

    Same, apparently this only works on Altis. Please add support for this crucial base building feature to other maps.
  13. Plasma

    Mk30 HMG Functionality

    Do you know if you get extra ammo every time you deploy it? Like does the ammo in it restock when you dismantle it? Edit: You know what, fuck it. Worth 10k just to experiment with it.
  14. Plasma

    Mk30 HMG Functionality

    Thanks for the info, hopefully this can be fixed from Exiles end? Server administration on my server is lazy as fuck, can't really do anything about it.
  15. Plasma

    Mk30 HMG Functionality

    Thanks for the reply, look forward to some information on this. 10k is quite the investment.