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  1. riddler251

    Helicopter Repair

    Sorry, I figured out the issue. For those that might run into this, the problem is a couple missing .sqf in your mission file. For some reason, my default mission file included the function calls for JohnO in the menus section of the config, but the functions appear to not be included or initialized the code. You can fix it easily by following the steps for the 2 chopper files found here: https://github.com/gianni001/Extended-Repairs Note, you should not need to install the 2 vehicle sqf, but the 2 chopper ones you will need. I placed these into my mission file, updated my init.sqf and it fixed the problem 100%. I am not sure if there is a better way to fix this, as I assume these functions are part of Exile by default, but this will at least provide a workaround.
  2. riddler251

    Helicopter exploding on Tanoa

    So I am not sure if this is an Exile bug or what; I have search the interwebs to no avail. Basically, it doesn't matter where you land the chopper. Also, this isn't the problem linked to restart as it it occurring while server is up and player is still online. I have had at least 5 choppers just randomly explode on the map. The player will land on flat ground, as flat as can be on Tanoa, walk away from it for a second only to turn around and watch as the chopper completely explodes. Having witnessed it myself, I can tell you these are not damaged choppers or caused by attack. The choppers are completely powered down and just explode for no apparent reason. So far it has happened with the Blackfish, Mohawk, and Orca that I have seen. A couple have even exploded, fresh choppers, when the user is taking off. They get about 10m off the ground in complete clearance and boom. Or, the player lands the chopper, walks away for a bit and comes back to find a completely undamaged chopper with no main rotor.
  3. riddler251

    AVS - Advanced Vehicle System

    what by chance did you fix? Lot of problems on Tanoa with all kinds of mods, just curious if this specifically fixes some of the various issues I am having with the map.
  4. riddler251

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    Anyone know why I have some invisible object/item showing up in my loot crate for the Underwater mission. All I did was add ammo to the crate, as it doesn't spawn with ammo by default for some reason.
  5. riddler251

    Helicopter Repair

    Dunno if this is a bug or not, but how do I make it so people can repair helicopters on my server? I don't use any repair scripts, as the only one that I found doesn't work with my other XM8 scripts for Virtual garage. Does exile not allow to repair choppers by default?
  6. riddler251

    AVS - Advanced Vehicle System

    Anything on this? It is erroring out in one of the functions for some reason. I don't know enough about the code to fix it. edit: I fixed it. You have to paste the init into the init.sqf and the playerlocal.sqf
  7. riddler251

    AVS - Advanced Vehicle System

    I have the exact same problem. Here is my database error. Edit1: A reboot fixed the rearm issue but still takes all the poptabs Edited 16 hours ago by berserker_x86 I should probably specify that the rearm issue I am referring to is the saving of ammo to the database. It does not appear to be loading the vehicle ammo state to the database properly and so when the server restarts the vehicles all have 0 ammo again.
  8. riddler251

    Extended Base Mod

    I fixed it. My dumbass just needed a second look. I had placed it in the interactionmodels class, not the other one... Ya, I know, sleep on it before you post it...
  9. riddler251

    Extended Base Mod

    No, seems like neither work.
  10. riddler251

    AVS - Advanced Vehicle System

    When my players rearm their stuff it is deducting all the money off the player. any idea why? For instance, I put 1mil on me and had a rearm cost of 952, it deducted all 1mil from my player when I rearmed. Also, it is not loading the ammo. here is the error for the loading ammo. if (typeName _savedMagazines isEqualTo "ARRAY") then > 0:55:31 Error position: <_savedMagazines isEqualTo "ARRAY") then > 0:55:31 Error Undefined variable in expression: _savedmagazines 0:55:31 File AVS\code\fn_loadAmmo.sqf, line 37 0:55:31 O_T_LSV_02_unarmed_F: Unarmed_Main_Turret_hide - unknown animation source TurretHide 0:55:31 O_T_LSV_02_unarmed_F: Unarmed_Doors_Hide - unknown animation source DoorsHide 0:55:31 O_T_LSV_02_unarmed_F: MainTurret - unknown animation source mainTurret 0:55:31 O_T_LSV_02_unarmed_F: MainGun - unknown animation source mainGun 0:55:31 Error in expression <[1,[[any]]]> 0:55:31 Error position: <any]]]> 0:55:31 Error Undefined variable in expression: any 0:55:31 Error in expression <icle setVehicleAmmoDef 0;
  11. riddler251

    Extended Base Mod

    Ok, ignore this partially. He has the correct names in the menus that I have from the mod. However, I am still not getting these options in the interactions menu. I have double checked, and the code is in my config.cpp to include the menu and recipes.sqf files.
  12. riddler251

    Extended Base Mod

    ok, I get how to fix this. However, I don;t know what all the items are called after they are unpacked. None of my cargo kits are accessible, no menu item to lock/unlock/setpin. Right now I have a Land Container Green down and I don;t know what to change it to the in the menu.hpp. My menu says Land_Cargo20_military_green_F.
  13. riddler251

    TUTS Briefing for ExileMod

    Ok, when I open up my map and click on the briefing I crash instantly. No error showing up. I do use infistar, but mine looks like @Seniix3 up above there and I can;t find what to change. Is this maybe why I am crashing? Just a little edit: I disabled the multiple menus under Rules, it doesn't crash me now. I will probably just use the 1 menu as a workaround as I will also have server rules in the XM8.
  14. Basically, I had this issue prior to the exile editor. That being said, I have not converted my maps to it because it will require a complete redesign. To fix the issue using the 3DEN editor, you have just just tweak and over adjust your buildings to account for the shift. What I would do is layout the structures as I wanted them to look. Then load up your server and see how much they have moved. Then go back into the editor, shift them in the opposite direction from the shift on the server for the same amount and try again. It takes a few tweaks, but you can get it to load right. That being said, if you use the Exile released editor, it converts the placements to simple objects which removes this issue.
  15. riddler251

    Exile IgiLoad with TaruPodMod

    So, we installed this exactly how his instructions say, pretty simple steps. I then replaced the IgiLoad.sqf as indicated about. Yet, it isn't working entirely correct. When you get in the vehicle and backup to a crate you do not get an option in the scroll menu to load/unload a crate. You only get the disable/enable loading from outside. Then you can exit the vehicle and walk up to the crate and scroll on it and use "Mount, Install, Move". Mount will load it into the vehicle. Then you can't unload the crate from the vehicle. The only way we have been able to unload the crate is to get in the vehicle and use the "Untow Vehicle" command from the towing script we use which usually results in the vehicle exploding... Any ideas? We are using Exile_SM_Towing for our towing script. Is it possible this in interfering?