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  1. What the hell did I just read? If you read the title and looked at the image attached it's pretty obvious what I am talking about
  2. Most things I can fix myself but I have no idea in the slightest why all of my log files have remained empty for several months - it's like they just gave up out of nowhere. Logging is enabled - traderLogging = 1; deathLogging = 1; territoryLogging = 1; But never works
  3. Steelius

    scary wolf mask

    Nice Englando It's not part of Exile, if you meant part of Epoch then yes. And you can't use the same mask from Epoch unless you took the .pbo from epoch and put it into your own mod (which you probly are not allowed to do anyway) and then run it on your server. The likelihood of you getting that same Epoch mask onto your Exile server is close to 0% (if you don't run Epoch along with Exile which I don't think you can do)
  4. Steelius

    Zombies and Demons: Disable "Open Doors"

    You'd have to essentially make something like an exile overwrite but for that mod. Not sure how that could be accomplished though
  5. As an admin you are exempt from the limitations of Infistar. There are some things that will kick you even as an admin but that's extremely unlikely to come across, it is wise to test every new addition as a normal player because Infistar can block certain things from functioning. Custom menus can be whitelisted in the ID section of the AH, a lot of very commonly used things are already in there, but not all.
  6. Steelius

    Legendary gun

    You've been playing too many MMOs
  7. Steelius

    While Connecting

    You can. But most likely nobody will answer you :') Your mission.pbo is broken, revert to default (download it from this site to be sure) and try again
  8. Menu IDs need to be whitelisted in infistar or they will be blocked.
  9. Steelius

    [WIP] Exile Interactive Mission Preview

    I was working on something like this, but simpler and wouldn't require additional mods
  10. Steelius

    [SOLVED] Server stuck on "Loading Map"

    Is that the whole log? Nothing stands out to be that would stop the server from working
  11. Steelius

    Issue importing mission.sqm to m3editor

    m3editor? What? I'm sure you mean Eden. You cannot use Exile missions in Eden, the format is different, it could be possible that the tanoa mission is altered to be compatible with Eden, but the others are not. (I've never looked at the tanoa mission.sqm)
  12. Steelius

    Custom map markers possible?

    There's a space at the front of container Also, you can't use custom content that is not part of an existing mod and run it on the server because it will not exist for clients.
  13. Steelius


  14. Steelius


    Natürlich müssen Sie nicht . Wie die andere Person sagte , verwenden Sie nicht die Strahlung Sachen innerhalb des config.cpp mehr. Sie verwenden Marker mit Eden -Plugin erstellt ( in downloads ) Strahlungszonenzu definieren, Translate is rubbish. Use Eden plugin to define contaminated zones. CONFIG.CPP DOES NOT WORK FOR RADIATION ZONES ANY MORE