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  1. Is this something that can be fixed or am i just not able to use this?
  2. Jidyfly

    ARMA 3 REVIVE in Exile?

    Only thing i can think of.
  3. I have the original revive on my server, still getting kicks for this 08.12.2016 14:09:59: Jidyfly () 2bbb5767a9969f48710adcf822205ed5 - #0 "enigmarevivepermitted" = false 2:6843 Exile_Unit_Player 08.12.2016 14:09:59: Jidyfly () 2bbb5767a9969f48710adcf822205ed5 - #0 "antidupe" = 1 2:6843 Exile_Unit_Player 08.12.2016 14:11:30: Jidyfly () 2bbb5767a9969f48710adcf822205ed5 - #0 "enigmarevivepermitted" = true 2:6843 Exile_Unit_Player 08.12.2016 14:11:30: Jidyfly () 2bbb5767a9969f48710adcf822205ed5 - Value Restriction #0 "bleedoutcountdownend" = 7776.59 2:6843 Exile_Unit_Player 09.12.2016 13:24:02: Jidyfly () 2bbb5767a9969f48710adcf822205ed5 - Value Restriction #0 "bleedoutcountdownend" = 280.804 2:2104 Exile_Unit_Player This is my Set variable txt (Lines are messed up due to the forum)
  4. No problem. Thank you for trying though!
  5. I did what you said, it will show up in the menu but still doesn't do anything.
  6. The server will run with it on but when someone trys to perform cpr it doesnt do anything
  7. Keep getting this kick 03.12.2016 20:07:57: Jidyfly ( 2bbb5767a9969f48710adcf822205ed5 - #0 "bleedoutcountdownend" = 406.446 2:1886 Exile_Unit_Player 03.12.2016 20:07:57: Jidyfly ( 2bbb5767a9969f48710adcf822205ed5 - Value Restriction #0 "bleedoutcountdownend" = 406.446 2:1886 Exile_Unit_Player 03.12.2016 20:16:38: Jidyfly ( 2bbb5767a9969f48710adcf822205ed5 - Value Restriction #0 "bleedoutcountdownend" = 356.233 2:2329 Exile_Unit_Player 03.12.2016 20:22:45: Jidyfly ( 2bbb5767a9969f48710adcf822205ed5 - Value Restriction #0 "bleedoutcountdownend" = 731.087 2:2749 Exile_Unit_GhostPlayer 03.12.2016 20:23:47: Jidyfly ( 2bbb5767a9969f48710adcf822205ed5 - Value Restriction #0 "bleedoutcountdownend" = 792.402 2:2814 Exile_Unit_GhostPlayer I tried !"bleedoutcountdownend" and no dice
  8. Jidyfly

    [RGSB] - Exile Statusbar - Moved to Exile Expansion Mod

    I keep getting this BE script restriction. 01.12.2016 11:01:31: Jidyfly ( 2bbb5767a9969f48710adcf822205ed5 - #39 "["StatusBarExile","PLAIN"]; }; _players = count playableUnits; _unit = _this select 0; _damage = round ((1 - (damage player" I tried !"StatusBarExile","PLAIN" on line #41 but no luck. and !="[\"StatusBarExile\",\"PLAIN\"]; \n};\n\n\n_players = count playableUnits;\n_unit = _this select 0;\n_damage = round ((1 - (damage player"
  9. I don't have infistar installed on the server. Only battleeye. The server will run just fine with all the files and code in it, just none of the exad will work, then when i put that in the description it just sits in limbo with no status and doesn't start. Ihave already done it once but should i try doing a fresh install again? I have tried reinstalling twice and have checked over everything so many times, i am just gonna have to use other add-ons i guess. This is a really cool idea but my server just doesn't seem to like it.
  10. I followed the entire video and have everything installed. The only part i don't have is in the description: #include "ExAdClient\ExAd.cpp" class CfgFunctions { #include "ExAdClient\CfgFunctions.cpp" }; class RscTitles { #include "ExAdClient\RscTitles.cpp" }; class CfgHints { #include "ExAdClient\CfgHints.cpp" }; class CfgNetworkMessages { #include "ExAdClient\CfgNetworkMessages.cpp" }; class CfgRemoteExec { class Functions { mode = 1; jip = 0; class ExileServer_system_network_dispatchIncomingMessage { allowedTargets=2; }; class ExAdServer_fnc_clientRequest { allowedTargets=2; }; }; class Commands { mode=0; jip=0; }; }; When i put this the server will stop working, it just sits with no status on the server browser and you connect indefinitely. I'm not sure if this because somewhere in the installation something is messed up or because of this code. I have triple checked everything and watched the video over again, i have no idea what is wrong.
  11. Jidyfly

    Flag upgrades don't cost respect?

    Is there anyway to change it back?
  12. Jidyfly

    Flag upgrades don't cost respect?

    Not sure why but all territories cost pop tabs to upgrade and not respect, i haven't touched the system so i don't know why it has changed.
  13. Jidyfly

    Blackfish issue

    If you load a vehicle into a blackfish, and try to take off with a player still sitting in the loaded vehicle it will blow up the loaded vehicle, and kick the player that was inside the loaded vehicle. Anyone know a fix for this? I'm not finding any specific error in the logs. EDIT: If you load the vehicle by yourself and sit inside the loaded vehicle for a about 10 seconds without having anyone in the pilot seat it will kick you and unload the vehicle. Again with no error in any log.
  14. Jidyfly

    Script Restriction 0

    Thank You!