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  1. Ставил мод с зомбями?! Если да, то полазий в конфигах, он отрубает свет.
  2. MrDraug

    Single item pickup

    Exactly what im looking for...
  3. MrDraug

    Single item pickup

    Еhe holy pancake! It's like u see a gun, bottle etc on the ground and you can take it without to open your inventory. As I know earlyer was it possible in exile.
  4. MrDraug

    Single item pickup

  5. MrDraug

    A word to server owners

    hay i got 100 fps on my server with 80 ppls. shit my pc is only 30 fps ingame...
  6. MrDraug

    A word to server owners

    but there is no way to fight agains ccg or stuff like them. NO, im not agains ccs, i like there ideas, but there is no chance for servers against it.
  7. MrDraug

    A word to server owners

    Hay John, you forgot about donations at OVERHYPERD a3launcher....
  8. MrDraug

    A word to server owners

    If you want to play arma like dayz, play dayz. You have to accept that arma is not dayz.... But telling ppl about u server where are 0/70, srsly? I would delete thous posts... Its like "hay exile is easy" and the answer is, here my xyz server is better we have no players but its the best server! we installed the whole shit that we was able to find on forum. SRSLY MAN??!?!?!
  9. MrDraug

    A word to server owners

    The best way to show your 0/70 server phahahahahahha wp guys, wp....
  10. MrDraug

    Vehicle textures

    if every texture is an item, check arsenal for class names.
  11. MrDraug

    Exile on Fedora 24

    Better dont start with advanced stuff like fedora. If you are new at linux start with debian
  12. MrDraug

    Status Bar help please =D

    Look for _wallet = bla bla bla and replace with _wallet = (player getVariable ["ExileMoney", 0]);
  13. MrDraug


    was genau machst du denn?
  14. MrDraug

    Altis Radiation Potato

    Better put new markers at the end, so you dont have to renumber everything and only put new number at items=x;
  15. MrDraug

    Exile AXE

    Check out in WIKI you can find classnames. Add then to your traders. Look for "Class"