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  1. Looks great, but I've got some questions: 1) Territory Raid Mode - does this only pertain to Breaching Charges? Is it possible to extend it to Door Grinding/Safe Hacking as well? If someone is breaking in, or has gotten in via Thermal Scanners, base owners can still unfairly manipulate bases to thwart any intruders. If it's not naturally able to do this, I'm assuming we'd be able to modify it to do so? (HUGE thanks for this by the way! I've been wanting this type of system for a long time.) 2) Ladder Hatches - these look awesome, great idea for the folding ladders. Will it require adding a ladder first, or does it come with the ladder pre-built for it? 3) Mobile XM8 App Notifications - Are the Grinding / Hacking notifications bundled with the 'raid' notification? Do they get unique notifications so the victim is more aware of the specific situation? If they are bundled, would it be possible for server owners to make them unique? If they are unique, would it be possible for server owners to make them bundled? (For future patches, it would be a cool feature to allow server owners more control over their Mobile XM8 Apps if possible.) 4) Mobile XM8 App Control Panel - This isn't really related to 1.0.4, but it seems that once you've added a server to your Control Panel, you can never remove it. How can we get rid of any unwanted servers on the Control Panel? Posting about it on the forums/discord doesn't seem to help/get any kind of response... I think that's it for now. I'm sure I'll have more questions later. Thanks again for all fo the hard work on this! I am very worried about implementing this update, but I think any/all of the hassle would be worth it. Making these things native to Exile instead of relying on 3rd party addons is long over due. Looking forward to this patch!
  2. Not sure if you solved this yet, but it sounds like you've just got to take a serious look at your R3F config file. Every vehicle has to be manually assigned the ability To Tow, To Be Towed, To Lift, To Be Lifted, To Load, and To Be Loaded. If you want a Golf to be Towed by an Offroad, then you just need to list your Golf under 'Be Towed'. If you don't want the Golf To Be Loaded, then remove it from the To Be Loaded list. -- I'm not sure which way you're trying to set it up, but it just sounds like you need to specify things more clearly in your config.
  3. There should be no need to blacklist anything. R3F is a whitelist system, which just means if you don't want something to be included, don't add it and it will automatically be blacklisted. Why not just use a different crate type for the missions that you don't want to be loaded/moved? You can set different cargo values to different crates, just make sure you update them in your individual DMS Mission files to match. Here is how I did mine: //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // CAN BE LOADED //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// R3F_LOG_CFG_can_be_transported_cargo = R3F_LOG_CFG_can_be_transported_cargo + [ ["CUP_UNBasicAmmunitionBox_EP1", 20], // Easy Missions ["CUP_USOrdnanceBox_EP1", 20], // Moderate Missions ["CUPAmmobox_PMC", 40], // Difficult Missions ["I_supplyCrate_F", 60], // Hardcore Missions //["I_CargoNet_01_ammo_F", 100], // Stronghold Missions //["O_CargoNet_01_ammo_F", 100], // Capture Point Missions ["CargoNet_01_box_F", 80] // Shipwreck Missions ]; //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// // CAN BE MOVED //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////// R3F_LOG_CFG_can_be_moved_by_player = R3F_LOG_CFG_can_be_moved_by_player + [ "CUP_UNBasicAmmunitionBox_EP1", // Easy Missions "CUP_USOrdnanceBox_EP1", // Moderate Missions "CargoNet_01_box_F" // Shipwreck Missions ]; So to get the effect that you want, just set a specific crate to have the Cargo Weight higher than what any of your vehicles have been set to load under "Can Load" (mine mostly hold between 20-40, except for big trucks which hold 60 and boats hold 80). Next, just don't list your specific crate under "Can Be Moved" (you can see that the Hardcore Mission crate I am using here is set to 60, so big trucks can load it, but players cannot Move it). The last step would just be to make sure that you use that specific crate in all of your DMS Missions that you don't want to be moved/loaded like I've done with my Stronghold/Capture Points. That should do the trick. If you don't know how to use a different crate type, you should be able to grab them from the Eden editor. That's how I found my CUP crates, which gave me enough variety to change things up with Moving/Loading.
  4. Nevermind @kalitke...it wasn't whitelisted after all. Thanks for the help! If anyone else is having problems with the 'Call Extension loaded' problem for your armalog_x64.dll, open the 'armalog.log' file in your FTP where the .DLL is kept. It should tell you what you need to do (and like Kalitke suggested earlier, it is most likely related to adding your server to the Whitelist on infiSTAR's website).
  5. My server is already added to the whitelist there I think, and I've Activated Protection, but I am still getting this error, which is preventing my server from booting after enabling 64bit/EXTDB3: 5:06:53 CallExtension loaded: armalog (C:\servers\finderkeeper2\@STAR\armalog_x64.dll) []
  6. I'm having the same error you did. Did you find a way to get infiSTAR working?
  7. Are the vehicles / categories showing up, but aren't populating with the recipes/required items? Or is nothing up at all? Maybe you are having a simple problem like forgetting an #include somewhere? Meanwhile, does anyone know of any way to make Vehicle Crafting possible without requiring a Territory? I want to make the Vehicle Crafting experience more similar to the Cement Mixing experience, making players go to a designated area to craft their vehicles instead of building them at their bases. This way it's a little more risky and exciting, but also it gets players out and about instead of turtling up all day. I don't think this is possible though...is it?
  8. **EDIT** The fix does work after all...I forgot to reference the file in ExileCustomCode >_<!!! Sorry for the mix up!
  9. Hi @Skryp _ LotzoTheUltraBear , I've been using CDAH for a couple months now, and I am now running into the problem of Exile walls/constructions being destructable by normal explosives (not breaching charges). I tried the fix you suggested earlier in the thread, but that does nothing. I've never noticed or had reports of this problem until the latest Arma hotfix patch that added new Destruction Effects. When Base Objects get blown up with CDAH installed, they follow the same Destruction Effect, but if I disable CDAH, they work perfectly fine. Any ideas?? This is a huge problem... Please help! Thank you.
  10. Does anyone know how to make the 'Claim Ownership' scroll option appear only on vehicles that are not already claimed/purchased? I know that I need to change the condition part of the scroll option, but I don't know what syntax to use...
  11. @odizzzzle I'm using Chernarus. @Riker2335 @GolovaRaoul @williamv1999 Thanks again for your help guys. I just tested setting up a MySQL server on a droplet that we use for TS that is located in NYC and the boot time dropped from 15min to 4min...unbelieveable! After a successful test like that, the solution is obvious: move the MySQL server closer. For anyone else who has an issue here: check to make sure that database is located in the same state/city as your game server (and if possible, on the same machine)!
  12. @Riker2335 Thanks for the reply, it makes perfect sense. I don't think I'll be able to get the MySQL server to be on the same server as Arma 3 until I get a full dedicated machine in the future, but it does sound like that moving the MySQL server from Seattle to NYC should still make a significant impact.
  13. @williamv1999 Sorry for my late response, I've been out of the country for a little while. I am using compression now, but like you mentioned, it does not seem to make too much of a difference. I also tried their suggestion of trying to use the same MySQL server that my test server uses since it seems to have better performance, but that did not work either (obviously). It does seem like the only real solution is to get a dedicated box. I just find it hard to believe that all of these arma servers run on dedicated machines...I know many do, but it feels like my server is the only one with these 10-15min restarts, so I was just hoping there was some other alternative because I am extremely reluctant to set up a dedicated box because I do not want to deal with troubleshooting and self-supporting it. Plus, it's very expensive... However, NFO offered a slightly different idea which could be a nice compromise/band-aid solution. They suggested that I order a Virtual Dedicated Server and just set it to the same location that my server is in (NYC) and setup a MySQL server/database on that instead, so all of the information stays within NYC instead of having to travel from NYC to Seattle and back, which should cut down on a lot of the latency issues I would imagine, right? Later down the road, when I'm ready, I'd love to run a full dedicated machine, but this seems like a decent suggestion that could potentially solve or at least greatly reduce the problem. The game and database would still be on separate machines, but they won't have to communicate across the country anymore at least... Do you think this could even work or not really? I suppose I can always ask for a trial run and see.
  14. @GolovaRaoul Sorry for the delayed response, but I just spoke with my server provider today and they confirmed a couple of things: 1) Both Arma servers are identical in terms of specs. 2) The Arma servers and MySQL servers are on separate machines (Arma = NYC, NY; MySQL = Seattle, WA). 3) Arma servers = HDD, MySQL servers = SSD. 4) My databases appear to be operating on different MySQL servers. That's the only real difference they saw between my two set ups. They are suggesting that I enable database compression in my extDB config or try moving my production server's database over to the same MySQL server that the test server runs. I'm going to try those when I can, but do you think that would do the trick or is there a good chance I might just be SOL since they are on separate machines from the game servers?
  15. Thanks for the response! Both servers are purchased through NFO Servers and in the same data center (as far as I know - I chose New York for both). The test server is a private server, while the main is public, but I don't see how a password would really affect things. I have no idea whether its using HDD vs SSD, but I would assume that I'd be getting the same treatment between the two (if not a better experience on the main server since I'm paying more for it). I also don't know if the MySQL server and Arma are on the same machine, but I can check and get back to you. Sorry, I wasn't sure what other details would be good to include in the initial post, when it comes to databases I am generally clueless...ask away and I can try to answer.