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  1. xBowBii

    Cherno Map Transition.

    You need to change: 1) server.cfg: bottom, change Exile.Altis (or whatever it is) to Exile.Chernarus (missionPBO.mapName) 2) Change the pbo name from .Altis to .Chernarus (result will be Exile.Chernarus.pbo) 3) change the requiredAddons from description.ext to the ones needed to launch Chernarus (can't remember, is it using CUP? you'll need to check that) + add the trader markers, spawn markers etc etc in that desc.ext I think that's it... You'll probably have to make/get new tradercities for cherno.
  2. xBowBii

    Weapons in Recipes

    I'll look into it after my finals. There must be a limitation somewhere, try finding the file handling everyrhing crafting-related, look for CfgCrafting or something that kind. Good luck!
  3. xBowBii

    Weapons in Recipes

    Missing one " Before the weapon classname (arifle_*)
  4. xBowBii

    Issue with the provided exile.sql file

    Show us the .SQL you're executing
  5. xBowBii

    infistar Alarm Custom Sound?

    Should work, can't really test it but I don't think I'd see why it wouldn't work. PS: It might be too loud tho, you can change that here: // filename "myalarm1.ogg", volume "25", pitch "1", distance (otpional, used for playSound3D IIRC) sound[] = {"myalarm1.ogg", 25, 1}; (that sound is defined on all clients, all clients have it (mission-file), and IIRC the AH executes the playsound on all clients)
  6. xBowBii

    cant sell

    Any chance you modified the wastedump files? (check your CfgCustomCode in config.cpp missionside) + Pastebin your .RPT file please
  7. xBowBii

    [GUIDE] Network Messages

    Excellent guide @WolfkillArcadia, helped me a lot! FIXED! Thanks Eraser1! However, I do have a little question. Client -> Server works perfectly; I can modify custom DB fields perfectly, but Server -> Client doesn't work at all. I've added all required fields in CfgNetworkMessages, but the Response-ones are actually not executed. I added diag_logs in all the files for debugging purposes. The reponse-files are mission-side, defined using CfgCustomCode, is that maybe my mistake? Should I change this bit of code? (I mean define these functions elsewhere) class CfgExileCustomCode { // Clan Humanity System ExileClient_database_network_getClanHumanityResponse = "path\to\database_getClanHumanityResponse.sqf"; ExileClient_database_network_setClanHumanityResponse = "path\to\database_setClanHumanityResponse.sqf"; /* more overrides */ };
  8. xBowBii

    Bad vehicle type

    It's good practice to not put them. Try without and see how that goes.
  9. xBowBii

    Bad vehicle type

    Why do you place spaces like that " classname "? Shouldn't it be "classname"?
  10. xBowBii

    Bad vehicle type

    We cannot help you without your logs (RPT) or trader files
  11. xBowBii


    Post your RPT or we won't be able tot help.
  12. xBowBii

    Can't join Chernarus exile servers

    Unsubscribe from CUP CWA, and try again
  13. xBowBii

    Vehicle skin per UID

    In your SQF: Define VIPArray as a local variable holding an array of UIDs. Use thuis variable the same way you're using it now. Do the same fort the skins, make a local variable holding the array of skins, exactly the same way as you configured it in your config.cpp. Why? I think the getArray bit of code doesn't work correctly; it doesn't receive any info. By adding the required info (UID, skins) in the SQF itself, it has everything needed to work. Here's an example code: (I'm on mobile at school, sorry if it's quickly written) _vipPlayers = [UID1, UID2, UID3]; if (getPlayerUID player in _vipPlayers) then { _vehcileSkinArray = [skin1, skin2, skin3]; { _availableSkins pushBackUnique _x; } forEach _vehcileSkinArray; };
  14. xBowBii

    Vehicle skin per UID

    getArray (missionConfigFile >> This bit of code won't work; tried also with my own settings. Try putting ALL required info in the SQF, nothing external needed, see if that works.
  15. xBowBii

    Can't connect to my server

    That's why we're here, no problem at all Check your RPT, you might find what you're looking for there. Other than that, try adding scripts ONE per ONE and check if it works each time independently, it'll save you some time Good luck!