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  1. xZardoZx

    Dynamic Air patrol / Interceptor event [Updated]

    i have this running on tanoa i think... However...i have no errors...but nothing happened in game as of yet... (only been an hour) any idea how long it takes ? or how many people need to be on ? couldnt find anything in the file so thanks
  2. getting this error...tried to register before but couldnt restart server at the time....Seems i cant do it anymore now ? help would be great thanks
  3. hi guys i installed VG and i believe everything is how its supposed to be.. the virtual garage works! untill restart...then it seems to be none accesible...The button doesnt even work (it shows just doesnt do anything) anyone have any idea? Thanks
  4. xZardoZx

    Tanoa: Decayed Edition

    could anyone explain to me how to run this on my server ? it looks amazing i just cant figure out how to import it thanks
  5. xZardoZx

    USS Freedom with Traders Altis

    anybody ? my idea for this was a zombie map...And only civilian items at the island trader...and use the carrier for military trading....Just not sure if this is going to work on tanoa ?
  6. you think you could tell me what to do ? i've tried copy pasting the settings in the config...But that didnt work..
  7. xZardoZx

    Where are the sharks?

    i was wondering that aswell...pretty high demand for sharks out there...
  8. is it possible to have harrasing zombies at night AND day...But different..(so during day only 2 and at night hordes ?) thanks
  9. xZardoZx

    Battle Royale Spawn Aircraft

    im very new at this is there a download link where i can just get the files ? thanks if there is
  10. i was wondering if i could use the harras zombies for both night and day...but different... So at night i want hordes of em.. but during the day i just want 2/3 spawn on a player i copy pasted the same code in the file twice and edited the spawn on night only...but it seems im only getting them during the day now.. any ideas ? thanks
  11. that would be great ! no rush tho! im sure you're busy
  12. from each other ? i didnt see a setting...Only space from other objects...With tanoa its pretty dense so didnt wanna touch that
  13. great script!! however i'd like them to spawn further away from each other...im running this on tanoa..And sometimes theres like 3 within 50m of each others... thanks
  14. you have another link for the bridge doesnt seem to be working
  15. sorry im somewhat new at this...and im not sure if its been asked already...But how do you go about installing this ?