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  1. Is it possible to add more rearm options to the list, like different color tracers and higher capacity AA .50cal HMG magazines for example?
  2. Any chance you could release the rearm script as a standalone, without the repair function? It seems like every rearm script out there is broken in some way (ammo not saving over restarts or into VG, failing to rearm with some sort of error message, deleting vehicle loadouts on restart leaving nothing to be rearmed, etc.), so it would be great to have a properly functioning one
  3. Here is some of my work over the last several months. Its all basic exile construction painted using Halv's paintshop with custom serverside textures and transparency.
  4. @Bones51 Please take a look at aircraft / helicopter flares. The server I play on uses this rearm script and none of the aircraft are able to reload flares. Rearm works, but there is no action menu option to actually reload flares and it does not happen automatically. It is also causing confusion for players having to reload via the menu after rearming. May I suggest automatically reloading the rearmed magazine instead of placing it as a 0 / 1 extra magazine? Thanks for your work!
  5. Title. So far I think I've lost 2 vehicles randomly blowing up after restart because they were parked on concrete floors. Both were facing true north and not on overlapping floors. Anybody else have experience with this?
  6. This is an old bug that still happens sometimes... With concrete stairs it doesn't work at all. It always floats there like it has invisible supports.
  7. Before 9.8 I could go into vehicle or direct channel and draw on the map along the road which I want to follow. Now this feature seems disabled so I'm back to placing a million dots along the route and on every intersection. Is this feature disabled by Exile itself or can server owners change this, at least restricted to private channels like group, vehicle and direct?
  8. Adapting my style from the A2 Epoch with vector build to Exile was really difficult... here is my first attempt.