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  1. TheHoff_GGA

    Steam authentication failed

    Yes I corrected the issues but it involved issues with my server not communicating with the database. If you are having that problem I would go through your servers database settings and make sure everything is setup right so that it can communicate properly. For me it was 100% server side. Once I corrected some things which may have been the username on the server then it connected with no problems at all.
  2. TheHoff_GGA

    RHS Helicopter Door BE Kicks

    Any help would be loved greatly
  3. TheHoff_GGA

    RHS Helicopter Door BE Kicks

    So I have this thing happening where every time a player (doesn't matter who) enters an RHS helicopter with sliding doors they are getting kicked by battleye. The player gets in just fine but its the automatic action of entering the vehicle into the backseat that causes the script error. When entering those types of vehicles it triggers the sliding doors to automatically open and close. This action causes all players in the helicopter to be kicked for the same script error. BE basically does not like the cargo door animations at all. I have added the error to the necessary filters in the setvariable.txt but still no luck. I even have things added such as, "rhs_" RHS_" etc. added so that it includes everything that begins with rhs and so forth. This is making hate battleye so much right now... **ERROR Located in setvariable.log** Value Restriction #0 "rhs_h_doorlb" = any 2:2272 NetworkMessageCreateHelicopterRTD Value Restriction #0 "rhs_h_doorlb" = any 2:57 NetworkMessageCreateHelicopterRTD Value Restriction #0 "rhs_h_doorlb" = any 2:2814 NetworkMessageCreateHelicopterRTD As always I thank you all for any help with this.
  4. TheHoff_GGA

    Bring back the lobby

    Yea memory crashes suck. helps remind me why I don't play ARMA that often haha. That is a great idea though to at the very least provide the option to have or not have a lobby. That honestly should have been the case to begin with. Give the option to choose which one and then make a final choice based on feed back from both sides.
  5. TheHoff_GGA

    Bring back the lobby

    I like the lobby too but its also great not having it. Just loading straight into the game is awesome. The memory reference errors are occurring because of Arma not because of the skiplobby. Try defaulting all of your parameter settings in the ArmA 3 Client Launcher. Doing that resolved my memory crashes and many others as well. Honestly if you need to take a break just log off. Sitting in the lobby isn't necessary and for servers with high traffic that causes a problem for new players wanting to join and can't because you are afk in the lobby using up a potentially free player slot. Being sent to the lobby when switching to admin or player is nice but again its not a huge deal because it takes a few moments to reconnect to the server and usually its faster when you log in one time during server uptime and reconnect later before it restarts. It's new and seems frustrating but in the long run I think everyone will enjoy it. It's like windows 10, people didn't care for it at first but its growing on them with time.
  6. TheHoff_GGA

    Bring back the lobby

    Doing that will break exile. I believe it actually says that in the file to adjust that setting lol.
  7. That's where I am at with this. I did exactly what you suggested. I havent tested it yet but I will later tonight. If it works cool if not, then I plan on removing it for the time being. Its a cool addon but not necessary to have
  8. I just can't get BE to stfu about the revive. It seems to be working. I dont see anything in my RPT files about the mod missing something or not running properly. Basically close to the end of the revive animation players are kicked for that BE restriction #0 "antidupe" thing. Ive added it to the setVariable.txt file. Now last night I added that and some other things to the BE filters and lowered it from 7 to 1 just for those. Haven't tested it yet but I hope it works. Looks like a great mod that I believe everyone will love if I can get BE to stop being a douche about it. lol If anyone has suggestions please feel free to let me know. Open to trying anything.
  9. TheHoff_GGA

    Vehicle Rearm

    No I don't. Don't have Apex DLC and not going to buy it unless its on sale in the next major steam sale.
  10. TheHoff_GGA

    Vehicle Rearm

    haha alright. Im going to play with it some more tonight. Might be able to work something out. Though I think it was using the classname for the building object that the gas station pump sits under for refueling. Im trying to get refuel options for helipads. All that I can see on them is repair and rearm which work great. But that gas station object is separate from this script. Its just auto refuel and not actually apart of the script. Though perhaps it could be lol **NOTE** This does not refuel. Going to try and make an sqf for refuel though. If I get it working right I will post it for those who want it
  11. TheHoff_GGA

    Vehicle Rearm

    Is it automatic refueling? Or is the refueling triggered when you select repair?
  12. TheHoff_GGA

    Vehicle Rearm

    Mod is cool and all but I wish there was a refuel option in it as well. I am working on getting that using scripts made by the same dude but they were originally made for epoch / dayz. Will take some time
  13. TheHoff_GGA

    WildAnnie's Traders Napf

    So I was able to get this installed but sadly I can't load into the server unless I disable battleye. If I enable it I keep getting a BattlEye: Script Restriction #7 So naturally I added the above restriction to the scripts file *see below* Even though the above is added to the scripts I still get kicked with the exact same restriction without fail. Any help would be amazing. I feel like I am within arms reach of this crap working so I can start adding mods to the server finally. lol
  14. TheHoff_GGA

    Steam authentication failed

    Alright everyone. I may have fixed my problems with getting stuck on the loading screen but now I have another problem. Anytime I or anyone else tries to join my dedicated server we get kicked. The message is shown below. I have tried to join other exile mod servers and have no trouble at all so its something to do with my server. Though I can't figure out what. Any help would be awesome. "You were kicked off the game. Steam authentication failed"
  15. TheHoff_GGA

    Loading into Game Issue

    Just trying to load into my server. Gets stuck at the following screen then eventually error / times out