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  1. Caatalyst

    Wanted to get back into Exile. I can't.

    So strange... this server will not appear in the arma 3 vanilla launcher for me.
  2. Caatalyst

    Wanted to get back into Exile. I can't.

    Couldn't even find that server. Best one i can recommend for the classic Exile feel is Cold War Kidz. I just tried to give it another go but unfortunately the current admin is running it solo and seems to have vanished form the discord which is their only communication platform. They don't have a forum / site or anything. It's so sad. I wish there was a popular server that was just that classic Exile experience without all the overkill armed vehicles and that had a descent respect system.
  3. Caatalyst

    Wanted to get back into Exile. I can't.

    There is a server i have been playing on a bit btw. I suspect you will like it given your requirements which are similar to mine. It's called Cold War Kidz. The only problem with it is that the original admin left and the guy who took over is mostly AFK and for some reason is reluctant to take on additional mods and admins to monitor and support the community. They have their own discord but i can't get the link for some reason. It was full most of the time when i first joined and now it seems to be about 50% full during peak hours. Other than that, there isn't a great deal other than Dayz hardcore or full militarised.
  4. Caatalyst

    Wanted to get back into Exile. I can't.

    This is my problem as well! I tried most of the highest ranking servers and they are all militarised and easy mode setups. Half of them strip the respect system out completely. It's so sad because they have pretty much become nothing more than King of the hill with base raiding... except bases and raiding are pointless because you can bank all you want at trader and buy anything you need from trader. I just don't get it and why proper Exile died. I'm also sick to death of cherno. What happened to Takistan and Esseker!?
  5. Caatalyst

    Server Setup Question

    Hello Everyone, Hopefully this thread is in the right section! I'm curious about setting up an Exile server and just wondered how folks generally do it. I've been playing on Exile servers for quite some time and I know exactly how I want it to be setup. The problem is, I don't have the slightest clue how to set it up like adding mods, balancing the content etc... I just wondered is this ever part of a server provider setup? Or is there somewhere you can hire DEVs to help get it all set up? Cheers,
  6. Caatalyst

    Family Sizes

    Hello, Is it possible to restrict the sizes of families?
  7. Caatalyst

    How Exile is going?

    It's a pretty big deal. They are finally going beta and with that comes base building and full mod support a long with completely revamped character controls and animations. This opens up a lot of possibilities for the game and the community. Also, while they haven't given a launch date he has said it won't be long now so expect to see it drop experimental this year at the very least.
  8. Caatalyst

    [SOLVED] Dayz - Exile

    Apparently the next update that drops will have full modding. I was curious because Fusion i'm guessing is an evolved version of the Arma engine so Arma modders might be able to pick it up quite easily?
  9. Caatalyst

    [SOLVED] Dayz - Exile

    Hey all, I'm sure everybody has been watching the gamescon footage. Apparently Dayz Beta is right around the corner with base building and FULL MOD support. Apparently everything can be done with scripts like Arma. I wonder if we will ever see Exile on the Dayz engine ;-)
  10. Oooh - Any teaser information you can provide? :-D
  11. Caatalyst

    PUBG - Exile mod

    You do realise that Arma 3 also isn't a survival game ha? It was also never a LIFE game. The community modded those things in. PUBG has all the same ingredients there as Arma although i definitely agree the combat / pace leans more to an arcade play style. Let's see what the PUBG community comes up with when modding drops then I guess.
  12. Caatalyst

    PUBG - Exile mod

    It's still very early days for PUBG but the dev has said he is very keen to see modding happen and support it. (He was an arma 3 modder). For those who haven't played it, the general handling of your character feels very much like arma. I guess time will tell what mods will come.
  13. Caatalyst

    PUBG - Exile mod

    Fair enough! just put it out there as exile is the best base building / raiding balance mod I've seen to date and I there are a lot of folks already itching to get on the modding tools to make a survival mod.
  14. Caatalyst

    PUBG - Exile mod

    The reason I say it is because the engine runs great already, loads less buggy than arma, more pretty graphics and with full modding support in the unreal engine I expect some great things could be done. I dont one understand you argument. That's like if arma 3 came out and somebody suggested making a dayz style mod and then saying "why would you add take away the military map missions and make a mod about base building and convicts". Isn't that the point of modding? You can do cool stuff and create new experiences...
  15. Caatalyst

    PUBG - Exile mod

    That's why you make a 'mod' to do those things. Just like they did for arma 3. The developers have already said that full modding support and tools will be released soon and they've already planned for a role playing game mode.