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  1. ~EL BARTO~

    Fix for Death Loop Bug/Spawn

    If i can remember correctly and understanding the posts here it is a sql problem that the value length from "hitpoints" are not enough. Go to ur db then to "player" and look there for "hitpoints"...change the length from ur entry to 1024. With that kind of change my players never had problems with the death / spawn in the ground loop
  2. ~EL BARTO~

    R3F - Fahrzeuge despawnen

    Noticed the same issue...but the fix should be baesd on a .sqf file we dont have in our system and is not complete to put it on like a custom .sqf file
  3. ~EL BARTO~

    1.0.4 Update: Pineapple

    I guess there is a way not to enable the vg if exad running perfect
  4. ~EL BARTO~

    GPS Toggle

    To be changed in ur "descrition.ext" file...showing here: http://www.exilemod.com/topic/24295-arma-176-bugs-megathread-read-the-rules/?page=2#comment-174746
  5. ~EL BARTO~

    Extended Base Mod

    I noticed no problems on my server since EBM update
  6. ~EL BARTO~

    How to set first person

    So i told u to read important posts here in the forum and learn what u are doing bro...no one could tell u every step to manage ur server correctly....u MUST learn to adminstrate ur server and the forum helps u in every direction u need
  7. ~EL BARTO~

    Server difficulty setting

    Sry, but its working
  8. ~EL BARTO~

    How to set first person

    Learning by doing bro....i guess u will get it if ur able to rent a server^^ But the mod is running perfectly so its a way for u to get the first person look Btw.: u can find EVERYTHING in the forum to nearly every theme...so its up to u to make ur job
  9. ~EL BARTO~

    Looking for experienced person to help on my new server.

    Its not custom...u should use the normal difficulty levels in exile
  10. ~EL BARTO~

    R3F Exile

    Yes Sir
  11. ~EL BARTO~

    How to set first person

    Then ur doing something wrong...its running perfectly
  12. ~EL BARTO~

    R3F Exile

    All u need is to edit the config.sqf file to ur liking
  13. ~EL BARTO~

    How to set first person

    I use this serverside mod from @kuplion and its running great: https://github.com/kuplion/Exile-Custom-Difficulty
  14. ~EL BARTO~

    Looking for experienced person to help on my new server.

    I just can say: learning by doing! Just try and get ur experience