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  1. WhiteBl00d

    Share with me the chernarus 2035

    was pretty easy and only some seconds of work to find a mission for chernarus 2035
  2. WhiteBl00d

    [solved] Moving dead player from safe zone.

    fn_preInit.sqf you find in your infistar pbo where you also have the config file also this was just a quick change i mad after i noticed this. i am sure this can be done better
  3. WhiteBl00d

    [solved] Moving dead player from safe zone.

    why not just disabling it? search in fn_preInit.sqf Line 622 for "Exile_Unit_Player" and change it to "Exile_Unit_Player1" all other stuff is still working for me and players can loot here body in safezone
  4. WhiteBl00d

    infistar failled to load

    pretty dead channel is awaken now from you ok i going and helping you really quick. @sandy4596 all what i can say from your log is that you need to set the servercommandpasswort and if you not missing others infistar will run. "<infiSTAR.de> 0 - TESTING IF serverCommandPassword IS SET PROPERLY" "<infiSTAR.de> 0 - serverCommandPassword NOT SET! [1000MS - 02-06-2018 03-36-10 - v92 - NoneYaBusiness - [""Arma 3"",""Arma3"",182,144710,""Stable"",true,""Windows"",""x86""]]" "<infiSTAR.de> 0 - serverCommandPassword in EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.hpp is []" "<infiSTAR.de> 0 - serverCommandPassword is defined in your servers config.cfg" "<infiSTAR.de> 0 - serverCommandPassword has to be set it in EXILE_AHAT_CONFIG.hpp where it says serverCommandPassword = ""changeme"";" "<infiSTAR.de> 0 - serverCommandPassword FILE: [a3_infiSTAR_Exile\fn_preInit.sqf]" "<infiSTAR.de> 0 - serverCommandPassword LINE: [1484]" "<infiSTAR.de> 0 - infiSTAR will NOT START if passwords are not set properly!"
  5. WhiteBl00d

    PBO file encryption method

    i guess there is the old obfuscate included, for the 5€ you get obfusqf 2.0 correct me if i am wrong 没问题
  6. WhiteBl00d

    PBO file encryption method

    the only way i know is https://obfusqf.com/ but it cost you money monthly. you can't open the file without trouble and you can only use the pbo with the sever key
  7. WhiteBl00d

    Cant off active radars , please help!

    In your mission.pbo open the description.ext and search showHUD[] = { true, // Scripted HUD (same as showHUD command) true, // Vehicle + soldier info true, // Vehicle radar true, // Vehicle compass true, // Tank direction indicator false, // Commanding menu false, // Group Bar true, // HUD Weapon Cursors true // Vehicle Panel (Required for GPS) }; here you should be able to change it.
  8. WhiteBl00d

    Restart Sound

    In the onload.sqf file you got in the 5 line this: playSound ["air_raid", true]; "air_raid" is the sound. You can use the sound file just by name from arma or you add some sound with your description.ext in your mission file. little example for the description: class CfgSounds { sounds[] = {}; class restart { name = "restart"; sound[] = {"\addons\restart_warning.ogg", 0.5, 1}; titles[] = {}; }; }; in my example you have to change the line now to playSound ["restart", true];
  9. WhiteBl00d

    Restart Sound

    You can use infistar.de for the messages, sound and the shutdown. Or you can use this script for messages and sound
  10. WhiteBl00d

    [Done] ExtDb3 Compatibility with Exile

    same. no territory is saved in the database that has now been placed https://ghostbin.com/paste/egddb
  11. WhiteBl00d

    ZBot - BE Rcon Discord Bot

    @MetalHead can you name me one please?
  12. WhiteBl00d

    v88 Issues with 2 new files

    okay for me it is working now also. the problem was that i had "infiSTAR_defines.hpp" on the bottom everyone that is getting the same error and you can't find any multiple entries check if you have entered the 4 files like this #include "CfgRemoteExec.hpp" #include "infiSTAR_defines.hpp" #include "infiSTAR_AdminMenu.hpp" #include "infiSTAR_chat.hpp"
  13. WhiteBl00d

    v88 Issues with 2 new files

    same for me changed all and checked it now 10 times and still get this error ErrorMessage: File mpmissions\__cur_mp.chernarus\infiSTAR_AdminMenu.hpp, line 24: /infiSTAR_AdminMenu.infi_LIST1500: Undefined base class 'RscListBox_infiSTAR'
  14. WhiteBl00d

    Extended Base Mod

    wow nice. i love the medkit, that's a nice idea you had there so if you update we will nothing loose? for me it is ready for release
  15. WhiteBl00d

    How to make server allowed to take tow ropes in safe zone

    SA_TOW_IN_EXILE_SAFEZONE_ENABLED = true; i have this in my init.sqf from the mission.pbo