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  1. ]V[ȭngoʃïan Σagle ]-[unter

    [Release] CUP AI Ship

    Hey Super Jerome, awesome work on this it's really a nice addition! I was trying to use this and adapt it onto the Kerama Islands map and some other maps, but I wanted to randomize the positioning of it from a list of predefined possible spawn positions. Unfortunately, trying to spawn it in via script is not working, as you stated it has to be in the SQM, right? Is there a way to have it pick a spawn position randomly from a list of locations when spawned in via the mission.sqm, or maybe some other way to spawn it via SQF? Thanks for your amazing work and help with this! UPDATE: Nevermind, I figured out a way to do it. Took some trial and error but here's how I was able to spawn the CUP LHD via script alone for those interested: private _object = "CUP_B_LHD_WASP_USMC_Empty" createVehicle [0,0,0]; _object setDir 180; // This is just a static position but you can randomize it easily using a predefined list of positions and selectRandom _object setPosASL [14568.725,10628.842,0]; //This is a positionASL somewhere in the ocean on Kerama Island, change this to a position you want [_object, false] call CUP_fnc_initShip; // This does the "magic" from what I could tell, couldn't get the ship to show up until I ran this function [_object] call CUP_fnc_removeShipWeapons; // Supposed to remove weapons from ship but it doesnt seem to work :/ _object enableSimulationGlobal true; _object allowDamage false; Update again: Just a warning, I've tried a number of things and I can't figure out how to disable the ship weapons like the CIWS and such. The removeShipWeapons function and the ATLAS_Official = true snippets don't seem to do it. So, word of warning, if you spawn this in, it will have active CIWS and anti-air/tank missile systems that shoot anyone who gets too close. Approaching by submarine underwater or not in a vehicle doesnt trigger the systems though.
  2. ]V[ȭngoʃïan Σagle ]-[unter

    retrieveVehicle Has Flawed Logic?

    For those using the id as the nickname in the database, I ran into some errors which I noticed on the clientside log files where the SQF was reading the the nickname as a number instead of as a string, and was causing some issues. If you migrated from previous ExAd Virtual Garage and are using the id as the nickname, you may run into these issues as well. I suggest doing the following to fix, use CONCAT(class,id) as the nickname for existing VG entries: This will set all vehicles stored in the virtual garage to have the nickname be the classname with their row id appended to the end. This way the name is unique, and it's not read as a number but as a string (This only affects vehicles who have their nickname set as the row id currently): UPDATE vehicle SET nickname=CONCAT(class,id) WHERE territory_id IS NOT NULL AND nickname=id; Just thought I'd post this as I came across this a while back and it solved the issues we were having with vehicles using id as nickname. Hope it helps someone.
  3. ]V[ȭngoʃïan Σagle ]-[unter

    retrieveVehicle Has Flawed Logic?

    So I unpacked the exile clientside files and was looking through them and there IS something in the clientside SQF that checks for a unique vehicle "nickname". See below: exile_client\code\ExileClient_gui_virtualGarageDialog_event_onConfirmButtonClicked.sqf: Line 68: _storedVehicles = _flag getVariable ["ExileTerritoryStoredVehicles", []]; Line 69: _count = {toLower(_x select 1) isEqualTo toLower(_nickName)} count _storedVehicles; Line 70: if (_count > 0) then Line 71: { Line 72: throw format["'%1' is already in use by another vehicle.", _nickName]; Line 73: }; Although, I still think it would be better to have this check serverside, or do this a diff way maybe. I updated my first post with the same info.
  4. ]V[ȭngoʃïan Σagle ]-[unter

    retrieveVehicle Has Flawed Logic?

    Yes, the other parts of ExAd are working for me as well, it's just the ExAd Xm8 Apps that require converting, like I said. The new format is much easier to create XM8 apps so it shouldn't be too hard. That thread @Spazz711 posted has good info on how to do it.
  5. ]V[ȭngoʃïan Σagle ]-[unter

    retrieveVehicle Has Flawed Logic?

    Use the query from the previous post to set all vehicles in virtual garages to have the nickname same as their row id, which is unique since it's the primary key. This is the best option if you have previous virtual garages and want to convert them. UPDATE `vehicle` SET `nickname`= id WHERE territory_id IS NOT NULL; I also noticed other issues with the new virtual garage and I'm still troubleshooting through them, I've had to make several changes to the two retrieveVehicle and storeVehicle scripts to get things working better, but it may cause other issues down the road I'm not sure yet. I saw on another thread that Janski has stopped working on ExAd and the old ExAd apps, including virtual garage, will just not work with the new way they coded the XM8 in 1.0.4. So, it's up to us to try and convert those ExAd apps into the new format. I'm going to give it a shot soon as I have time, but still working through this update just to get it playable on our Production server.
  6. ]V[ȭngoʃïan Σagle ]-[unter

    retrieveVehicle Has Flawed Logic?

    Hey, Yeah that is a good temp fix for ppl with existing vehicle garages. I've also changed the SQL for storeVehicle slightly so that it always uses the id as the nickname, to avoid issues and basically rendering the nickname pointless for now until a better fix comes along. exile.ini: -Changed nickname = id -Changed number of inputs from 3 to 2 [storeVehicle] SQL1_1 = UPDATE vehicle SET territory_id = ?, nickname = id, last_updated_at = NOW() WHERE id = ? ;;SQL1_1 = UPDATE vehicle SET territory_id = ?, nickname = ?, last_updated_at = NOW() WHERE id = ? Number of Inputs = 2 SQL1_INPUTS = 1,2 And changed the SQF in the following file a bit: exile_server\code\ExileServer_object_vehicle_network_storeVehicleRequest.sqf: Line 97: //format["storeVehicle:%1:%2:%3", _flagObject getVariable ["ExileDatabaseID", -1], _nickname, _vehicleObject getVariable ["ExileDatabaseID", -1]] call ExileServer_system_database_query_fireAndForget; Line 98: format["storeVehicle:%1:%2", _flagObject getVariable ["ExileDatabaseID", -1], _vehicleObject getVariable ["ExileDatabaseID", -1]] call ExileServer_system_database_query_fireAndForget;
  7. ]V[ȭngoʃïan Σagle ]-[unter

    retrieveVehicle Has Flawed Logic?

    Hey, So I've been migrating my server files to the new 1.0.4 and reviewing lots of code line by line and have noticed a few things that I think could be an issue for a lot of people going forward. The biggest thing I'm concerned with at the moment is how the new Virtual Garage system fetches and retrieves vehicles. I noticed that they added this new column "nickname" to the vehicle table and are using this to identify stored vehicles. However, this is a bad way to do this because the new nickname field is not unique in the database, and there is nothing in the serverside SQF code to prevent multiple vehicles with the same nickname being stored into the virtual garage. If someone stores multiple vehicles with the same nickname, then when they go to fetch the vehicle they will always get the first one in the table. See below what I mean: exile.ini: storeVehicle UPDATE vehicle SET territory_id = ?, nickname = ?, last_updated_at = NOW() exile.ini: retrieveVehicle UPDATE vehicle SET territory_id = NULL, last_updated_at = NOW(), nickname = '' WHERE id = ? exile.ini: confirmVehicleOwnership SELECT id, territory_id FROM vehicle WHERE nickname = ? exile_server\code\ExileServer_object_vehicle_network_retrieveVehicleRequest.sqf line 33: _vehicleInfo = format["confirmVehicleOwnership:%1", _nickname] call ExileServer_system_database_query_selectSingle; line 34: if !((_vehicleInfo select 1) isEqualTo _territoryID) then line 35: { line 36: throw "Vehicle does not belong to this territory!"; line 37: }; ... line 64: format["retrieveVehicle:%1", _vehicleInfo select 0] call ExileServer_system_database_query_fireAndForget; You can see the confirmVehicleOwnership fetches based on the non-unique 'nickname' column, and only does query_selectSingle so it's only going to get the first row returned, at best, or maybe even break completely if multiples rows are returned, not sure on this exactly. But I really think someone should re-think this and do this in a different way, because this is guaranteed to cause problems for lots of people going forward. Also, it's a bit disappointing that the new virtual garage doesnt show what's in the stored vehicles inventories like the ExAd one does. Showing this somewhere would be nice. I migrated from the old ExAd Virtual Garage and i'm having some issues fetching vehicles that I know I should be able to fetch, they have the correct territory_id and the database entry looks correct, but when I try to fetch them it says "Vehicle does not belong to this territory!" and I can't figure out why. I've commented out lines 34-37 in that retrieveVehicleRequest.sqf file for now, just to get around that issue, but I'm still troubleshooting other issues. Just thought I should post this to hopefully help some others out there who may be struggling. Just my 2cents. Feel free to chime in with any ideas on how to fix this, or if I'm wrong and this will never be a problem for anyone please tell me how. UPDATE 2018-03-12: So I unpacked the exile clientside files and was looking through them and there IS something in the clientside SQF that checks for a unique vehicle "nickname". See below: exile_client\code\ExileClient_gui_virtualGarageDialog_event_onConfirmButtonClicked.sqf: Line 68: _storedVehicles = _flag getVariable ["ExileTerritoryStoredVehicles", []]; Line 69: _count = {toLower(_x select 1) isEqualTo toLower(_nickName)} count _storedVehicles; Line 70: if (_count > 0) then Line 71: { Line 72: throw format["'%1' is already in use by another vehicle.", _nickName]; Line 73: }; Although, I still think it would be better to have this check serverside, or do this a diff way maybe.
  8. ]V[ȭngoʃïan Σagle ]-[unter

    [SOLVED] Guy spawned a lot of money

    Hello, I just had one of these same guys come on my server and use exploits/cheating. I think they did the same thing you mentioned because the guy joined, and within 3 hours he duped a bunch of items and sold them to boost his respect and money, then bought a drone and was going around causing grief. I confirmed this by looking in the ExtDB logs and seeing one purchase of a Special Purpose Helmet, and then he sold it 10times within a few minutes. I did a Google search for his UID and found this post. Here's his info, I advise anyone reading this with a server to ban him: Bicebs d2c0c744e62febb5f1a562a8326558bf UID=76561198104033742 Hope this helps someone!
  9. ]V[ȭngoʃïan Σagle ]-[unter

    KSVK Zeroing Maxes at 1km?

    Ahh, gotcha. Thanks for answering!
  10. ]V[ȭngoʃïan Σagle ]-[unter

    KSVK Zeroing Maxes at 1km?

    Does anyone else have this issue or have any input? Is there a way we can change the zeroing for certain rifles/scopes without modifying clientside mod files?
  11. ]V[ȭngoʃïan Σagle ]-[unter

    -~=[AWG Kilo]=~- Exile DayZ

    AWG Kilo Server (ArmA 3 Exile Altis) Hostname: Kilo.AWG.io Port: 2402 Server name: -~=[AWG Kilo]=~- Exile DayZ awg.io/howtojoin |BASES|REVIVE|GARAGE|AI|ZEDS|CLAIM|EBM|DMS|XM8 AWGames.net | www.AnzusWarGames.info AWG.io Use this link to join the server directly: steam://connect/kilo.awg.io:2403 The only mods required to join are: ExileMod Zombies and Demons CUP Weapons, CUP Units, CUP Vehicles Extended Base Mod CBA A3 TRYK Uniforms all of which can be obtained through the Steam Workshop with the exception of ExileMod, or through A3Launcher, which will download and install the mods for you. Here's where you can download the mods needed to join our Exile server: Mod Downloads: Download from ExileMod's official website: http://www.exilemod.com/downloads/ Download via A3Launcher's Mods tab: http://a3launcher.com/ (Once installed, click Mods and search for Exile and Ryan's Zombies, etc., subscribe to all) See below for some of the customizations our Exile server has: + Zombies and demons (they spawn most places, except trader zones!) + Most Wanted Bounty system (Set a bounty on an enemy player!) + Advanced Towing, Slingloading, and Rappelling (realistic physics, very cool). + All weapons and gear available (Including DLC and Apex gear, Marksmen, Jets, etc.) + Modified loot spawns (more loot spawns in more places, but not too much). + Custom missions and side objectives (Bandit heists, shipwrecks, town invasions, and more!) + Extra vehicle spawns (More vehicles will spawn in more places, you won't have to walk far unless you want to). + More custom scripts and mods to come! (We try to keep client-side mods to a minimum, but we're always looking for new stuff to add to make the game more enjoyable!) + Claim vehicles using a code lock! + Increased respect limits to encourage long-term game play. + Active admins who are helpful and will regulate. + Virtual Garages to store vehicles safely. + ExAd system, including GUI overhaul, extra XM8 Apps, and more! + Adjust View Distance via XM8. + Pay protection money from laptops deployed at your base! + Epic Base Building capabilities! + Bonus items, weapons, and vehicles available (for the right amount of poptabs)! + Ongoing mission development and customization.
  12. ]V[ȭngoʃïan Σagle ]-[unter

    KSVK Zeroing Maxes at 1km?

    Hey, I noticed the KSVK recently added only zeroes to a maximum of 1km, even with the LRPS, Kahlia, AMS, TWS MG, etc. The description on the gun says it can go well over 2km. So, why the discrepancy? I'm running Exile, CUP Weapons, CUP Units, CUP Vehicles, Zombies and Demons, Extended Base Mod, Enhanced Movement, Advanced Urban Rappelling, CBA A3, JSRS. Sorry if this has been answered already, I did search to try and find an answer. I saw this post, but there is no clear answer as to whether this was something that was supposedly fixed, or it's meant to be this way, or if it was something else...
  13. ]V[ȭngoʃïan Σagle ]-[unter

    [SOLVED] $50 USD to get my server DB's backup working. (PayPal)

    If you were able to restore the DB backup and it's showing correctly in the database, then it is probably an issue with something in the mission or config files. Double check your extDB2 .ini files specifically the database config section. Since it's restarting every hour, maybe the script-based auto-restart is enabled? I believe that is in your mission file's config.cpp or the exile_server_config.