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  1. SeniorFight

    Status bar - For those that need it quick!

    Alright... didn't want to launch my entire server and stuff for a single screenshot but since you ask for it ;/ can't refuse to you.
  2. (Just started my server to make a screenshot on-demand, and the plane that was on top of my base decided to explode for no reason... ty arma 3) Download: installation: Install addons folder to your mission pbo in mpmissions/ Add the following line at the very end of your initPlayerLocal.sqf inside the mission pbo: [] execVM "addons\statusbar\statusbar.sqf" Add the following lines at the very end of your description.ext inside the mission pbo: class RscTitles { #include "addons\statusbar\statusbar.hpp" }; If you want a background go to addons/statusbar/statusbar.hpp and uncomment the line with colorBackground[] = { 0, 0, 0, 0.4 } and change it to whatever you want (RGBA) Hope it helps somebody, it's my custom statusbar, at least it works and tested. Enjoy.
  3. Awesome dude! Can't wait for the guide to end uploading! ^^ I'm having a lot of trouble making the server work... This guide must help me like for the last version ^^
  4. SeniorFight

    [Release] Exile Occupation (Roaming AI) & More - updated 2019-01-23

    But Rynan's Zombies from WEST will try to kill any living being, or ignore survivors? If yes, does Exile-Z 2 fixes that maybe or is there an option in DMS for that?
  5. SeniorFight

    [Release] Exile Occupation (Roaming AI) & More - updated 2019-01-23

    Thanks man! Apperciated. So i don't need to set anything, bots will still integrate with the Ray's mod right? Wasn't sure if they will attack zombies too or will get confused and zombies will attack them with no reply...
  6. SeniorFight

    [Release] Exile Occupation (Roaming AI) & More - updated 2019-01-23

    Hey there just wondering, will this work with Ray's Zombies and Demons? Appreciated!