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  1. This tiny adjustment allowes you to limit the numbers of specific items per territory. Ive noticed EBM has some, way to huge, objects that players can build. This allowes people to build incredibly stupid bases with over 20 militairy towers for instance. In config.cpp CfgExileCustomCode add the following: ExileClient_util_world_canBuildHere = "custom\buildlimit\ExileClient_util_world_canBuildHere.sqf"; ExileServer_object_construction_network_buildConstructionRequest = "custom\buildlimit\ExileServer_object_construction_network_buildConstructionRequest.sqf"; Create the following 2 files in custom\buildlimit\: ExileClient_util_world_canBuildHere.sqf ExileServer_object_construction_network_buildConstructionRequest.sqf
  2. Ambu5h

    Battle Royale Spawn Aircraft

    Hereby i present to you all an idea ive had for well over a year. Wondered why noone else ever made this, quickly figured out its never as easy as it seems. Had to keep it on hold for a while, but for now most bugs seem to be worked out. BATTLE ROYALE SPAWNING FOR EXILE. What does it do? It creates an aircraft of choice on server startup. Then has it fly a specific route on cycle. It disables damage to this aircraft. Players that are in an exile family will get the option to spawn at "Aircraft". (It has to be families-only due to some AI 'bugs?' when non family members join the plane). This will place them inside the aircraft with multiple parachutes inside it (different kinds to give them options to chose from). Players can then decide for themselves when they want to eject from the aircraft. So they can wait untill they are closest to their base or last location of death. Options Change the type of aircraft that should be used to drop off players. You can set your own route for the aircraft to fly on any map. Set only 1 waypoint to have the plane circle that specific area. But this kind of beats the purpose of this script, set 2 waypoints to have him fly back and forth. You can set the speed it should fly on. ("LIMITED", "NORMAL", "FULL") You can set the type of aircraft and its constant fly height. The height should be well above 800m to prevent AI with AA missiles from locking on and wasting ammo. Keep the same aproximate height in mind when setting the waypoints. FILES: spawncraft.sqf - (This script spawns the aircraft and pilot) ExileServer_object_player_createBambi.sqf - This is where the player gets put into the aircraft when that spawn option is selected. ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_show.sqf - This is where the spawn option is added to the spawn location list. ExileServer_object_player_network_hasPlayerRequest.sqf - Create or merge this file if you already have one. ExileClient_object_player_network_hasPlayerResponse.sqf - Create or merge this file if you already have one. INSTALLATION: 1. Create all of the files above and place them in your mission file. In a location of your choice. 2. Add an ExileSpawnZone named "Aircraft" in your mission.sqm. { position[] = {8000, 1, 8000}; name="Aircraft"; text="Aircraft"; markerType="ELLIPSE"; type="ExileSpawnZone"; colorName="ColorBlack"; alpha=0; fillName="SolidBorder"; a = 5; b = 5; drawBorder=0; atlOffset=0; }; 3. In either description.ext or config.cpp of you mission file create or overwrite the following classes: class CfgNetworkMessages { class hasPlayerResponse { module="object_player"; parameters[]= { "BOOL", "BOOL" }; }; }; 4. Goto your config.cpp in your missionfile and add the following custom overwrites: ExileClient_object_player_network_hasPlayerResponse = "<Your-Folder>\ExileClient_object_player_network_hasPlayerResponse.sqf"; ExileServer_object_player_network_hasPlayerRequest = "<Your-Folder>\ExileServer_object_player_network_hasPlayerRequest.sqf"; ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_show = "<Your-Folder>\ExileClient_gui_selectSpawnLocation_show.sqf"; ExileServer_object_player_createBambi = "<Your-Folder>\ExileServer_object_player_createBambi.sqf"; 5. Go into init.sqf (or create one if you dont have one yet) and add the following line: [] execVM "<Your-Folder>\spawncraft.sqf"; 6. Make sure all your paths and references are correct. If you add your files in a folder inside your missionfile. Make sure your overwrites section is also refering to the proper location. 7. Compile mission file... Start server... Login... Create family... Die... Select Aircraft... Fly around. SIDE NOTE: I have been testing this with 2 players at most, trying to get it to break. The families used to be a problem but dont seem to couse any issues anymore (since its disabled for non family players). However i have not been able to test this in a high population envoirment with multiple families and groups spawning at the same time. If you have a decent population and want to use this, please send me a PM so i can join and keep an eye out for bugs or issues that i was not able to find myself. Help request: The limitation to Family's is due to the AI pilots stopping at their next waypoint if someone is not in a family and gets put into the aircraft. (disableAI "WAYPOINT_STOP"; doesnt help) This is probably related to the reactions of AI to units with different groups being placed in their vehicle. What im guessing is that the AI automatically tries to land and unload but disableAI does not have any affect on this what so ever. If anyone with more experience with AI can help me out with this i might be able to enable the spawn option for any player. Huge thanks to @Andrew_S90 for helping me out sorting out the network messages needed for fixing the family issue. I learned something there, that was a good day. UPDATE - 12 June 2017: - Fixed issue with players spawning dead in the aircraft. Updated createBambi.sqf - Fixed plane running out of fuel. Updated spawncraft.sqf
  3. Ambu5h

    Advanced Train Simulator (ATS)

    Great mod! works awesome! Just one issue that i found. Some trains explode on server load. When you get in and ATS is loaded it just spawns back as intact and works fine. Minor thing but bit annoying. Removed the one's that exploded on server load and its all good now. Second thing, if someone uses a train and sets it to cruise control it will just keep going when they jump out. Now when that train reaches a station or other cart and cant go no further it will lag up the client and server FPS big time. (Went down to 15 FPS when within 1500m of the station the train crashed into). It will just keep throtteling into the barrier/traincart and crash the whole lot. (No issues as soon as you move away tho). Perhaps an option that disables the CC when no player is inside the locomotive? Or a disable CC when a certain type of track has been passed/station has been reached.
  4. Ambu5h

    Enhanced Movement Mod in Exile (Working!)

    Got the same problem. Mole/TP simulator. Noticed a difference between normal V and forward+V. Forward+V often still throws you around but usually it ends up in the right spot (unless blocked by another object). If you only press V, 90% of the time youll end up where you started or further back. Also alignment with the target object, and the postition where you try to climb onto the object also makes a difference. On Tanoa you can climb just fine across all of the roof's in the cities and the objects on top of those, only objects near ground level give this bug what ive seen so far. I also notices that some of the trains i placed in the editor (Advanced Train Simulator) seem to suddenly glitch around and explode on server load. Which never happened before. I think something with a getPos function is a bit offset against how it used to be which could cause both issues. Raised the trains up a tiny bit, and snapped to terrain level/orientation (which i did in the first place) and it works fine now. Might be related to the same issue.
  5. Ambu5h

    ALIAS Waterfall's for Exile

    All credits go to ALIAS for creating the base of this script! I mearly improvised, adapted and overcame. Waterfall's Steam Workshop Page A while back i tried adding in ALIAS Cartoons waterfalls script into exile. Unfortunately for exile it wasnt as straight forward as his tutorial's made it look. So, after detoxing from PUBG and smoking some fresh batches of ARMA 3 i decided to give it another try. And here it is, modified his scripts a tiny bit and added a file for easy modification's and management of multiple waterfall's and waterfall bases. 1. Create a folder named custom\waterfall\ in your Mission.pbo 2. Add this to Init.sqf (if you dont have this file, just create it) [] execVM "custom\waterfall\waterfall_init.sqf"; 3. Add this to description.ext make sure to merge the class CfgSounds with the one you already have. (ie: just add class cascada to class CfgSounds) class CfgSounds { sounds[] = {}; class cascada { name = "cascada"; sound[] = {"\custom\waterfall\cascada.ogg", 0.9, 1}; titles[] = {1, ""}; }; }; 4. In the waterfall's folder create the following files: cascada.ogg This can be downloaded from the original mod, if you want you can replace this with your own sounds. waterfall_init.sqf (configured for Tanoa) al_waterfall.sqf al_spring_base.sqf KNOWN ISSUES and NOTES: 1. Z Location (starting height) is defined from sea level, not from terrain level. Use "diag_log getPositionASL player;" in the debug window to get the propper coordinates. 2. Hiding the object doesnt work at this point. I tried both hideObject and hideSelection but both didnt work. 3. This script could be quite a bit simpler at this point, feel free to improve and ill update it.
  6. Nevermind, my bad. Preset wasnt saved and E.I.E. loaded in instead of .E.S.P.
  7. Ive added your mod to my server! Great stuff! High as a kite right now -.- However ive added all the items to the traders and none of the icons seem to pop up at the trader lists. All objects show up as blanks, do i need to include the images folder in my mission file or is there something wrong atm? The prices are showing up but no icons or names of the objects come up. I can spawn them in perfectly, or have them spawn in crates aswell.
  8. Ambu5h

    Hellfire for admins

    Few years back i was looking at some youtube videos of a guy called PeterOnXBoXIn720i or something like that. This admin came up in a lovely demonspawn outfit surrounded by fire. I figured it would look awesome to just show up next to a player asking an admin to come and help him. And then just show up and be like "What do you want mere mortal!?" What it does: This script check for username's and his current outfit and if both matches it spawns fire (just below) the admin. By using infistars shift+4 and shift+5 (fly up and TP +10m forward) you can also become a commet at night. Create a file hellfire.sqf somewhere in your mission file and copy the following code into it. Change both ADMIN1 and ADMIN2 to the ingame usernames of your admins. Change U_B_Soldier_VR to which ever uniform you like to associate it with. (This combination looks awesome tho). Goto init.sqf and add the following line: [] execVM "<YOUR CUSTOM PATH>\hellfire.sqf"; Known problems: 1. KEEP GODMODE ON, if you turn it off youll burn to death. 2. For this same reason, stay a bit away from players as they will burn with you. Also, dont walk into their base with this fire turned on. If you stand on the second floor the fire will rage on the first floor. (it spawns it -2 meters below you to make it look better). 3. When you change back to another outfit the flame only gets detached. It doesnt disappear. Tried fixing this but does not work. So when your done burning in hell, go somewhere remote and switch clothes to avoid smokeplumes everywhere. Edit: Script cleaned up and debugged.
  9. Ambu5h

    Battle Royale Spawn Aircraft

    Actually that might be a great idea to try. When ive got some time off from my newly found job ill take a look at this. This will however require another file with a getOut trigger which sets the players back to their families. Already had this working while testing but not with the creation of a bambi family. Only issue i can see with this is that all those players are then in the same family and thus the same chat. Which in term will create a load of shouting, screaming, obscene words and unimaginable idiocracy. Thank you... +1!
  10. Ambu5h

    Battle Royale Spawn Aircraft

    My original idea was indeed to replace the helo spawn with this spawn. However the AI will start landing/evasing or other wierd behaviour. Been testing and testing for hours trying to get it to work. Tried switching the player and AI pilot into a new group. Doesnt work. Switch only the player to the pilots group and back to his own. Does work either. Only family members seem to not trigger weird behaviour unfortunately :/.
  11. Ambu5h

    Battle Royale Spawn Aircraft

    Ahh yes, that was one thing i overlooked. Im using roaming boats aswell (custom script) and i use another custom script that scrolls through all the AI units and refuel's their vehicles every 30 minutes. There for i did not have this problem. Gonna test adding your waituntill function now. Also i noticed a bug where you sometimes die instantly when being move into the aircraft... need a allowdamage false; -> true; for that aswell. Update comming in an hour or so. UPDATED!
  12. Ambu5h

    Battle Royale Spawn Aircraft

    I do tend to fly high sometimes but that doesnt have anything to do with aircraft im afraid ^.^.
  13. Ambu5h

    Battle Royale Spawn Aircraft

    done and tested.
  14. Ambu5h

    Battle Royale Spawn Aircraft

    Copy that, ill edit them out in a moment.
  15. Ambu5h

    Request if family or not

    Im trying to get my Aircraft spawning to work reliably. Only way to do this is to only allow players in families to be able to spawn there. (if player without a family spawn in the aircraft the AI pilot derps out and stops flying through its waypoints). How do i request the current family from a player object? In createBambi.sqf i found this part: _clanData = missionNamespace getVariable [format ["ExileServer_clan_%1",_clanID],[]]; But this requires a _clanID which i do not have access to from selectSpawnLocation_show.sqf (or not in a way that i know off). It needs to check if the player (_bambiPlayer variable) is in a family, and if so... Add the spawn option.
  16. Quick question. I was thinking of giving exilez (original) an update to your version. However, im missing a setting that might be possible to implement but isnt at the moment and severely limits the use of exilez. In the main config: MinSpawnDistance = 75; // Closest distance from any player to spawn a zombie. MaxSpawnDistance = 175; // Max distance a zombie should spawn from a player. Now i turn on herrassing zombies. Dont have them roam around. They spawn normaly and do what they are suppose to do. Now i want to turn the Tanoa Ruins into a zombpocalypse. So i make a trigger for that location, set the amount of zombies to something rediculous. The problem that im having now is that the spawn distance setting is the same for every type of zombie. Trigger / Herrassing / Horde they all spawn at the same distance. (Inside the rocks or outside the actual ruins in this case). Might it be possible to either add a min/max distance to each trigger? Or add a seperate option, overwriting the original max/min, to herrassing and hordes? EDIT: Just took a look at the code. In spawnzombie.sqf: // Try 5 times to get a valid position near the given position for "_i" from 1 to 5 do { //Get random position if !(count _position == 0) then { _TempPosition = [_position,MinSpawnDistance,_MaxSpawnDistance] call GetRandomLocation; }; //Validate location _validLocation = [_TempPosition,_avoidTerritory] call VerifyLocation; if (_validLocation) exitWith {_validLocation}; sleep 0.05; }; _position = _TempPosition; Could add a integer to this part to parse if its trigger or herrassing based. And adjust distance from there. Figured i could do this. But i can guarantee it will look like shit and its better left for you guys to improve. Both for OCD's sake and for the communities sake :p.
  17. Ambu5h

    1.0.3 Custom Loot Table Hotfix

    Ohh yeah.. tried doing that aswell. On Taunus my game crashed instantly, also it gives an error when trying to writing it to disk. Also youll have alot more floating loot with the autogenerate function.
  18. Ambu5h

    1.0.3 Custom Loot Table Hotfix

    Yep, thats the one i was using aswell.
  19. Ambu5h

    1.0.3 Custom Loot Table Hotfix

    I..... ehm..... cant believe i didnt think of that sooner. Thx.. i can imagine that being a huge tip!
  20. Ambu5h

    1.0.3 Custom Loot Table Hotfix

    Yeah same story here. Been up for nights doing loot tables. And now... i lost it -.- Doesnt always work for every building. Idk why exacly this is but the barracks/offices have different rotations/height or something. Copying the coordinates doesnt always correspond. Which is why i needed to do my own lootpositions on Taunus. Either way... loot tables first... checking for empty buildings second... fixing loot types per building type third... tweaking loot type percentages forth... Cya in a month -.- Thx for the feedback tho
  21. Ambu5h

    1.0.3 Custom Loot Table Hotfix

    Cheers mate, done that. Found what i already knew tho... Would be nice if the default loot table from Exile would include a couple more buildings imo. For instance the patrol/militairy towers or the barracks/offices. At this moment only one or 2 of them are implemented. But not all types of them. (Broken/green/brown/beige/camo/worn) Ive done this recently but lost the files somehow. Also, i setup a Taunus server just for exploring purposes and half of those buildings dont spawn any loot. The officers barracks, airport hangers, and basically ALL of the, non-enterable, chernarus town buildings. Ive been fixing this with the loot pos creator and managed fairly well but sometimes the loot kept floating even though the spot is set properly. So if i wanted to include ALL buildings from say... esseker/chernarus/tanoa/takistan (and malden in a month) its going to take me weeks to debug them all. Might be usefull if someone with propper merging experience merges config's from those 4 (or 5) maps and puts them in the default exile loot table. That way, people dont have to do both the loot positions for each building and the loot types-amounts and percentages.
  22. Ambu5h

    1.0.3 Custom Loot Table Hotfix

    Reading through the topic to gain knowledge about known issues and problems i might run into when redoing my loottables for 1.0.3. This was exacly my thought when going through the first 4 pages. o.0
  23. Ambu5h

    Addon 'exsounds' requires addon 'CASounds'

    Had this aswell. Try including CUP Maps / CUP Core That fixed it for me i think.
  24. Ambu5h

    USS Freedom with Traders Altis

    Make sure the HelipadEmty used for detecting the spawn location for vehicles isnt more then 50 meters away and also atleast 10m away from any objects. If you place your trader in the middle of the carrier and your helipad besides the carrier it might be to far away from the trader.