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    Your biggest screwup

    As the title says. Share your biggest fuckups for general lulz. I'll start with a recent even: I come back to my character deep in the bush and go on a mission, not remembering I have 25k poptabs in my inventory that I was going to return. I get shot. Next, I go to buy a helicopter for 17k, but I forgot the Taru is part of the DLC which I don't have. Okay, that's fine, I have some spare money, I rationalize as I'm close to throwing my keyboard out of the window. I take the boat back and collect more money for a helicopter that fits my needs. As I'm driving the boat back, I suddenly hit a raised spot in the water and instantly explode via propeller contact into a rock. 25k lost. At this point I'm so mad that I don't even react. To top it off, an Ifrit steal spawned RIGHT next to my base, so even if I was to get the helicopter, I'd probably get shot on the way to my base to park it. Beat that. I'm sure many will.