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  1. Mr_Americanto

    How To Add Vehicle Skins to Vehicle Customs

    Hey I'm not sure if you will be notified about this comment on your topic, but I am running the RHS mods and when I open up the .pbos I cannot find the .ccp file you are talking about. Is it only rhs? -Edit I just checked and this seems to be the case. For some reason RHS doesn't have the config.ccp file that you talked about. Any help would be great!
  2. Mr_Americanto

    HELP NEED! Loot not spawning on Taunus (Fresh install & DB) 1.0.3

    I too have a server hosted by Wombat Servers. Now I could be totally wrong because I didn't want to read the rpt, but if Tanus has it's own CUSTOM buildings, you may need to make your own loot spawns for those buildings. Also Crazy Mike is really good so use me as a backup opinion.
  3. Mr_Americanto

    Rearm Script

    He made a new Post with the download of the finished product (Just a FYI)
  4. Mr_Americanto

    Exile 3DEN Plugin

    Okay I think I have found the answers to everyone's prayers. If the devs would like everyone to stop their questions/bitching, why can't they themselves (or someone else) MAKE A VIDEO from start to finish, (with moderate depth in the sense that people still need to figure out small things), and show all of us how to place a storage box, a trader, ambient object, and zone. Then, show everyone how to export these things into the mission and finally the end product of an ACTUAL WORKING mission file. Sound great? someone get to work. love - Dr. Reaper
  5. Mr_Americanto

    Making a map with 3DEN

    Thanks Crazy Mike! I will try this out when I get a chance, then I will get back to you. Like I said earlier, I could never find someone who knew how to use this until now. Once again, I am very appreciative. Just one question though. If I were to get the info from the export when I was done, could I just place the info anywhere in that file or do I have to look for a specific point?
  6. Mr_Americanto

    Making a map with 3DEN

    I thank you for a quick response, but I may have stated to question in a different manner. I had meant that if someone knew how to use the exile Eden Plugin and make a mission like that, I would love them to shed some light. You maybe thinking why don't I just check this forum ? Well the reason for that is when I looked through it, it doesn't give a good walk-through on how to get everything set up and working properly. It just states over and over of how well it was made and how good it is. Not knowing how to add everything can be a pain. So, I apologize for stating the question wrong. Thanks for the help btw - I watched many videos like that one before.
  7. Mr_Americanto

    Making a map with 3DEN

    Ok, so round about the time that I decided to make a sever, there was the shift from 2d editor to 3d editor. I thought nothing of it at the time, but later realized that wasn't good. I was told that the new plugin was terrible, but I still wanted to give it a go. I tried, it was super easy, then came to the exporting part. I had no clue what to do. I tried to get some developers I know to help me, but they were just about as clueless as I was. I really tried a lot. I put all the info I could in their supposed places, and it just caused a multitude of problems. SO, I was hopeing for the great gods to give apon me someone who knows how to use this beast, so me and many people I know can continue on with our lives. Please I have been stuck on this for 1 month now.
  8. Mr_Americanto

    Stops Loading

    Thanks! I am trying to work on finding what you said. I also didn't know the @exileServer doesn't need to be a addon. I will get back to you soon. Btw I am running Woodland_ACR (Bystrica)
  9. Mr_Americanto

    Stops Loading

    It is all correct. I should have also stated that I can run other mission files from my knowlage, it's just this file seems to be giving me trouble. Thx for the feed back so soon!
  10. Mr_Americanto

    Stops Loading

    Thanks for the help, but I do not understand how to check the data base, or what I am exactly looking for. Thanks for the repsonse though! So if you could please tell me how to check, it would be much apreciated
  11. Mr_Americanto

    Stops Loading

    Hello! I am having trouble with trying to make my own exile server. I have placed all the buildings and things down that I want and I have placed all the markers needed as well. I am having trouble knowing where to place the information taken from the copy and paste. I have been trying to look at other files to see what I am doing wrong, but I still cannot find a solution. I have asked people who I thought knew what it was but they had no clue, and I have been stuck like this for multiple days. Please help! - I am very new to this. rpt -
  12. Mr_Americanto

    Trying to make a exile server mission file

    Okay, so I am trying to make a exile server file using your fabulous new 3DEN Plugin. I saved all the files and put them in their needed spots but i'm not sure where to put the markers. Also my big problem is that when I start the server up, it runs the mission file and it doesn't display any errors in the sever dialog box. But, when I try to join the server, it loads then takes me to a black screen, where it then proceeds to freeze my game. I know this server is not the problem because I can run the example mission files like Exile.Altis perfectly fine. Help would be much apreciated and here is the rpt file just in case I changed to another forum because no reply. -
  13. Mr_Americanto

    Trying to make a exile server with Hamachi

  14. Mr_Americanto

    Trying to make a exile server with Hamachi

    HEY i got it fixed. I feel so dumb... it was that the MySQL57 was turned off and thats why it wasn't connecting. Good thing to keep in mind though. turned it on and the server works like a dream! just have to install mods though
  15. Mr_Americanto

    Trying to make a exile server with Hamachi

    Here's a update... this is the rpt from just when I tried it after the addition of the username & password to the extDB-config.ini And here are the logs from extDB thank you once again (I'ma keep saying thank you fyi)