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  1. ShadowPhoenix24

    Your biggest screwup

    Thing is, when launching with A3Launcher, I still get the same issue. I have done every fix I can but it still does nothing to help. Like I said, somewhere, I was doing 100% fine till Kiwi came out, then it all started going to hell in a handbasket...
  2. ShadowPhoenix24

    Your biggest screwup

    Arma 3 Launcher. The steam one.
  3. ShadowPhoenix24

    Your biggest screwup

    If I dont, I cant use internet at all... My wire screws everything up even worse. New wire too and last 3 did the same thing... (Attached is the error that I get)
  4. ShadowPhoenix24

    Your biggest screwup

    Hmm thats odd... I use wireless but nothing was a problem until Kiwi came out. Since then I cant get on the server that I play on and manage to stay on.... I play plugged in and it is worse.... Ping is normally 40-100
  5. ShadowPhoenix24

    Your biggest screwup

    Some days, playing on exile is my biggest.... And when I get kicked over and over for a signiture time out that is a exile file that wont fix in anyway that I try, it doesnt help.
  6. ShadowPhoenix24

    Wrong Signature Kick after Apex update

    Ive had the same thing. Seems for me it is the Old_Bike.pbo signiture file that keeps getting me kicked. Ive worked on it every way I could for over 60 hours and it still is failing