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  1. This is on a server im helping with and this is a problem we found. It is everyone on the server, I have tried different mh9 hummingbird but non of the benches works. Im unable to get the RPT atm, i might be able to get in a few days. (Host is away)
  2. Hi, So when ever i spawn in or buy a MH-9 i cant get on the side benches, Any idea how to fix this? Btw not sure if this the correct location but did not know were else to ask.
  3. Thank you for replying, So i have ben looking over some post on the last page but im still confused about what version you are using and how you got it working, are you using a old version of ExAd or of APOC? Im currently using the 1.0.4 ExAd and the latest upload of APOC. Im not a reall indepth with scripts and all so i could really use some help
  4. Reinstalled in with the updates you provided on the main post, did installing normal then changed everything that was needed. any help would be appreciated
  5. Hello @Apoc Im having the same problem, having empty boxes how did you guys fixed this? im not entirely sure what this means or what to do, if you can help me it would be very much appreciated.
  6. Your right, and this is a Exile forum. So i guess im still on the correct forums? But for you i have changed my post, Im playing on a Exile roleplay server. Maby that helps?
  7. Hello, Im playing on a Exile roleplay server and were looking for a NLR timer for on the Hud to countdown 15 min. I have found some scripts but there all build for life maps and i canr seem to figure out how to implemented this. Anyone has any ideas or scripts for this?
  8. anyone ?
  9. I have ben searchin for the IDD but cant seem to find the one for Quads, any idea what it is?
  10. Hello, After i installed infistar the quadbike issent spawning anymore, would anyone know what i need to changes to get it working again?
  11. I did see this mod on YouTube, is it easy to add buildings as i only have a few that are not spawning loot?
  12. Hello, Most of the basic arma3 buildings have loot but the Malden buildings have non. Im looking for either a LootBuilding or a other solution that works with Malden My Exile_server_config that im currently using it includes "class CfgBuildings As you can see i have 2 cpp page already for the building loot but non of them worked.
  13. Anyone?
  14. tow

  15. Cant seem to get the Respect working, i have added vehicles and supply with respect needed but it can be ordered without respect. ["Vehicles", [ ["Quadbike", "Exile_Bike_QuadBike_Black", 1000, "vehicle"], ["UAZ", "Exile_Car_UAZ_Green", 3000, "vehicle"], ["Landrover", "Exile_Car_LandRover_Red", 3000, "vehicle"], ["Offroad", "Exile_Car_Offroad_Red", 3000, "vehicle"], ["Hunter", "Exile_Car_Hunter", 7500, "vehicle",5000], ["Ifrit", "Exile_Car_Ifrit", 7500, "vehicle",5000], ["Strider", "Exile_Car_Strider", 7500, "vehicle",5000], ["Zamak", "Exile_Car_Zamak", 14000, "vehicle",5000] ] ], Also the Strider and zamak are not showing up in the list. any ideas?