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    Help - Running Two MySql Data Bases

    Thanks for the direct reply @Z80CPU, I was guessing it might be as simple as this. Any tips on changing the name, I've tried this in the past and the damned thing still overwrote my database - Thanks again!
  2. Castello

    Help - Running Two MySql Data Bases

    Hello and thanks in advance for any assistance. So my knowledge of how XAMPP and MySQL works is very limited, if not actually non-existent. What I am trying to do is run two separate databases, for two separate functions, using two separate instances of XAMPP on the same host machine, without either database interfering with the other. When I first noticed the problem, the new database was not filled and the programme filled my server database with this information, essentially wiping all the player data. My question is, how can I tell one instance of XAMPP to talk to one programme and provide that data to one specific database, so I can use both programmes at the same time? I am guessing that it might be down to the username and password for both or the address and port used for both, but I'm not sure and I can't find a straight answer anywhere. Thanks again, for any help.
  3. Just downloaded your "Napf Full Mission Pack", but it is empty. Is there another download?
  4. How did you fix this problem
  5. Castello

    More Maps

    The Files for some of these Maps don't exist. Where could we find them or how could we create them?
  6. Castello

    More Maps

    Having more free to play maps would be great as some people can't/won't download Apex. One suggestion might be M.S.K.E 4 Islands or the Vietnam Maps.