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  1. Hi friends, just want to ask you, when im trying to load vehicle into BlackFish heli im getting BattleEye error #0. attachto.log Is there some filter like BattleEye filter tool so i will be able to edit and add it to attachto.txt? Or can u give me some tip? my attachto.txt Thank you, Acer
  2. ✪ Acer

    Private Stash - locker 0/0

    Thank you a lot. Problem solved.
  3. ✪ Acer

    Private Stash - locker 0/0

    I have no idea now what im supposed to look for. New Chernorus map?
  4. ✪ Acer

    Private Stash - locker 0/0

    Version of @ExileServer which i downloaded from this site was 1.0.0 "Potato" but used Chernarus map is from some guy from this forums. It was only map which not stuck on loading screen. So only adding class CfgLocker to map config.cpp is not enough? Locker was working on Altis map. But i have no idea why it's not working in chernarus.
  5. ✪ Acer

    Private Stash - locker 0/0

    Dear friends, i just started creating server before few weeks.. i googled almost all problems. Finally got working Chernarus exilemod server. Only problem i found now is my stashes are 0/0. I was looking into config.cpp in Exile.Chernarus map file and i don't found cfglocker code so i added one. I saved it back as new pbo and restarted server but problem persists. There is still showing 0/0 and i can't deposit or withdraw any money. Im getting "Please enter only numbers". There is my server log file but i didn't found any error with locker. Thank you for any tip or help.