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  1. i know how to play arma and build missions ive built milsim missions for clans in the past and they worked great so far as learning to play arma im good i have between 4000 and 7000 hours between arma 2 and arma 3 as a player/admin but ive never delt with much scripting and server configuring stuff ive left that to my clan leaders or friends that enjoy that stuff i can build a mission for a map i can set up trader areas and all that stuff but i dont know how to write scripts for the things i want or if it can even be done im wanting a loadout selection screen for soldiers at spawn and id like to do the same for jets and helis when they are bought example a-16wipe out(my favorite jet) standard loadout is 4gbus 6 atgm 2sidewinder aa missiles and 14 dumbfire rockets 7ap 7he i would like to buy the jet and get an option to buy a custom load out such as all aa or all gbus but when i buy it not a buy now change later type if u get what im saying
  2. ok so firstly idk if im puting this in the right spot if im not if an admin could move it to the right spot thatd be great k so im looking to start a server i have a box waiting i just need help making the server which i know nothing about for arma 3 what im looking for is someone to help me out and teach me how to make a server and maybe help with a few things like custom scripts im going to attempt this on my own but i need alot of help rather it be link to videos or talking on discord and telling me how this shit works im a noob at this so im asking for help
  3. ok so idk if anyone has done this and had any luck with it but im wanting a way to pick a loadout for a aircraft for example the a16 wipeout just like u do on ur character at the gear traders example default loadout is 6 macers 4gbus 2sidewinder missiles and 14 rockets i want to be able to buy an aircraft and then pick what load out it has such as this 6gbus 4 sidewinders or all gbus or all hydra rockets since my server has atgms disabled on jets no macers is this something that can be done for vehicals?(mainly aircraft such as jets) i would also like to have a load out screen like back in dayz overpoch i have the respect based loadouts granted they arent exactly great because i just thru them together real fast so that are missing stuff but id like to have a loadout selection that is either respect based or is like a trader where u buy gear but pay directly from ur bank example primary m4a1carbine 4 mags supressor bipod/grippod dms secondary m1911 3 mags launcher rpg7 uniform exile woodland vest carry rig backpack carry all with 2rpg rocks and all the other stuff if any of this can be done without writing the script myself that would be very cool and if anyone has a script for doing this already then if they dont mind sharing itd be cool also i could use some help on the status bar thing like a customizable one or something i have looked but havent found yet
  4. i have applied to a few other because im looking for a new group myself just a few things bout my play style i prefer range that means 700m+ im a sniper by nature have been since the original dayz mod was first born i can do closer range but i prefer longer then 500m distancs because most players(that i tend to find) cant hit a moving target at 500m unless they spray an lmg or hmg most players are spray and pray so reply to this if u want more info i am from the us so playing together if u are in the eu or uk may be hard but leme know asap if ya would
  5. hey steve im lookin for a group to join ive played with ya a bit in the past probly dont remember me but i was on the exp server back a year or so ago and im getin back into exile so still lookin for members? got 1100ish hours in a3 and 1500ish in a2 oa on my main steam account but in total between a few accounts i got closer to 2k on each i prefer the range game being 600m or further away i can now do closer range but i still prefer longer ranges i prefer to be 800-1800m from my target so they never hear the shot but depending on the map i tend to stay with in 1km of my target making pretty much any rifle i have that is 7.62mm or higher deadly anyways not exactly the copy and paste app but let me know my steam http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198018241591/ hope to talk to ya gain soon
  6. i can make a list a mile long if i tryed lol for example killing my team mate by shooting thru a zeds head on dayz standalone with a .357magnum revolver then breaking my leg trying to run from said zeds and geting eaten arma3 fuckup1 forgeting how to fly when i bought a attack heli for 400k tabs on exile crashing it on take off killing me my team mates and 3 randoms at the dealer while blowing up ther vehicals and geting a temp ban of 24hrs for going YOBO because i forgot how to fly >.< fuckup2 flying a little bird as fast as i can looking off my screen for a sec and hiting powerlines and go boom the powerlines are deadly fuckup3 arma2 dayz overpoch flying a clan heli full of like 6 players runing out of fuel mid flight and being to low to jump out killing everyone on board and geting kick from the clan for "trolling" then rejoining after they realized it was a simple the copilot for got to buy jetfuel at the airport it was still funny