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  1. Craminu

    Light house?

    In my experience if you have the lights turned off under exilez. no lights work during nighttime, including lighthouse!
  2. Craminu

    Will it ever stop?

    Even us that tries and still dont succeed struggle with getting help with exile community, it is pretty harsh to "dumb" question. But for someone who dont know it is not a dumb question . There will always be people who want other todo their work, for many reason's. I got luckey though with help since my brother know more about coding then i do, so that helps also. I have learned alot in the 1.5 year we have had a server running. Know a bit about coding now but can not make my own script, usally copy&paste or alter the mods config files. And there been 0.00001% help from here unfortunally when asking question. Running a server do take alot of time, and for thoose who think it will be piece of cake, well you are up for a fun learning experience ;).
  3. Craminu

    LAUNCH 1.0.4

    You are wrong my friend, we are looking forward to 1.04 normal version. We wont use escape. According to the changelog i think they have introduced alot of nice stuff that fits our server perfectly :). And i do like that Exile is testing alot instead of just releasing a half finish update. If exile devs have to spend exstra 3month to get rid of bugs and adjust to the player base, then i very much approve it . The dev are doing a good job with exile.
  4. Craminu

    A Word Against Grinding/Safe Hacking

    We been running exad hacking and grinding on our server. players like it. The way we have set it up is that that grinding takes less then big momma, around same time as metal and longer time then wood charges(breaching a wall 3 charges). Explosive is easier to find and build, Batteries is loot only and harder to find. We also made server rules regarding stuff. f.eks. there must be door/gate/drawbridge access to evry room. But we do not limit the amount of walls/doors then can place after each other. This works pretty fine, since player can decide on were to protect what. We also dont allow using walls as entrence were they move, We can never check evrything all the time though ;). So having hacking/grinding/ VG configurable in the config around same way exad have theirs gives server owner tons of oppertunity to adjust it.
  5. Craminu

    LAUNCH 1.0.4

    well obvious since i posted it here.... The Raging Kerfuffle: i did notice it after i posted. but since i cant read or anything i could not find the devblog on base raid either as it pointed to in the changelog..
  6. Craminu

    LAUNCH 1.0.4

    Would be nice if they also made hacking/grinding/lockpicking also part of exile
  7. You can notify players lots of ways on yor server. But players DO NOT READ INFO. so it dont help much :). gonna quote something a player said on our server. "Noobs gotta learn"
  8. Craminu

    Help with rpt messages?

    Hello exile. we are getting theese messages in our server rpt file Is there anything we can do to get rid of theese? thank you.
  9. Craminu

    Extended Base Mod

    Anyone that can assist on managing to be able to place a code lock on theese items? i have been able to get the lock option on containers and hanger. But cant seem to get it to work on theese. Ammobox: 7.000 Garbage Container: 8500 Suitcase: 1250 Ammo Box: 750 Metalcase: 2500 Fridge: 2000 Tool Trolleys: 2500 Suitcase: 1250 Ammobox rounds: 750 Plasticcase: 2000
  10. Craminu

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    We did the same, and it works perfect for wintermap, change to the color you like and find the best.
  11. Craminu

    Arma 1.78/1.80 Bugs Megathread !! READ THE RULES!!

    Okay hopefully i have not missed anything in the OP this time. Found this error in our rpt file. Not sure if it is related to new arma update, have not notice this before.
  12. Anyone that can help out with this error? 15:36:50 Error in expression <pons = _data select 19; _text = format[STR_ExAd_VG_APP_DETAILS, "<br/>", _displ> 15:36:50 Error position: <STR_ExAd_VG_APP_DETAILS, "<br/>", _displ> 15:36:50 Error Undefined variable in expression: str_exad_vg_app_details 15:36:50 File exad_vg\Functions\fn_requestVGDetailInfo.sqf [ExAdServer_fnc_requestVGDetailInfo], line 41 15:36:55 "Dispatching message 'requestVGDetailInfo'..." we have been getting it since past few arma updates. However we cant see anything wrong ingame with it.
  13. Craminu

    [CLOSED] ArmA 1.78 is out

    Yes we have some error popping up regarding garbage collector. And a3 launcher wont find our server atm.
  14. Craminu

    Cant join after update

    Most likely because the server you are trying to join have not updatet the server. use armas own launcher and you get more info on if the server and you are running same versions of the game and mods.
  15. updated our server. no error so far. So new notification in the rpt file regarding cup/exile vehicle. 1 of the notification we notice : Duplicate HitPoint name 'HitGun' in 'CUP_I_MH6J_RACS'
  16. No. But you can turn down the damage they do to vehicle. But that would be silly we turn it up so players cant use vehicle for protection
  17. Craminu

    [SOLVED] infiSTAR keeps restarting server

    Same here. we have this message : "<> Version is outdated. You have to update your infiSTAR files!" 17:04:47 Successfull attempt to execute serverCommand '#shutdown' by server. 17:04:47 EPE manager release (2|26|0) 17:04:47 Number of actors in scene after release: 2 17:04:47 EPE manager release (0|2|0) v082.
  18. Hi mr infistar Updated to v80 today. When in god mode and vehicle god mode turned on. AI can kill me and i die from crashes with a vehicle. either god mode is fubared or i have set a wrong setting somewere. anyone else having issues with this?
  19. Craminu

    [SOLVED] infistar V80 Vehicle god mode bug?

    more like always
  20. Craminu

    [Release] Sell Crates to Waste Dump

    no. We actually allow safezone stealing
  21. Craminu

    [Release] Sell Crates to Waste Dump

    on our server it sells the entire crate if you select one of the option you get.
  22. Most likely what i have done aswell, as Kuplion says. Always a stupid comma mistake ;). gonna use the pre compiled pbo and do changes again and carefully Continue with updates kuplion nice work
  23. Craminu

    [SOLVED] infistar V80 Vehicle god mode bug?

    No new addons since v79. But we run, dms, exad, exilez_mod, zcap.
  24. will try the pre-compiled PBO, will update shortly. Update: The pre-compiled PBO seemed to work. havent got time to test for long period, will do more testing and alter my changed to the pre compiled pbo. You might have done more updates until i manage to to evrything, Summer time and limited time for server admin stuff... Thx for the time looking at error's. I bet it is something i edited wrongly, so ill start over Regards Craminu