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  1. MickScandalous

    Updating Mods automatically

    Thank you for the replies, I will look into trying that.
  2. made my post before i saw the reply , glad it fixed it!!
  3. ok I did something for you real quick, on all of the originals you shared I have replaced the spaces with the underscores and ran the compiler. you will have to put them wherever they belong and tell me if it works. LootItemGroups.h: https://pastebin.com/hYEjJWak LootTables.h: https://pastebin.com/RhP9mYyB those two made this when i ran the compiler now CfgExileLootServer : https://pastebin.com/KCrMz39u Try these since it is exactly what you had without those spaces. if it still isnt working you may have to start with a new config and repaste things in incase something was pasted over by accident
  4. I turned all the spaces you had into _ and re did the compiler here is the contents of CfgExileLootServer: https://pastebin.com/WihxDNVf here is the LootItemGroups.h you had with every thing changed to _ so you wont have to do it: https://pastebin.com/9mbgG1Fv i did it with the default LootTables.h file. mayby it will help though
  5. i will as soon as i get back home and we can dig deeper if it isnt fixed
  6. also i just saw a thing in you config.hpp. It seems to start with the loot table and doesnt have the CfgBuilding part and i see you said it was replaced on the note there. but i have in mine this followed by the building ofcourse, so i dont know if you have made sure that file has the correct things like for lighthouse it says the group is "tourist" secondly i think it is the spaces in the group names as i pointed out before because ive learned exile doesnt like that. try it after removing those spaces on the RHS stuff and let me know.
  7. im currently at work so cant jump in discord currently sorry id be happy to help later though
  8. one thing i see could be the spaces you have in the group title here at the > Russian Rifles RHSAFRF section. not sure if it matters
  9. i try to open that with notepad++ but cant seem to view it since it is a bunch of symbols and stuff. my best guess is that if it is something to do with the loot compiler it could have been when you pasted in the new loot table, id say grab a fresh copy of that configg and change any setting as you did, then double check anything you added to the compiler for any spacing or name mishaps. re-run it and copy into the new config ensuring its in the right spot. sorry if im not more helpful. i have had your problem before and it was because when i added hap item to the table i had (2, "HAP_ITEM") instead of (2, HAP_ITEM) minus the parentheses ofcourse. ill post an example of how i modded the file for you even though you may already know. in "LootItemGroups" i did this when adding things to that file: that is a slice of what i added under the rifles section then after running the .bat i copied all the file it puts out and found that section in @Exileserver/addons/exile_server_config (unpacked) replacing what was there ofcourse. the repacked and launched. as i said the first time i had the items entered incorrectly and it messed it up
  10. MickScandalous

    Stuck in connecting

    dumb question but do you have them running on separate ports? ive done this wrong before
  11. MickScandalous

    Radiation Zones and NVG slot

    well that is the thing about it, you have to wear the mask so you wont be able to wear the nvgs as well. you can get a flashlight for your weapon though or use the nightstalker/tws. Im sure some server owners would know how to make those items do things like add nvg to the mask or whatever but i would have no idea where to start with that
  12. MickScandalous

    Constant Kick message

    does it say why in a pop up window, i am not seeing anything in the paste you shared and it doesnt seem to be a whole log
  13. MickScandalous

    Missing Keys When Trying To Join Server

    also as for keys, when you add mods that require keys it will be in the keys folder of the mod, copy the key in that folder into your server keys folder,
  14. MickScandalous

    I get kicked every time i join an exile server

    this could be a number of things, looks like the server is kicking you as soon as you join, but does it give you an error or reason in a pop up window?
  15. can you pastebin your logs in here so we can see what may be happening? I have used lootcompiler before but i cant see what you did without the logs