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      New XM8 Discord Bot   05/15/17

      Our new XM8 Discord Bot will send you notifications about events happening in-game, even if you are not online!  Read about it on the Devblog:  
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      1.0.4 "Pineapple" Release   03/08/18

      Inmates! We have launched 1.0.4 update for Exile. You can read about the release here:   
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      Exile Server 1.0.4a hotfix out!   03/09/18

      Server owners! We pushed out 1.0.4a hotfix for Exile server. You will need to merge/replace the following files:

      Just download the server files from the downloads section. 


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  1. I appreciate the support guys, I've heard your guys voice about the map. I'm trying my best with the little resources and time I have. It will be a huge project that will require some serious work, but with your guys help it will get done, I promise that.
  2. Exile is a framework for server owners to configure to their liking. Get your favorite server's administrator to do this.
  3. Ummmmm?
  4. Naughty naughty..
  5. Happy to hear this. look forward to the updates.
  6. I use the Arma 3 launcher.
  7. i did not steal any code whatsoever
  8. screenshot of his desktop and amazing photoshop capabilities.