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  1. Pear78

    1.62 - Fix 99% of the memory crash ( Client )

    well, I must be one of the 10%.. the dev build does not work for me. Up to last update all was working fine, now Im crashing on map load. Bohemia plez. Driving me mad.. everything worked fine till a while ago. *ofcourse; I didnt change anything since last try and now it works.. inconsistent shit. I still have no clue and prolly will have to try 10 times to connect every time I want to play.
  2. Pear78

    Golf crashing on bridges, server issue?

    than this should be a consistent problem, and it wasnt, but thanks for your imput.
  3. Pear78

    Golf crashing on bridges, server issue?

    that answer would only make sense if the cargo of a car can add extra weight to it, I dont think it works like that. we had so much desync tonight, it was probably serverside. we stopped playing on it :'( *case closed*
  4. Weird problem, new server, low pop. Only exile-mod on Altis. was driving a Golf from Kavala to trader north of it, passed a couple of bridges, all was fine. On the way back an admin specced along and we crashed our wheels on every bridge we passed, on low speeds it would be just the front wheels, but still akward. Lost health every time too. Next day again after admin logged in we crashed on a bridge again. "are u speccing us?" "how did u know?" effect.. he was kinda weary.. is this server just barely handeling itself/too low spec? I wanna bring more people to it, but not if that means we will shut the server down with server lag by adding 5-10 people
  5. Pear78

    muslim AI, exile or bohemia?

    thanks guys, tho what CSAT would be doing on Greek islands is beyond me.. and I never shot a chinese or south american guy ima annoy Bohemia some more now
  6. Pear78

    Exile needs valiadated or updated

    I think he just means a splash screen? if he cant join a server, he will never see a gun either in A3 launcher, in the mods tab you can see a list with all available mods, verify exile in there again. it will check for bad/missing/new files and you can see the progress/download % there too.
  7. Pear78

    Exile: Too Easy?

    found one that's pretty decent so far, still have to see if there are badmins, but loot tables are ok (could be even harsher imo) and hardcore missions very tough. still managed to find cars pretty easy, I'd love to see some more car repairs, hard to find parts. Not very populated, but I'll give it some time. can do without zombs tbh, since they are a dead give away to your position and the interesting part to me is fighting/out-tactic-ing people.
  8. I seem to be shooting a lot of guys with muslim sounding names when doing missions.. is this exile or arma settings? annoys the fuck out of my political correctness. (just asking a question, dont need an argument on this topic, I think my opinion is clear and can't be changed If its arma Ima annoy the shit outa Bohemia, if exile im just very dissapointed and complaining prolly has no use)
  9. Pear78

    Refine the wounded mechanic

    if you got a gun and can still move/lay prone, you're still a danger to people, I would agree with you if you are shaking too much to fire a decent shot. But even than you can defend yourself with a pistol at close range if somebody pushes on you. If you get shot in the legs with 5.56 and have to slow walk, but still can fire a fairly decent shot, why not. guess its a difference in what people want from the mod. coming from A2 DayZmod, I miss that. Exile is way too easy on most servers imo. It's wasteland with a different sauce. Finished a mission yesterday on 55% health, there where no consequences but some greyish colors. I was half dead... it should have been about impossible without med-ing up first. again imo
  10. perhaps we should combine forces with those players, if there is 5 servers with 10 man playing on them.... that's one pretty busy server tho people/owners prolly wanna fill théir server..
  11. and than when you least expect it, you stumble on a server that ticks almost all the right boxes. hurray! pretty low loot, no zombs or roaming ai and missions tough a/f.. perhaps a bit too much vehicles.. but than again, Altis is biiig. 8 people where on till restart at 3am EU.. population of these kind of servers does seem difficult, but hoping on slowly growing numbers now we only have to see if the admins are any decent
  12. I realize it's a bit mixed topic, if it needs moving, I wont cry @papahyooie checked your profile, I'll surely come check it out! (When it's up and when my arma stops mem crashing on server join, sigh. Worked fine till couple of days ago.. Bohemia why u do this to me ) I don't know about player numbers that are looking for this feel too, I wouldn't mind helping filling up a server. I would bring quit a big group.. not everybody playing every night.. but it still is usually 3-4 people easily.. which could be a problem for "lone wolf servers"? So much to considerate People seem to want instant action.. tho I played on some servers with "harder" loot tables that had a pretty consistent player base.. Would be awesome and I'm in no hurry, been looking for so long now already. (ofc. I checked the server advertisements, but that info seemed out-dated pretty quickly.. been server hopping for weeks now (literary), I tried, but to no avail so far! ) thanks for all the imput so far guys, apreciated!
  13. Told this before: Exile is bringing back something to Arma3 that everybody missed. Epoch in Arma3 missed the boat, you guys did a great job. You keep improving and adding, not everything is how I would do it, but you guys are dóing it and doing it in style. Kudo's. I realised yesterday, after a fight as freshy with 6 OP guys, on a server with zombs... what I miss most from DayZ mod. I don't want to bash! I know this is not Dayz. (btw the zombs gave away their positions, was so easy to flank em :evil grin: and so cool to shoot zombs again and see exploding heads). But I miss it. Being a hero. The hard choices. Also in Dayz SA KOS is the way to go now. They missed the point too. I guess it's a natural process of game development, giving in to peoples needs/desires? But the thing that made DayZ big at the start, was the lack of rules. The harshness of the grind. Being stuck in a building in need of a can opener to eat that can, zombs out side, ammo gone. Would you ask for help? Try to meet up with a stranger for help? Give your location away on 'radio'/chat? And the hero who wanted to help (get humanitarian points) had to consider if it would be a trap.. hard choices. Moral choices. It's gone. KOS is the only option. eat or be eaten. Not sure if Exile would be the mod to talk about this, it has taken a different direction and that is fine too. But I would love to get that feeling back, to have to make choices like that again. Thus far Exile is the only thing that even remotely touches this survival feel/subject in Arma3. I'm just wondering if more people think the same and if (and HOW!) it would be possible to set up an exile server to get this feel back. Helo's are all around, they used to be (the epiphany of)end game.. I remember the joy I felt on finding a bike or a shotgun, should I shoot or save my ammo choices, am I going to expose myself to help him with my can opener, so he can give me a transfusion.. How would this be possible to achieve on an Exile server ?! hard looting tables.. for sure, but what else? Would you be interested to go back to this, do you miss it too? Your thoughts, suggestions, idea's.. shoot! (but not on sight pls )