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  1. Powerstriker46

    Ai deals no Damage VS Player Vehicles

    Hi, I hope someone has an Idea what can be the reason for this problem. Problem description: If you purchase a Vehicle on the Trader and you try to make mission with it an one AI hit's you with an RPG your Vehicle will explode. (Depends on the vehicle for exampe you buy a Strider or hunter...) If you drive over an AI will the tires be damaged and you have to repair your vehicle. BUT If you wait 1 Restart with your vehicle, the Vehicle will get something like an god mode VS AI. I drove with an f.e. marrid into a ZCP with 100 bots all shoting there rockets but nothing happens with the vehicle. But if you drive on a Wall your front tires are destroyed . Same problems with DMS and Vemf missions. No AI can deal any damage. So the players can simple drive over all AI's or drive into mission and clear them easy because the AT mines dosent have any effects, too. An this fucks me off... And I have no idea what are the problem can be. BUT if you take a rocket launcher and shot on your vehicle it will explode without problems (testet with RPG-42 Alamut on marrid) (Vehicle was empty) but this is not 100% true it feels like that the vehicle armor get 100x of the normal value. So the ai needs 50-60 to get the marrid down (or more). I try the "explode" button of infistar at one test player wich was in his marrid. After the explode the vehicle has 69% healh an the player was still alive. Only the tires of the Vehicle was destroyed. If i doing the same with an fresh purchased Vehicle, the Vehicle will explode instant if I using explode from infistar. I must say thats really insane and makes not sense. Server Mods/ Scripts So I dont think that the reason for this are mods like CBA or CUP wich I'm using. But futher i use the BloodLust mod wich affects the AI and some eventhandlers, and I use a script/overwrite that give vehicles God mode after restart until a player is unlocking them (so that no one can random destroy other player vehicles because he is retarded) therefor I'm using _vehicleObject allowDamage true; and _vehicleObject allowDamage false; see below
  2. nicht das was ich erhofft hatte aber gut zu wissen^^ warum wundert micht das auch nicht das gerade das nicht geht
  3. gut dann teste mal bitte^^ bei mir spielen nochn paar die will ich nicht runter schmeißen
  4. gut vllt müssten die modersteller auch die datein neu signieren, an arma 3 tools hat sich ja auch zeug geändert oder hat bohemia schon bestätigt, dass sich da ein fehler eingeschlichen hat?
  5. glaubst du da wirklich dran? die haben seit 12 uhr feierabrend
  6. Dann hilft nur roll back und warten Arma3Legacy184 ist übrigens der code Steambibliothek rechtsklick auf arma--> einstellungen--> beta "Arma3Legacy184" einfügen und überprüfen lassen --> 918 mB von steam runterladen lassen--> freuen und über bughemia lachen
  7. Powerstriker46

    DMS Missionen MD Update

    use google?
  8. Powerstriker46

    Missions Zeit einstellen

    ich korrigiere mich erneut, das hat auch nichts mit der zcp zu tun das scheint bei einigen missionen einfach zu funktionieren und bei einigen nicht
  9. Powerstriker46

    Missions Zeit einstellen

    hab das jetzt nochmal genau beobachten bei mir funktioniert es auch nur solange die ZCP/CP mission nicht aktiv wird
  10. Powerstriker46

    Problem with Virtual garage of exile

    i've not tested it but your changings make sense
  11. Powerstriker46

    Problem with Virtual garage of exile

    thanks i will try it
  12. Powerstriker46

    Problem with Virtual garage of exile

    Hi, I have a problem with my virtal garage. The Veicles disapear after XX Days (Im not sure). But not immediately. It must be a logicla day value. My Unused vehicle despawn time is on 7 Days The protection time of the base is 30 Days 1 example: Vehicle X was deleted at 11.11.18 from database (column "deleted_at" in database) but the column "last_updated_at" has the value 16.11.18 In my Exileserver database are showing random 2 errors but i think this have nothing to do with the VG How does the new exile VG working? Are the vehicles completley "safe" or is the "unused vehicle despawn time" still running even if they are in the VG? It feels like that the vehicles get deleted if the (on my server) 7 Days expired If anyone has an Idea pls anwere Would be great if I can fix that issue... PS46
  13. Powerstriker46

    Arma 3 Exile Uniform nach Rejoin weg

    sind das nur die klamotten oder auch waffen ect.? möglicherweise ist eine pbo auf dem server von dem mod defekt oder wurde nur zur hälfte hochgeladen das hatte ich auch schon grade über den FTP zugang meine idee wäre den mod einfach runter löschen und mal komplett neu hochladen