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  1. modernkilla82

    1.04- ExAd-XM8 Apps+Redux Loot not spawning

    I did update Chernarus Redux, but im not sure where to change the files that it states to change, would CfgBuildings_Chernarus.h be a separate file or is it in Exile_Server_Config>Config.cpp? And yes i updated ExAd but its still the same(apps glitched to top left of xm8)
  2. Im having some issues after updating to Exile 1.04, i had loot spawning on Charnarus Redux map before 1.04(server was off since December 2017, so i updated mods and exile) after updating loot stopped spawning, i went through and i think i added everything that i added before in 1.03 to make loot spawn but its still not spawning. Also having an issue with ExAd XM8 Apps, all of the icons are in the same spot at the top left of the xm8(just off screen and all images for buttons combined) i also updated this to the latest version to see if that would fix it but it didnt. If you need my description/config files let me know. If anyone can help me out i would appreciate it. (I might also be looking for someone to help develop the server, i run popular Dayz Standalone servers atm called Trump’s Wall)
  3. modernkilla82

    Cannot Edit Mission PBO/Server gets stuck on creating/Connecting...

    I have PBO manager. I set up CBA.
  4. So every time i try to edit my mission file, Exile.Esseker.PBO (one that i got off a free hosting website/NON touched and working one ~Quality Game Servers) I would follow the directions/install directions of lets say: 1. Status Bar(NEW) or Status Bar(OLD) 2. Advanced Towing or Exile Towing No matter what i try to add to the Exile.Esseker.PBO (Broken/One when try to install Exile Towing) it will always do the same thing~Here is the log file(After trying to install Exile Towing)~ OR: Every time I start the server after adding anything or changing anything the origonal PBO that i got it keeps the server on Creating and will not let people go past Connecting... Server Launch Perimeters/Commandline: Mods: @Exile;@Esseker;@CUP_Weapons;@CBA_A3;@CUP_Terrains_Complete;@CUP_Vehicles;@CUP_Units;@RHS_AFRF;@RHS_GREF;@RHS_USAF;@TRYK;@NIArsenal Addons(without editing mission(Exile.Esseker.PBO): A3_DMS.PBO, A3_ZCP_Exile (Need anything else message me) Can someone please help me, and please do not say "Oh its and easy fix" with out telling me what to do. I am a noob to this, i know very little, i have note pad ++ and DePBO. If someone could help i would be thankful. (ALSO sorry if this is not in right forum area)
  5. modernkilla82

    I keep spawning outside the map on my server

  6. modernkilla82

    Adding Status Bar To Mission File| Help Please |

    Didn't work...when trying to join the server it stays on Connecting... and on Creating instead of playing
  7. modernkilla82

    Panthera server loading problems

    I cannot help with this but....can i have your old Exile.Esseker.PBO? Or the Status bar? Trying to add a status bar for hours!
  8. I need some help adding- This Status Bar into my mission file Exile.Esseker.PBO I do not know how to do it myself...i tried to follow this but my server would just have the Creating and not Playing in arma 3 and i get stuck on Connecting...Can someone please help me out...I don not have much money but i will donate if needed.
  9. modernkilla82

    I keep spawning outside the map on my server

  10. modernkilla82

    Esseker problems

    Have the Exile.Esseker.PBO?
  11. modernkilla82

    Problem With My Mission File

    Hey, so i made this Exile.Esseker.PBO with the release of Custom Esseker traders & map addons by Mr Health And Safety, everytime i try and start the server(NOT HOSTED ON MY PC/HOSTING SERVICE) with commandline: I get this in the logs: And when joining the server it is stuck on "Connecting..." and it is always on "Creating" This is very similar to my other posts, but i give the PBO in this one and changed it around since last time. Can anyone help me out with this? I am a noob at scripting and know very little. Any help is appreciated. May pay small donation if someone can help me with this.(Help make a custom PBO mission file w traders and what not)
  12. modernkilla82

    Exile Esseker Server Connecting...Problem(Need Help)

    my Exile.Esseker.PBO <