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  1. ROA Bozzyman

    1.66 BUGS/PROBLEMS HOTFIX Released!

    I kept the Exad Hack fix if that's what you mean?
  2. ROA Bozzyman

    1.66 BUGS/PROBLEMS HOTFIX Released!

    Vehicle hook is still off, rope stretches and breaks or vehicle lags. VG still out for us (really not sure what is causing this).
  3. Done, done and done again Can't locate the error at all. I thought maybe something had glitched in the DB but no such luck as all looks fine. Vehicles have territory attached when they need to and all seems to be in place.
  4. Hi Janski, we can see the vehicles in the garage but they aren't showing any info like keycode etc. When you click fetch the app closes and there is no vehicle. You go back into VG menu again and the list is the same.
  5. ROA Bozzyman

    1.66 BUGS/PROBLEMS HOTFIX Released!

    Does anyone else have player freeze every 5(ish) minutes? The game itself still runs just you lose all control of the player.
  6. ROA Bozzyman

    Random freezes after TP 1.66

    Since the 1.66 update I seem to get a character freeze shortly after a TP on the map. Usually when I am at the edge of a safe zone or territory.
  7. ROA Bozzyman

    Goodbye, Arma!

    Juggling this and your family must of been hard work and so sorry to hear about your stroke. Thanks for creating this and I am sure that there will be a ton of people looking to help progress things further. Good luck!
  8. ROA Bozzyman

    How do you keep it all together?

    I would echo what others have said, I try to keep things streamlined, don't get too inventive but also be different enough that it makes a difference. Try to add scripts that will give you the least headaches down the line.
  9. Hi, I suggest you take some time looking through your codes, specifically look in mpmissions\Exile.Tanoa config.cpp before trying to add any extra code to your server.
  10. ROA Bozzyman

    What servers can I play on

    Hang on let me get this straight. We can't advertise a server but lets take a look at everyone's banners on their signature strips shall we?
  11. ROA Bozzyman

    Suspicious player activity

    Hi, We have had a player on our server this week that seems to respawn, regear and get into kill position very very quickly. At one stage he died in a helicopter but arrived 5 minutes later fully geared with Ghillie etc. Is there a way that I can look into this activity further through our logs (we only use battleye)? Thanks for any help you can provide on this.