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    More Weapons!

    I will look but MGT has such a awesome layout on Tanoa and the staff have been great. Not too mention I get good FPS on their server. Are there any high pop servers on Tanoa with NIArms that you can recommend?
  2. Vokey

    More Weapons!

    MGT is the server we play on and if I could add more I would lol. There are a lot of guns and clothing just no bolt actions, 50 cals, MP5-SD "My favorite" or AR's, It's just Spars, MX's and weird bullpup rifles everywhere.
  3. Vokey

    More Weapons!

    Just want start by saying I LOVE exile you people are amazing at what you do keep it up! My only wish for this mod is more weapons, clothing, and backpacks. I really like the CUP weapons but the server I play on will not use it as from what I understand it causes server issues. I heard the Exile team added a few weapons from Arma2 a while back and was hoping they could continue adding more. I don't know anything about server performance but the server I am playing on runs amazing compared to others especially the ones running CUP. Anyways would really appreciate some more variety without having to sacrifice performance. As much fun as shooting MX's and Spars all day on Tanoa is I need some more flavor!