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  1. [GG] Nielson

    Problem with vanilla Exile server

    I have to throw the towel in the ring at this point then. I'm still sure it has something to do with your database setup or the MySQL installation I hope someone else can chime in on this.
  2. [GG] Nielson

    Problem with vanilla Exile server

    It looks like your database is not setup properly. Either it hasn't been setup with the correct exile.sql file or you haven't specified a username and password in the config file. You can find the config file for the database (and more) here: "C:\Arma\Server\@ExileServer\extdb-conf.ini". Find the section under [exile] section. Not sure about this, but thats the first thing that comes to mind
  3. [GG] Nielson

    Problem with vanilla Exile server

    Can you by any chance post your server log here? This should be placed in the following directory: "C:/Arma/Server/[Profile name]/arma3server_2016-08-15_09-37-39.rpt (and then choose the latest date).
  4. [GG] Nielson

    Problem with vanilla Exile server

    Hi @8BITADDICTION! Did you follow the official guide from here: link I had some problems setting up the server myself at first, using some old guides here on the forum, but the official guide is straight on and should work without a problem, if you follow it step by step