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  1. Redbeard_Actual

    Vehicle Hotwire Custom Codes

    I have never quite liked the fact that Knives are so rare on the EXILE Server. With all those tasty critters roaming around, it is really hard to take advantage of when you have no way of gutting them. I've always felt the Hunting aspect of the game should be a little bit more accessible. Therefore I have done what any good critic would do. I wrote some code of my own. What the heck does this do? Simple, it changes the object needed to Hot Wire a Vehicle from the Knife to the Mobile Phone. In addition, it checks the Players Score and adjusts the Fail Chance and Duration of the Hot Wire attempt accordingly. This is the Rough Draft of what I have hacked together and gotten to work on my server so far. Had to get some bare bones working before I flesh it out further with more tool checks. Because I want it to take more than just the Mobile Phone to Hot Wire. That sounds AMAZING. How did you do it? You are going to need to add these files to your mission PBO. I personally add a custom/code/server and custom/code/client folder structure to my mission PBO in order to contain said files. custom/code/client/ExileClient_action_execute.sqf custom/code/client/ExileClient_action_hotwireVehicle_condition.sqf custom/code/client/ExileClient_action_hotwireVehicle_failed.sqf custom/code/server/ExileServer_object_lock_network_hotwireLockRequest.sqf And Last but not least, you must add these lines to the CfgExileCustomCode area of your mission config.cpp Thanks for checking it out! Feel free to make suggestions and let me know what you think.
  2. Redbeard_Actual

    [AGE] EXILE Z Altis

    Welcome to EXILE Z Altis by Redbeard Actual. CLIENT MODS: @Exile @Ryanzombies SERVER MODS: @AdvancedTowing ADDONS: DMS Mission System Exile Z - Customized to liven things up a bit. Beware of Hordes and Mini Hordes. No more predictability when it comes to how many Zeds might spawn around you. Exile Z Crashes - Working on randomizing the loot tables for the wrecks a bit to make the loot a little less predictable. CUSTOM CODES: Vehicle Hot Wire - A work in progress where I have modified the standard code to use the Mobile Phone instead of the Knife. Player Score is now taken into consideration to calculate both Duration and Fail Chance. Bambi Spawn Gear - As a player increases their Score, they will get better Bambi Gear. This is also a work in progress. Eventually both Bambi Status Duration and Spawn Gear will be effected. Highest levels of Score will Spawn with No Protections. I also have a bunch of map addons that I have made in the past. Those along with some fresh content will be progressively added. The main map addons being at some airfields and the city of Kavala. Which is soon meant to be a Zed Hell Hole. Thanks to anyone who comes and plays. Any constructive input is very welcome. Please enjoy your Game Play!
  3. Redbeard_Actual


    I was wondering what if any other numbers you can use in the targetType parameter. And what they mean. Any ideas?
  4. Redbeard_Actual

    I am giving out help on how to add custom billboards

    I swore I wrote something that explained this. I'll look and see if I can link it.
  5. Redbeard_Actual

    Adding new Gas Masks

    I'm eventually going to dig into this code for what I am trying to do with Exile. I want several different masks to work. As well as have random radiation zones. I've just been so busy with real life business that I get no coding done. But plenty of ideas written down.
  6. Redbeard_Actual

    Public Virtual Garage

    I was just thinking about this. So I did some searching in here and found this thread. Wild idea. How about looking up the players flag access as they load in to the server. In the initPlayerLocal.sqf is my idea. Then in that same initPlayerLocal.sqf, create a copy of their base flags at the airfield's. Then make the flag invisible. Each player's nitPlayerLocal.sqf should render only for them. Thus giving them access to the virtual garage just like as if they were at their bases. I was thinking that or make a dialog like the base upgrade traders Where you can choose between flags to access.
  7. For the win. It was the capital A. Thanks to all who helped out. After all the frustrations, I had missed a single capital A in the folder names. I lower cased all the other folders and missed that one. Or somehow thought it was only the top level folders that needed it. Blessings!
  8. @MetalHead You Glorious Bastard! I think that did it. The server kicked on just fine. Time to go see if I can log in.
  9. I am going to be so f*ing mad if it is some BS like that. Because I said to myself. What if this is a Linux quark I am not familiar with. Here's to you if this works. I'm such a noob on Linux that it would fit.
  10. Well, I know the meaning of insanity. I've removed, reverted, restarted and re installed so many times now expecting a different result and not getting it. I'm going so far as to re install the base server and follow along step by step with the instructions. About 50 times. But I got the Log Files working properly. This is all I get.
  11. And a whale of a fail. Mind I am running on a Linux dedicated box. But could you please show me screens of your file structure and startup params? I've got everything else working fine. And I'll be damned if the screen cap of the server console didn't fail to save as well. FML!!!
  12. @MetalHead I was wondering about the AddonsMetaData section of the mission file. Since the mission file is structured slightly different depending on the map. I will try this right now.
  13. I'm about to the point of pulling out hair. And I got a lot of hair. Some reason, I have no log files. It's a working server that I can sit and play on for hours. But no logs. Server works fine with DMS and InfiSTAR running well. The moment I put in Zombies, it's the fast train to fail town. The only thing that I can get from the server console is that is says ryanzombies and ryanzombiesfunctions is not found. I've followed every bit of info I can find. And I do not know what to do now. Please, any suggestions?
  14. Redbeard_Actual

    day/night cycle

    I have a solution for this that I tested tonight. If anyone is still interested.
  15. Can anyone put up screen shots of a working installs folder structure?