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    [Done] ExtDb3 Compatibility with Exile

    Hi, Everything is fine. But there is a problem that Removes containers outside of territories, my config // Remove all containers that have not been used for X days // Example: Tents containerLifeTime = 14; DB logs extDB3: SQL: Error MariaDBStatementException1: You are using safe update mode and you tried to update a table without a WHERE that uses a KEY column extDB3: SQL: Error MariaDBStatementException1: Input: deleteOldListings:14 === installed a safe outside the territory, after the restart he disappeared
  2. asasas

    Installing explosive in certain places

    OMG, did I ask to use Google in the first post? I turned to knowledgeable people who could help me. If I found this in Google, I would not have created this topic! OK?
  3. asasas

    Installing explosive in certain places

    Quite right, my language is not English, I use a translator to create a message. I know that black traders are not safe places. But I would like to prohibit the installation of explosives in some places, for example, within a radius of 10 meters
  4. Hello community! Prompt me, as prevent installing explosive in certain places? For example, about black market outside the safe zone. something like? if ((distance [23000,23000,0]) < 50) then
  5. asasas

    [Done] ExtDb3 Compatibility with Exile

    What kind of nonsense you write, it's a test server. I showed on a clean server with a new database that there is a problem ... on 1.0.3 such problems were not I have no more questions, I do not see the point of continuing
  6. asasas

    [Done] ExtDb3 Compatibility with Exile

    okay... screenshots: put the flag steal the flag and the time passed when the payment for the flag is overdue, objects are deleted
  7. asasas

    [Done] ExtDb3 Compatibility with Exile

    I did it... If the flag is stolen and time passes, it is deleted, but all the base objects remain. if I do not run update sql then everything is fine
  8. asasas

    [Done] ExtDb3 Compatibility with Exile

    problem is - flag was stolen objects remain on the map. I just took a clean server and transferred it to extdb3 from the last repository and when players steal the flag, nothing is deleted from the DB. This solves the problem. if I do this then it will not cause problem in future?
  9. asasas

    [Done] ExtDb3 Compatibility with Exile

    Hello friends, no one solved the problem with constructions once flag is stolen?
  10. asasas

    FPS in the city...

    Прости Я пишу через переводчик... Я заметил, что при входе / въезде в город ФПС падает в 2-3 раза Также протестирован на различных серверах. Скажите, возможно ли исправить это. Заранее спасибо это не только мне, но и всем игрокам