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  1. BIG ISSUE: Virtual Garage is allowing the Duping of vehicles after server restarts. Once the server restarts, the stored vehicle spawns where the player stored it, however, they can still retrieve from the VG, causing another of that vehicle to spawn. Theres no RPT about this and I don't know where to look. (Even though i think its DB related, but i could be wrong.) I most likely just f**ked up somewhere. Edit: Is there some kind of deleteVehicle function that handles what happens when you store the vehicle in the VG? Is it supposed to wipe that vehicle from the database, or make it not spawn?
  2. AJDJ Studios

    Last Stand Gaming - Exile Tanoa

    Join! It's a good time I promise.
  3. AJDJ Studios

    Concrete Mixers Locked

    So just as the title says, When i walk up to a concrete mixer and scroll on it, the only option it gives me is "Unlock" I don't even know...
  4. NEED BETA TESTERS FOR EXILE SERVER WITH ZOMBIES! Looking for people to help test a server with a couple mods such as Exile, Zombies and Demons, and HVP. *Finding issues or giving quality thoughts or additions COULD land you a spot as a staff member!* Join the Discord to learn more! SERVER INFO: IP: Port: 2502
  5. AJDJ Studios

    The Most Annoying Restriction - HELP

    Actually nothing comes after it... 22.09.2016 01:12:54: Mizzy ( 3232314c19b1ee5074439409bc2ffee1 - #20 "upportInfo "n:is3DEN") == 0)) then { if (isserver) then { [] execvm "initServer.sqf"; "initServer.sqf" call bis_fnc_logFormat; }" The mods and scripts I'm using are as follows: Exile, Ryan Zombies, DMS, ExileZ2, ZCP, StatusBar, infiSTAR I suspect its Status Bar.
  6. AJDJ Studios

    The Most Annoying Restriction - HELP

    Still can't figure this thing out.
  7. AJDJ Studios

    ExileZ 2

    Is there a way to get them to stop chasing you after you reach a certain distance? I've run from zombies, turned multiple corners and went prone, and eventually they walk up to me.
  8. AJDJ Studios

    Last Stand Gaming - Exile Tanoa

    Welcome to Last Stand Gaming Last Stand Gaming's Exile server will have you hooked with: Intelligent Zombies Challenging Missions w/ Ai Tanoa! Base Building 15k Poptab Start Friendly Admins Experienced Programmers An Immersive PvP Experience If we can fill up all 20 player slots I will by more! Enjoy the server and have fun! If you need any assistance, feel free to join our discord here We are always happy to help. ------- *Last Stand Gaming is sponsered and maintained by The Silent Hand; a gaming clan involved with games like Arma 3, Counter-Strike, Elder Scrolls Online, and many others.*
  9. AJDJ Studios

    The Most Annoying Restriction - HELP

    I don't know how to fix this one. I'm running Exile on Tanoa with infiSTAR and Ryan Zombies. I've basically gotten all Battleye restrictions fixed except for this one... I have no idea how to fix and have literally turned battleye off so I can join the server. What in the actual f*ck could this possibly mean? (Also, please don't just comment with the "HOW TO USE BATTLEYE" link. I already read it and went through comments. nothing there was helpful. Here's what my Scripts.txt looks like currently:
  10. AJDJ Studios

    Esseker and CUP Issues

    oh i didnt think that would even cause an issue but ill change it. Edit: Still dead in the water though.
  11. AJDJ Studios

    Esseker and CUP Issues

    wait where do I have a space in a folder name? they should all just be underscores. and I fixed that ; issue. Didn't fix my problem tho.
  12. AJDJ Studios

    Esseker and CUP Issues

    @BetterDeadThanZed Damn still no good. Here, I'll post what my RPT logs look like now, as well as my current mission file. RPT: Mission.sqm:
  13. AJDJ Studios

    Esseker and CUP Issues

    Hey Guys, So im dyin over here. I've been trying to get CUP to work for like 3 days now on my server. I tried Chernarus first but that failed, and now I'm trying esseker and I'm getting the same result. I load up my mission which has CUP_Core as well as Esseker in the addons class. No Errors in the regular console. (BTW, I'm using TADST) All addons are in my root server folder. My mission is called Exile.Esseker and is written accordingly in my config file. I have all of the same addons client side and all lights are green in the Arma 3 Server Browser. I try to connect to the server and get the ever dreaded.......... "Loading Map" (FML) Mods being used: @Exile, @ExileServer, @RyanZombies, @Esseker, @CUP_Terrains_Core Here is my last RPT log from the server folder: I literally wanna die but I wanna fix it even more. If some kind soul could help me I would be forever indebted.
  14. AJDJ Studios

    How to Exile Chernarus (or any other map)

    Okay, so instead of using AiA or CUP, i've decided to go with A2OP for my cherno map. However my game is stuck saying "Creating" in the server browser. I've put "A2OP" wherever plugins are written in my mission.sqm file but nothing seems to work. please help :'( My Mission File: