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  1. Axel80

    Invisible Object on the road

    I don't remember, but was with old Exile and Arma version.
  2. Axel80

    infiSTAR Kick

    Hi, some player was kicked by infiSTAR, logs here ....... 0:47:20 "<>CONNECTLOG| #2 Disconnected: [TWG] erKarota(76561198152219434) Owner: 8, SteamName: Nicorobin [26-Feb-2017 21-41-06 - v0073]" 0:47:20 Client: Remote object 8:2 not found 0:47:20 "<>SURVEILLANCELOG| [TWG] erKarota(76561198152219434) | MAIN LOOP STOPPED! Last iteration took 0.900024s this one took 60.9s and is not done yet.. anti anti hack? | 0h 18min 44s [26-Feb-2017 21-41-06 - v0073]" 0:47:20 Warning: Cleanup player - person 2:3845 not found 0:47:20 Player [TWG] erKarota disconnected. Why?
  3. Axel80

    [CLOSED] v0072 BadActionCheck problem

    V65 (30-08-2016) [processReporter] Active SQF ["mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\IgiLoad\IgiLoadInit.sqf","mpmissions\__cur_mp.Altis\IgiLoad\IgiLoadInit.sqf",true,31] @ 6085.04
  4. Axel80

    Stuck on 'Connecting...'

    me to.... some issue. I reset 2 Exile Server to find issue .... Some solution?
  5. Axel80

    Invisible Object on the road

    take this version .... work fine for me.
  6. Axel80

    marmaRCON for Android

    Rcon Port and Password are correct.
  7. Axel80

    AltisLight Bridge 3.0

    Updated 11 dec 2016 ENG Hi, I want to share my Bridge, edited for Altis Map. *New LOOT ZONE added. *2 New Concrete Craft Zone. No lag, work fine. Easy to install. ITA Ciao, Voglio condividere il mio Ponte, editato per la mappa di Altis. *Nuova Zona di Loot nella Salina. *2 Nuove zone per Craftare Cemento. Non lagga, lavora bene. Facile da installare. Craft Zone : Bridge : Light :
  8. Axel80

    Invisible Object on the road

    Solved ..... is A3XAI, when despawn vehicle, create an invisible barrier.
  9. Axel80

    Invisible Object on the road

    I have a problem ..... On Altis Map, on the road, there are invisible object ..... make Vehicle collision , but you can walk .... Help me.
  10. Axel80

    marmaRCON for Android

    Hi , I've search a good Arma 3 monitor/admin tool for android device, and I found this beautiful App : marmaRCON but.... it can't work on my Dedicated Server. @maca134 , can you help me to solve this ? Server is : with Linux Debian8 Only Exile Mod infiSTAR When I try to connect : If you need more details, ask me. I need to solve. TY
  11. Axel80

    DMS - Defent's Mission System

    @Defent What is the Convoy Mission? I can't find it in your script .... I'm very interesting to this, I work to made one, but not work fine ....
  12. Axel80

    Simple Convoy Mission

    Hi, Have you found a Convoy mission? I've read in new update of DMS : Roadmap: Zombies are NOT SUPPORTED by DMS, nor do we ever plan to support zombies within DMS. Convoy Mission: Regularly update marker position. Implement function(s) for AI pathing. Dynamic Underwater Missions Dynamic/Ambient AI Spawning Spawn AI that are meant to "hunt" individual players. Air/Land AI Vehicle Patrols My question is ........ Where is Convoy mission??
  13. Axel80


    Salve a tutti, Siamo una Community che prevalentemente gioca su Arma3. Per la maggior parte di Player siamo Italiani, ma tutti sono ben accettati. Buon Game a tutti.
  14. Axel80

    Reclutamento Aperto

    Salve, Siamo una Multigaming, e tra i tanti giochi MP abbiamo anche qualche Server di Arma3. Siamo aperti ad avere nuovi membri, sia per Exile che per altri giochi. Vi aspettiamo. TS3 : Web : Facebook :