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  1. TroyT

    Unknown Issue Causing Server Crash

    Advanced Rap and Urban Rap can be added either way. We have them installed as optional server mods. If the player doesn't have them loaded, they still get the functionality, but not the custom sounds. Advanced Towing can actually be added to the mission file, or either way listed above. InfiStar and it's accompanying apps can be loaded as either mods or as addons. There's no difference in functionality. Chris just recommends picking one way and using it for all of his apps.
  2. I've been in contact with a rep and it doesn't seem practical. Even going with a pretty decent instance type it would have issues once the player count got over 40. That would mean using multiple instances at about $175/mo. I'll probably end up with a couple of boxes at OVH.
  3. TroyT

    TCAdmin or Alternatives

    Thanks for the input. I'm actually experienced in building and running my servers but need to share the workload. The need to share limited access comes from my real-world circumstances. I'm ridiculously busy with my business and family. I have a hard time being available for updates, kick starts, or DB tweaks when needed. When one of the last Arma updates hit, I was out of the country and if my admin had no access then the whole thing would have been down for a week. The level of access granted is dependent on how well I know them and what their technical proficiencies are. All of our admins were well established in the community before being invited to join. We use InfiStar and I have several access levels assigned depending on the need. Some of them have limited DB access through TCAdmin and some have full access using whatever MySQL tool they are most familiar with... usually Heidi. A couple of them have FTP access, most don't. I'm not particularly worried about malicious behavior since my servers aren't, and won't be, hosted at home or at my office. If some rogue admin decided to cause havoc it would be contained. Nobody will have access at the OS level except for one admin who I work with on development. If I didn't allow access, it would basically mean pulling the plug on our community and sending everyone packing. At last count, we had logged about 10,000 unique players and have about 700 members on our Discord server. I actually did try to walk away from it once and was working with one of the core admins to transfer power. I couldn't bear to see it whither and ended up keeping with it but in a more back-end capacity. One thing that I had to learn to do in my life was to delegate tasks and allow the delegatee to fail. I've learned to do that in my business and am now much better off for it. I'm applying some of that to more serious pursuits like these game servers and so far, so good. I've actually started recruiting dedicated players to help develop new maps. Want a Weferlingen Winter map? Let's all learn how to create traders and loot positions! It's worked well thus far. I think my coffee kicked in about 10 sentences ago. I've been using TCAdmin for the last 3 years but it was being administered through the GSP. Now I am going to be setting things up differently because I'm sick of dealing with the performance issues that keep plaguing us with the limited access of a managed OS through the GSP. The main features that I like about TCAdmin are the ability for admin to run a Steam update with a single click, or if I've granted them permission, to update mods with the Steam Mod Updater. Restarting the servers is handy, but they usually use ArmAdmin for that. So I guess the gist of my question is about the practical application of TCAdmin and if anyone has any direct experience with using it on the back-end. Or, if there are comparable products, which seems to be a no if I want the features listed above. My coffee has definitely kicked in. I need to stop now or I might just keep on typing... Thanks again for the input. All valid points.
  4. TroyT

    Add vehicles isnt easy... or...?

    Make sure that there are no duplicate entries in either list. That will break your server. Pay attention to your placement of commas and semicolons, a misplaced or omitted comma is the easiest way to break your server.
  5. TroyT

    Unknown Issue Causing Server Crash

    Notepad++ can search in PBO's as well. Keep in mind that the script that's causing the error can be in many locations - mission file, @Exile\addons folder, @AnyMod, etc. Use the search in files functions in several places, the code is there somewhere. I'd suggest simplifying the search at first. I'd start with "ammo1" and see where that's being called.
  6. TroyT

    TCAdmin or Alternatives

    Cool, I'll take a look.
  7. I'll let you know what I find out. I just upgraded my support level with them to see if I can pay for some straight answers.
  8. We're moving our servers to bare metal boxes and I'm looking at the best option for giving our admin limited control. We currently use TCAdmin on our dedicated boxes with EoR. My current plan is to buy a Master and Remote license but I'm looking for alternatives that are less expensive but allow for a similar level of control. Any input is appreciated.
  9. Does anyone have any experience using AWS for server hosting? It looks good on the surface but it's almost impossible to figure out how mush it will cost and if it will server out purposes. We have 8 Exile servers and some other games as well. We're currently with EoR dedicated but it just never seems to be enough.
  10. TroyT

    AI hijacking player vehicles... no shit.

    FPS may be the culprit. That server has been seeing unusually high player counts lately. No AI behavior scripts in play here but I'd be curious what you're using.
  11. TroyT

    AI hijacking player vehicles... no shit.

    FPS may be the culprit. That server has been seeing unusually high player counts lately. No AI behavior scripts in play here but I'd be curious what you're using.
  12. TroyT

    AI hijacking player vehicles... no shit.

    I've seen roaming vehicle AI jump into other roaming vics and take off over the last year or so. I just thought that was cool. I don't know if they are related.
  13. TroyT

    AI hijacking player vehicles... no shit.

    It seems random and happens whether a vehicle is locked or not.
  14. TroyT

    AI hijacking player vehicles... no shit.

    Apparently, an heli was just stolen by an AI in pilot gear. This is what we were warned about regarding AI taking over the world. Seems harmless enough now, but just wait. Player vics today... stock markets and NORAD tomorrow.