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  1. Practically speaking, how many HC's could you run on a Xeon E3 1270v5 with 32G RAM? I'm probably asking for opinions here. I'm considering a headless OS such as CentOS to get more headroom. We have 2 boxes running 8 Exile servers and I'd like to get some HC's going to lighten the load. Ideally, I'd have 6-8 on a 3rd dedicated box. Does it boil down to the number of cores? That would mean 4 on the processor above. If so, could you feasibly run ~16 HC's if you had as many cores? Obviously, RAM would have to scale as well.
  2. In "ExileServer_object_supplyBox_network_installSupplyBoxRequest", Line 23 if !((typeOf _box) isEqualTo "Exile_Container_SupplyBox") then So I assume that I can create a variable such as _boxType = ["C_IDAP_supplyCrate_F", "B_supplyCrate_F", "IG_supplyCrate_F", "C_supplyCrate_F", "C_T_supplyCrate_F", "O_supplyCrate_F", "I_supplyCrate_F", "Exile_Container_SupplyBox", "Exile_Construction_SupplyBox"]; But I don't know how to access the array.
  3. Where might I find the array of supply crates that have the "Mount" and "Install" user actions assigned? I'd like to add others, such as "C_IDAP_supplyCrate_F" to the array (assuming that is indeed an array.
  4. Ok, I figured that out with the help of StokesMagee on another topic. If anyone needs to do something like this, this is what I did:
  5. Dooooooood. That did it. You've made many people happy, and I greatly appreciate it.
  6. Not exactly, but it might help me see how to access the uid. All I really need to do is acquire the account_uid for the vehicle that a player is interacting with. The account_uid for that vehicle will then be entered into a variable in the script. Thanks for the reply.
  7. I'm dipping my toes into some code (semi-reluctantly) and want to see if something is even possible before I get too over my head. Is it possible to populate a local variable with the account_uid of a vehicle that a player is interacting with? The script in question uses a CfgInteractionMenus action to perform a task. I want to have the script check to see if a vehicle has a specific account_uid assigned and either complete the task or throw an exception. The specific account_uid that is being checked for will always be the same. Any help or guidance here would be immeasurably appreciated.
  8. One of my servers is running a bunch of JohnO's Reborn scripts. All spawned vehicles are persistent and have a specific account_uid assigned at time of spawn. In my case, I've defined the UID as "Reborn_Persistent" and there is an account with this UID as well. Does anyone know if it would be possible to have this script allow claiming of these vehicles so that they can set the PIN and have their UID set in the db? There are no non-persistent vehicles on the map, so I'm thinking that if (_vehicle getVariable ["ExileIsPersistent", true]) then { throw "This vehicle is already claimed!"; }; Could be replaced with a check against the owner UID and only pass it through if the UID = "Reborn_Persistent". I just don't know how to do that.
  9. Some of my admin are starting to play with Zeus to spice things up a bit on our servers. They are reporting that AI spawned with Zeus don't generate respect when killed. Is this normal? Is there a way to enable this?
  10. We only use A3XAI for roaming vehicles and it is a regular occurrence on our servers.
  11. Well, at least there's hope. That code won't work in Exile though. It's Wasteland specific. Good find.
  12. I'm going to poke around in the script to see if I can hack at it. I'm hindered by not being a coder and not speaking French, though. Maybe there's a Duolingo lesson that can address both of those at the same time.
  13. @Chainsaw Squirrel @Super Jerome @HexicGaming and anyone else having the disappearing vehicle problem. From what I can see after extensive testing it that towing ANY vehicle with a non-persistent vehicle will cause it to disappear. I've replicated this about 50 times now without exception. I have yet to have a vehicle disappear when the towing vehicle had a UID assigned to it, regardless of the UID format. EVERY vehicle that I've attached to a non-persistent vehicle goes "poof". Maybe we can crowd-source this and get more confirmations outside of my particular servers. It would be awesome if some enterprising coder could either fix that bug or find a way to prevent non-persistent vehicles from being given the tow option. Maybe an IF/THEN statement that checks to see that the UID isn't blank?
  14. Thanks, I had high hopes, but no luck. I'd like to know if this works for @chiconanni
  15. One of my servers is a hybrid REBORN server, which is obviously problematic after a couple of Arma/Exile updates. The issue at hand right now is that a couple of vehicles appear to be spawning is as simple objects. specifically, these: Exile_Car_BTR40_MG_Green - MG muzzle flash always on, red "fist" logo present Exile_Car_BTR40_MG_Camo - MG muzzle flash always on, red "fist" logo present Exile_Car_BTR40_Green - Headlight wonky, red "fist" logo present Exile_Car_BTR40_Camo - Headlight wonky, red "fist" logo present Exile_Chopper_Huey_Green - rotors don't move, rotor blur always present Exile_Chopper_Huey_Desert - rotors don't move, rotor blur always present Exile_Chopper_Huey_Armed_Green - rotors don't move, rotor blur always present Exile_Chopper_Huey_Armed_Desert - rotors don't move, rotor blur always present If anyone can give a clue where to look, I'd appreciate it. JohnO has some simulation scripting in the Reborn package, but they seem to be related only to AI cleanup. This may also be related to issues that we're having with igiload crates disappearing from vehicles and R3F towed vics disappearing as well. There are a lot of scripts running on this guy.