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  1. Hi guys I need some help please, what would I need to change to get this to run on php7.2, at the moment the highest it will run on is php7.0, as soon as I update to php7.2 my webserver error log gets spammed with the below: So for the moment I've rolled back to php7.0 to keep it running as it proves very useful for our players on the other side of the pond (Good old USA) Would be really nice to get this running on php7.2 as some of the newer application won't support less than php7.0 but we all know it's only going to move one way at some point in the future. Many thanks
  2. you could always run a query on the database if you must delete players something like, if the uid is this change it to the base owner uid number before you delete the player in question, but as MGTDB said, its probably best not to delete players unless absolutely necessary.
  3. O/S = Windows 10 64bit spec = 4th gen I7 4.0ghz, msi krait motherboard, 16 gigs ram, 2 x nvida 960 in sli mode, 3 x 2TB WD Black HD (my machine not the server, server is hosted at GTX) When two unrelated players, at two unrelated territories put vehicles into the virtual garage and happen to give them the same nickname, for exmaple "Huron" on both vehicles at both territories, when trying to get one or the other of the vehicles out of the virtual garage the virtual garage shows the message "this vehicle does not belong to this territory" and will not give the vehicle back. To solve this I go into the database and manually rename one of the vehicles to a different name, then after a restart the virtual garage will give the vehicles back with no issues or complaints. I would suggest some kind of check to stop duplicate names being used or a slight redesign to allow the system to handle duplicate names at different territories. Many thanks
  4. we haven't seen the XM8 issue either, though I did take the easy option by using Infi's XM8 apps to get extra apps into the server.
  5. @WURSTKETTE ah ok thanks for your reply, wondered where that came from and why I hadn't seen it before.
  6. Hi all, so I soor this trader interface picture in the Exile 1.0.4 Bugs megathread Just wondering where it comes from, I'm guessing it's a script of sorts that changes the look of the trader interface, any pointers would be appreciated. Many Thanks
  7. Or at the very least a hyper link in the XM8 linking through to your website where players can donate, but I must admit an app where they could donate directly from in game would be pretty cool. Nice idea @Smithyy
  8. Hi guys I hate to be a pain in the butt, but I still can't find the climb trigger on the wooden ladder hatch, first person or third person, I can lock, unlock, open, close, add lock, move and remove, but not climb the ladder, I even moved it in case the bush was messing with it but still no joy. Don't know if you want to go in and take a look at it, my territory name is "nexiss" it's the only ladder hatch in the base, but I'll be damned if I can find the climb trigger. many thanks
  9. oh yes I always had a couple of bags of zombie guts in my backpack back in the day ;-)
  10. I would love to give you a suggestion but don't know if I'm allowed to on the forum, have a look on the A3 Launcher, some of them have PVE in the server name Cheers
  11. Yeah was kind of thinking the same thing tbh
  12. Ok tried everything that I can think of with this (even taking infistar off the server on the off chance) so the server is pretty much vanilla apart from the recipe, interaction model and the mod pulling the microwave into game, and I still can't get it to work, god only knows what they did on that last Arma3 update (that's when it broke for us) but as it stands at the moment its a no go if anyone else has any ideas of suggestions it would be appreciated cheers
  13. I've been thinking about this this morning and realised I forgot to add in the original post that I purchased a custom paint job for the quad almost straight after I bought it, I don't think that is significant, but if there is one thing I have learned about Arma 3 is that the most insignificant actions can have strange consequences and side effects, so thought I had better let you know about the custom paint job. cheers
  14. certainly no problem at all, I had to split the first report up into three parts as I don't have a premium pastebin account and there is a character limit but its all there you just have to put the three files back together in order, I also included a link to the re-log. Report 1 part 1: https://pastebin.com/fApF7M26 Report 1 Part 2: https://pastebin.com/xAJ08FZg Report 1 Part 3: https://pastebin.com/YshSFgea Report 2 Re-log: https://pastebin.com/yMw1d9hw Hope this helps Cheers
  15. Hi guys was on the 104 RC server again this evening, brought myself a quad, took it back to base, unloaded loot, then tired to put it in the virtual garage and the virtual garage window closed after literally a second without explanation, no toast, no nothing. The VG window is not staying open long enough for me to do anything with, I have a quilling already in there but cannot get it out due to the closing window issue, my base is level two and I'm not sure how many vehicles I can store, but even so the window is not staying open regardless, can't put anything in or out, strange thing is it was working fine the other day apart from the map marker issue I raised. incidentally my territory payment was due today at around 22:00 ish and I paid it at around 19:35 ish don't know if that's important or has any baring at all, just trying to give you as much info as possible about what I was doing leading up to the issue, oh I put a safe down in there as well but I wouldn't say it was very close to the quad. Anyway thought you might like to take a look, territory name is nexiss if you need to go in and check it out. I attached a pic of exactly where I'm trying to put the quad into the virtual garage cheers Edit Just wanted to add I re-logged to see if that would sort the issue but it didn't.