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  1. @Eichi Lol fuck, jinxed myself. No connections again... Gonna try the .dll file above to see if that helps.
  2. game inside. It's under Settings
  3. @Eichi Backend server is now receiving messages from our network. I guess you fixed it for me Just some info for Eichi so it might help diagnosing: OS: Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard - Hosted on a dedi by Kimsufi - IP: Edit: We also got these in our ARMAExtCS logs the other day if it helps:
  4. Make sure that you've set yourself visible on the 8G network, and vise versa for the players.
  5. It's actually quite simple when you get to know the controls. This video should help you in terms of the basics:
  6. Hi guys, So, for the past few days, i've been trying to load my missions.sqm into the Editor so that I can convert it to the Chernarus map. Before I tried this, I wanted to see if the missions file would even load into the Editor. The issue i keep having is that when I try to load my mission, it keeps asking me to convert the map. If I convert, missions.sqm is wiped and nothing is placed in the Editor. This counts for all sides also. Is anyone else facing this issue or is it just me? :\
  7. Same issue here, buddy. Hopefully the devs can get back to us on this soon. Also would be nice to know why we've got a 4 broadcasts a month limit? lol
  8. Hi fellow inmates, During the installation of a new server on our dedicated server, we ran into a little issue with the Exile gamemode itself. When the server is started and the mod eventually loads, the server starts spamming ridiculously regarding variables related to the clan feature. Image provided below. It'd be nice to hear from one of the Exile developers regarding this issue.
  9. Try enabling Karts, Marks and Heli in the mod list and see if that helps. If not, contact your host provider.
  10. Hello inmates, Just thought i'd create a topic about this weekend's stream. Me and a buddy of mine will be focusing on setting up our Arma server and hope to be getting some feedback from the viewers / players on what we could improve with the server as we go. It'd be great to get some support from you guys Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/britishjack UPDATE Streaming tonight and tomorrow. You can find stream over at my youtube channel: https://gaming.youtube.com/user/britishgamerjack/live